Andrew Tate’s Kids: How Many Children Does He Have?

The precise number of Andrew Tate’s kids has remained unclear to date, but it’s believed that they are more than ten in total. This belief is based on the fact that Andrew has claimed on various occasions that he has double-digit children.

Does Andrew Tate Have Children?

The question about Andrew Tate having children has been begging for answers for quite a long while. The reason for this is that he has done a great job of keeping the details of his personal life well hidden from public scrutiny. However, in a recent interview session, he made a rather bold claim, saying he has sired at least 10 children. As if that was not enough, he also claimed that his kids love him deeply and all view him in the light of a hero.

Speaking during an interview session with The Times, Tate said that he is certain he will have more kids than 99.9% of the Western world population. Describing his so-called brood, he referred to them as double-digit children who all adore him, including their mothers.

Despite Andrew’s claims of having more than ten children, people still took his tale with a grain of salt. For one, many wondered how he has been managing to raise his double–digit children and maintain the necessary close connection with them while living his controversial and lavish life which is clearly evident through his activities on several social media platforms.

When quizzed about how he has been joggling fatherhood with his lifestyle, the former Kick-boxer said that he commands respect from people close to him and no one has come up to challenge what he is doing with the boys and girls as detrimental to their wellbeing.

Andrew has Contradicted his Claims about Being a father of 10

Andrew Tate’s claims of having double-digit children resulted to much digging and out of the people who decided to search for evidence to prove the existence of his so-called kids, none has come up with anything tangible.

Apart from the fact that his claims were beginning to look bogus, the former kick-boxer himself appears to be contradicting himself with what he is saying in recent interviews. In June 2021, Tate was a guest on Anything Goes with James English podcast, precisely in the episode entitled, “My life as a PIMP.

Of course, one of the first questions James asked him was about having kids, and in his response, Andrew said “If I had kids, I wouldn’t say it on the podcast” Of course, the word “if” was picked out and scrutinized by fans and its inherent meaning of uncertainty, doubt, and unknown speaks volumes.

For a man to have children who love and adore him and see him as their hero, he must first learn how to tolerate a woman in his life and from what is obvious, Andrew is very far from that. Sharing his very strong perspective about women and children on the Full Send podcast, the controversial social media figure said he has no desire to become any woman’s husband.

Deriding marriage, he said he would never exchange wedding vows with any woman and as far as he is concerned, marriage has no known tactical advantage. According to him, deciding to be loyal to one woman and be her partner forever may be fine, and deciding to have kids with a woman may also be fine, but moving in with a woman and cohabiting with her is not optimal.

Describing the idea of getting married as being completely and utterly fruitless, Andrew dismissed it as a woman’s thing as it can only be enjoyed by women. He also talked down on the female folks saying they love to enjoy things when they won’t be the ones paying the bills.

Though he has always established his stand as a misogynist, Tate didn’t give any sign of being anti-children.

How Many Children Does Andrew Tate Have?

Even though his children may not be up to the double-digit number he initially claimed, knowing the exact number of kids that Andrew Tate has has become a mystery that has defied all forms of solutions.

There was a time rumors ran rife claiming that Andrew was once married to a lady simply known as Stephanie. The same speculations went on to claim that the duo share a child. However, nothing is known about the purported child as this piece of information has never been confirmed.

Besides, many who went to dig into Stephanie’s background came up with very useful information saying that the duo never exchanged wedding vows, but the rumors about the child they reportedly share remain to be seen.

Many have reasoned that Tate would have let something slip about any of those double-digit children if actually they exist. His social media channels are completely devoid of any inkling about his so-called children. His supposed status as the most beloved father in the whole world should have triggered the desire to vocalize his love for his children publicly and perhaps say something particular about one or two of them.

Yes, it is quite understandable that many celebrities prefer to keep the details of their personal lives under lock and key, and that may likely be the case with Andrew Tate. However, his personal policies cannot be binding on his alleged baby mamas. At least, one of them should have spoken out and revealed some hidden facts about those kids but to date, nothing like that has ever happened. Besides, Tate’s behavior towards women in the past casts huge doubt over his controversial claims.

Andrew Tate’s Kids Come from Different Women

Talking to Adin Ross via a live stream, Tate claimed he shares his children with different mothers. While displaying disregard for the age-old birthing process and period, Andrew found justifications for his misogynistic worldview in the Islamic belief of one man marrying four wives.

He likened women to ovens that bake the bread, claiming that there are many of them available to do the job. He also referred to women as “slow, g” who take nine long months in growing a single, simple baby and dismissed it as “just messing about”. He even suggested that two weeks should be long enough to grow one baby and if a woman is going to spend nine months messing around, then he has no choice but to follow Allah’s direction and get four wives for himself.

While talking down on the female folks, Andrew appears to be constantly advocating for men. Claiming they suffer a lot of false accusations.


Does Andrew Tate have children?

Though Andrew Tate claims he has children in double digits, the story appears to be false.

How many children does Andrew Tate Have?

Andrew Tate’s children are more than 10, however, the definite number of children born to him is not known and none of his so-called children have ever been spotted.

How many Baby Mamas does Andrew Have?

Andrew claims he has many baby mamas, but none of them is known.

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