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We know true love isn’t easy to find and it doesn’t just stick around waiting to be picked. Chris Pérez found his better half but lost it in the most unimaginable way.

To bear the loss of a first and one true love could be devastating and destructive to a person psychologically and most especially when the love is in its prime. There definitely is no recovering from it, it becomes a part of you forever, wrecking your thoughts and emotions. It takes forever to heal and definitely not one to forget in a hurry. They say time heals it all, but time has had almost no effect in Perez’s case.

This is exactly what Chris Pérez have had to pass through. Life was barely easy growing up. Then when grown up, life hit him with the hardest blow it had, loss of a true love.

About Chris Pérez

Christopher Gilbert Pérez is an American songwriter, guitarist and author. He was born to Gilbert Pérez and Carmen Medina on August 14, 1969, in San Antonio, Texas, United States. The Grammy award winner gained huge recognition for being the lead guitarist of the Tejano band Selena Y Los Dinos. He eventually dated and got married to the band’s lead singer Selena.

Growing up for Chris was not in any way smooth, owing to the divorce of his parents when he was barely four years old. His mum got remarried four years after the divorce. Chris had no interest in his father’s profession as a computer engineer, instead, he grew up with a wild enthusiasm for music and had a particular passion for guitar. He idolized Carlos Santana and got to learn most of his techniques and abilities from him.

He kicked off his music career with Tejano band Selena Y Los Dinos. He was invited by the band bassist at that time, A.B Quintanilla III. He left the band after the murder of Selena in 1995. The death of Selena completely ruined Chris psychologically and emotionally. It was so damaging to him that he began abusing the use of drugs and consuming excess alcohol.

Years went by, Chris became somewhat sober, he created a band which he called Chris Pérez band. He released his first album, Resurrection which went along to earn him a Grammy award for best Latin rock album. The band soon split up just after releasing its second album, Una Noche MasSince then, he tried committing to a long-term project but it didn’t work out. He moved to Kumbia kings which lasted from 2003-2006 and then to Kumbia all stars which lasted longer than the former, from 2006-2011. His fans and the media blamed his lack of progress in fully establishing himself again on his longtime never-ending grief for his late wife Selena. And the facts supporting this claim seemed to be true, when in 2012, he wrote and published a book titled To Selena, with love.

Wife, Did He Remarry?

Chris got married to his fellow bandmate and lead singer of the band, Selena Quintanilla on April 2, 1992. The couple was known to be happily married, but that happiness was soon brought to a halt on March 31, 1995, barely two days to their third anniversary as a married couple, Selena was murdered by her former friend Yolanda Saldivar. Her death greatly affected Chris’s action who till this day, has shown that he is yet to fill the void Selena left behind.

Chris Perez, wife, kids
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But still he had to move on, and in 1996, his friend John Garza introduced him to Vanessa Villanueva. The pair started dating in 1998 and eventually got married in 2001. The couple had two kids, Cassie Pérez their daughter and Noah Pérez their son. Villanueva filed for a divorce in 2008, citing irreconcilable differences in their marriage. Initially, a close friend of Vanessa claimed that she never wanted a divorce and opted to work on their differences. But in 2008, the couple got divorced.

Chris never lost contact with the Quintanilla family, even when he was married to Villanueva and had two kids with her, he still made sure to keep in touch with Selena’s family.

Pérez is currently engaged to Melissa Jimenez, a singer and songwriter. Jimenez confirmed the engagement on her Instagram page, posting a picture of her engagement ring.

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Chris has two children, his daughter Cassie Pérez and his son Noah Pérez, both of who he had from his second marriage with Vanessa Villanueva. Chris never had a child from his first marriage with Selena. He debunked the rumours of Selena being pregnant when she was killed.

Net Worth

Chris is worth 1.2 million dollars which he has earned from various songs and shows, awards and nominations. He is a Grammy award winner for best Latin rock album.

 Where is He Now?

Chris currently lives in Los Angeles where he is focused on his music career and his role as a father to his two grown-up kids.

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