Big Meech’s Daughter: Who Exactly is She?

Big Meech has a daughter named Manessa Mia Hussey, fondly called Mia Hussey. Big Meech allegedly had Mia Hussey from his relationship with Telese Hussey, and that is about all that is known about the girl. She has been living her life far away from public scrutiny until 2016, when Big Meech’s mother sent her a birthday shout-out via her personal Instagram account. In the post, Meech’s mum referred to Mia as her granddaughter, which triggered many speculations.

Does Big Meech Have a Daughter?

Since Big Meech was put behind bars, many have come up to claim to be the former drug baron’s children, and among them are a few girls. Thus, we may not be far from the truth if we state that the self-acclaimed King of the South may have actually sired a daughter.

However, we must also acknowledge the fact that all these were mere speculations, and none was confirmed by Meech himself.

Who is Big Meech’s Daughter?

The girl, rumored to be Big Meech’s daughter, goes by the name Manessa Mia Hussey but she is fondly called Mia Hussey by her family and close friends.

Though Mia is the type who loves to shun the limelight, it was revealed that she was born to a woman who goes by the name Telese Hussey. This account of Mia’s life story also claimed that Telese dated the former drug kingpin during the 1980s, but it never specified how long their relationship lasted.

It was through the same story that Mia’s birth date was revealed as the 2nd of July, but other important information like the year and place of birth were not included. Though the young lady is listed as an American national.

Another known fact about Big Meech’s alleged daughter is that she is on Instagram and can be located under the username @manessa80sbaby1. Other details like her academic records, career endeavors, and relationship status have remained under wraps to date.

We must also acknowledge the fact that Mia was never connected to her dad’s narcotic business in any way.

How Manessa Mia Hussey Came To The Limelight

Since birth, Manessa Mia Hussey has lived as far away from public scrutiny as possible. However, in 2016, Big Meech’s mother sent her a birthday message through her personal Instagram handle. In the post, the former narcotic lord’s mother referred to Mia as her granddaughter, and that was considered enough proof to count the young lady among the children sired by Mecch.

With all that said, we must also acknowledge the fact that the alleged father of Manessa Mia Hussey is yet to publicly acknowledge her as his daughter.

Following the birthday wishes from the mother of Big Meech, Mia triggered a lot of public interest; thus, many wanted to learn about her. Even with all the digging, nothing tangible was discovered, and she has remained an enigma to date.

Meet Big Meech’s Other Children

Allegedly, Big Meech sired numerous children, but to date, the only known and confirmed child of the drug lord is Demetrius Edward Flenory Jr., who goes by the diminutive of his father’s Alias, Lil Meech.

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Big Meech had Lil Meech from his relationship with Latarra Eutsey. Latarra is a Black American lady who works and earns a living in the real estate industry. She allegedly works in Plantation, Florida, for a company known as Real Property Executives, LLC.

The exact time that Latarra and Demetrius Sr. dated is not known, but it is said to be between the late 1990s and early 2000. Perhaps this conclusion was drawn from the fact that their son, Demetrius Edward Flenory Jr., was born on the 22nd of August 2000. His birth occurred in Detroit, Michigan, United States, making him an American by nationality. However, Lil Meech is of African-American roots.

In his twenties, Big Meech’s son is all grown up and forging his own path in life, he is listed as a rap artist, movie and TV actor, and producer. Lil Meech’s biggest acting gig to date is depicting his father’s character on the set of the television series entitled Black Mafia Family from the legendary rapper 50 Cent. Other projects he has been featured in include Euphoria and Taurus. The youngster has quite a good number of hit tracks, including Spooky SZN, Manifesto, Ptap Life, and more

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Apart from Lil Meech, Big Meech allegedly sired a daughter who is simply called Demetria Edwadior Jackson Flenory. The only information about the lady came from her unverified Twitter account, though the handle has not been active for more than one decade

Neeka Flenory is another alleged daughter of the former narcotic king. Neeka’s existence became public knowledge through the Black Mafia Family fandom page. As the plot of the series unfolded, it revealed that the character Lori Walker, depicted by American actress, Serayah, reportedly shares a daughter with Meech named Neeka.

We must acknowledge the fact that there is yet another Demetria Flenory (totally different from the aforementioned Demetria). Her identity was revealed through a tweet where the young lady claimed to be the drug mogul’s daughter. She also accused Meech of killing her mum and sexually abusing her along with her sister

In the post, the young lady was really pained as she called out Meech, whom she dubbed “my sperm donor father”, telling him that she survived all his ill-treatments. She also boasted that she would make herself heard and can never be silenced.

A young American lady who goes by the name Queen Trudy has also come up with claims of being one of Big Meech’s daughters. She has an Instagram account where she has amassed over 3500 followers.

Last but the least, on the lime of Big Meech’s alleged children is Lori Harvey. Lori is the daughter of Marjorie Harvey, who allegedly dated Meech in the past. Majorie has lived all her life in the company of drug barons; she was married to notorious drug lord Jim L. Townsend and dated another narcotic peddler, Donnell Woods, and considering all that, it is easy to believe that she may have had a child with Meech.

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