Are Andrew Walker and Paul Walker Brothers or Related in Any Way?

Even though they have the same surname, Andrew Walker and Paul Walker are not brothers, and neither do they have any family ties. The only thing they have in common is their middle names (William), surnames (Walker), and the fact that they both became famous through their respective careers as actors in Hollywood.

Some people might need to be told who Andrew Walker is, but most know a thing or two about Paul Walker; after all, his death inspired the 2015 monster hit, “See You Again”, which remains Wiz Khalifa’s and Charlie Puth’s biggest single to date. The pop hip hop ballad sold over 20.9 million units across the globe and was the world’s best-selling song of 2015. People still think of the late actor whenever they hear the song; it reminds them of Paul’s career, especially as Brian O’Conner in The Fast and Furious franchise. As you would soon learn, Andrew Walker has also had a busy career as an actor which dates back to 1994.

Andrew Walker and Paul Walker Are Not From The Same Country

The fact that Andrew Walker and Paul Walker are not from the same country ought to be the prime indicator that they are not related. But then, Canada and the United States are neighbors and it is pretty easy for one to relocate from any of these countries to the other. Because of this, people began to suspect that Andrew and Paul might have family ties but only living in different countries; this is not so.

Andrew William Walker is a citizen of Canada, the 45 years old was born on the 9th of June 1979 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. To the best of our knowledge, he was also raised in Montreal where he had his elementary and secondary education before proceeding to Vanier College. While at Vanier, which only offers pre-university and technical programs, Andrew played football and got a full scholarship to play at Boston College, a private university in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, U.S. However, he suffered an ACL injury that ended his football aspirations.

As for Paul William Walker IV, he was a citizen of the United States. Paul was born in the North American country, precisely in Glendale, California on the 12th of September 1973. He was raised in the Sunland-Tujunga neighborhood of Los Angeles. The Fast & Furious actor was a student of Village Christian School, a private school situated in Sun Valley, California. Records have it that he graduated from the school in 1991. Thereafter, he attended a few colleges and considered pursuing a career as a marine biologist before he was caught up with acting.

Insight Into The Family Backgrounds of The Two Actors

Yes, Andrew Walker and Paul Walker do not only have the same surname but the same middle name as well. Nonetheless, they came from different families. While details of Andrew’s family ancestry are yet to be uncovered, it is known that his parents are Joyce and Bruce Walker. From what we gathered, his father is a school administrator while his mother is a librarian.

The actor isn’t the only child of his parents, he has a sister named Jennifer May “Jennimay” Walker. She is also a member of the showbiz industry as an actress, model, singer, and burlesque performer.

Andrew’s namesake, Paul Walker, is mostly of English heritage, but also of Irish, German, and Swiss ancestry. His parents are Cheryl (nee Crabtree) and Paul William Walker III. Paul’s father was once an amateur boxer and also worked as a sewer contractor whereas his mother was once a fashion model.

Like Andrew, Paul wasn’t the only child of his parents. He was only the first of five siblings: he had two sisters (Amie and Ashlie) and two brothers (Caleb and Cody). Cody is the most popular of Paul Walker’s surviving siblings. He is also an actor known for helping to complete Paul’s scenes in Furious 7.

A Comparative Look At The Careers of Andrew and Paul Walker

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Disregarding their names, the only thing Andrew Walker and Paul Walker have in common is their exploits in showbiz, especially in the movie industry. Until the devastating accident that claimed Paul Walker’s life on the 30th of November 2013, he was known across the globe as a movie star, thanks to his roles in the Fast & Furious franchise. Paul Walker debuted as a professional actor in 1984 but the beginning of his career in showbiz dates back to when he was two years old.

As a toddler, Paul starred in a TV commercial for Pampers and was featured in other ad campaigns. In 1984, he was seen in a commercial for Showbiz Pizza and in an episode of CBS Schoolbreak Special which marked the beginning of his career as a professional actor. In the years that followed, he appeared in several TV shows and low-budget commercial films. His breakthrough came in 2001 when he starred alongside Vin Diesel in the first installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, The Fast and the Furious. Paul was shooting the seventh installment of the film series when he passed.

Andrew Walker Began Acting After Ditching His Sporting Aspirations

Andrew took up acting as a career after his dream of becoming a professional footballer was dashed by an ACL injury. His acting career began in 1994 when he played Bobby Corbin in an episode of Sirens. After this, he was seen in other TV series like Ready or Not, NYPD Blue, and My Hometown before he landed his first movie role as Bruce in the 1997 Canadian science fiction film, Laserhawk.

Andrew soon penetrated the American movie industry and portrayed several characters in series like Hot Properties, Maybe It’s Me, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and Against the Wall. He has also guest-starred in some of the most popular American TV series one can think of, including The Big Bang Theory, ER, Reba, CSI: Miami, Without a Trace, CSI: NY, Sons of Tucson, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • Andrew Walker and Paul Walker are not brothers and they do not have any family ties.
  • Andrew is from Canada and While Paul is from the United States of America.
  • Paul’s parents are Cheryl and Paul William Walker III while Andrew’s parents are Joyce and Bruce Walker.
  • Paul has four siblings (Amie, Ashlie, Caleb, and Cody). Andrew, on the other hand, has a sister named Jennifer May “Jennimay” Walker.
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