Zombie House Flipping Cast Members and Their Net Worth

Zombie House Flipping cast members include those in the real estate business who contributed to the movie’s success. Specifically, the realtors acquire zombie properties that are foreclosed upon and frequently left abandoned, then meticulously restore them to look stunning.

Most of these cast members have had a wealth of experience in their careers and have been able to gross a whopping net worth. Though a huge share of their net worth comes from their jobs in real estate, there are several other ways through which their net worth accrues. Zombie House Flipping cast members include Peter Duke, Ashlee Casserly, Justin Stamper, Dolmar, Alynne, Derek Pham, Chauncey Pham, Sarah Nowak, Amanda Areopagita, Samantha Middleton, and Keith Ori.

Zombie House Flipping Cast Members and Their Net Worth

  1. Peter Duke
  • Net Worth: $1.5 Million

Peter Duke was one of the Zombie House Flipping cast members whose contributions were felt immensely in the TV series as he was cast as a designer. Though his exact age is not known, it’s known that he was born in St. Petersburg, Florida, the United States. Meanwhile, he spent his years growing up in North Carolina and on the west coast of Florida.

What Is Peter Duke’s Net Worth?

Peter Duke’s net worth is estimated at $1.5 million, as he has had his hands on various endeavors. The TV series cast kicked off his career at a young age, selling from door to door and eventually establishing a car stereo business in high school. He also had his hands on many other jobs before he kicked off a career in real estate.

Real Estate

Peter started his career in real estate in 2003 by purchasing a rehab in Orlando. He currently runs a company, Hourglass Homes in Florida, which purchases new houses, renovates old buildings, installs house fittings, and more. 

At the moment, he has successfully purchased and renovated over 100 buildings and is still going to work on some more projects in the future as he enjoys every bit of the job. Meanwhile, what he earns from his job as a real estate agent has yet to be discovered, but he certainly makes a great deal from it.

Reality TV Series

Peter Duke was among the first cast members of the 2016 reality TV series Zombie House Flipping in 2016, where he was cast as a designer. He appeared in some of its episodes before he became absent in some of the last episodes of the series, but in early 2023, he returned for more house flipping. 

Meanwhile, what he earned in his role as one of the cast members of the TV series remains a secret, but it is believed that he bagged a reasonable sum from it.

2. Ashlee Casserly

  • Date of birth: 1980s
  • Net Worth: $1 million

Ashley Casserly found her way into the reality TV series Zombie House Flipping as a cast due to her years of experience in the real estate and house flipping business. She was born in the 1980s in Ireland. She earned her real estate license in 2007 and relocated to the United States to pursue a career in the real estate business. With the success that she has achieved in the real estate business, she is considered one of the best in Ireland.

Ashley Casserly is Worth About $1 Million

Ashley Casserly’s net worth is estimated at $1 million, which she made from her years of hard work. She has worked as a realtor for several years in the United States, helping people get a home. She acquires both new and old hoses, which she turns into something great and sells to families, individuals, and more.

She co-founded the Blueprint Real Estate Group, a real estate company, with her husband and has achieved success. The exact amount that she has accrued as a realtor is not known.

Reality TV Show 

Though Ashley Casserly has a successful career as a realtor, she only gained fame for appearing as a Zombie House Flipping cast member in her field. She has been one of its cast since its inception but has left it to focus on her business. The exact amount she was paid for appearing on the reality TV series is unknown, but she is sure to have earned a reasonable sum.

3. Justin Stamper

  • Date of birth: May 18, 1989
  • Age: 35 years old as of 2024
  • Net Worth: $1.8 million

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Justin Stamper is an American reality TV star, entrepreneur, and real estate investor born in Orlando, Florida, United States, on May 18, 1989. The reality TV star was born to Leeanne Stamper and Johnny, a businessman and owner of Johnny’s Taphouse Grill, located on Tarpon Ave, in Tarpon Springs, Florida. His experiences as a young adult have helped him find his way into the real estate business, where he has recorded much success.

What Is Justin Stamper’s Net Worth?

Justin Stamper is worth about $1.8 million, which he made through his career as a reality TV star, entrepreneur, and real estate investor. The real estate investor began his career as a cook at the Disney steakhouse, where he worked at night and as a property bidder in the daytime to help his family. Here is how Justin Stamper made his net worth:

Real Estate Investment

Justin Stamper began his real estate investment career after he renovated and sold his family home with his father at the age of 19. This made him resort to buying houses at auction within the vicinity and selling after renovating and managing properties. He went on to work at JGS Capital LLS as an investor and later at Invest Home Direct.

In 2012, he founded Dog Home Buyers, LLC, and later co-founded Blueprint Real Estate Group, a boutique brokerage firm in Orlando, United States. As much as he has not mentioned how much he earns from his firms, with the success recorded, he makes a good amount from it.

Reality TV Series

Justin Stamper gained popularity after he began starring in Zombie House Flipping as a cast member. He was part of the show from 2016 as a project manager and contributed to its success, but he left after some time to focus on his businesses. The reality TV star has yet to mention what he earned from starring in the TV series.

4. Dolmar Cross

  • Date of birth:  May 12, 1984
  • Age: 40 years old as of 2024

Dolmar Cross is one of Zombie House Flipping’s cast members and is an entrepreneur and CEO. He was born on May 12, 1984, in Jamaica but grew up in the Caribbean until he was 10 when his family moved to the United States. The entrepreneur was born to a preacher, while what his mother did for a living is not known. His success in the real estate business today resulted from his strong-willed personality, as he began pursuing his career early enough.

How Much Is Dolmar Cross Worth?

Dolmar Cross’s net worth has yet to be discovered, but he is known to have made a fortune as he is quite successful in his real estate business. He started small by making animal balloons before taking a student loan to make houses livable again, selling them, and getting on with the next project. Recently, he has become a recognized real estate agent, having founded about three real estate companies.

Dolmar Cross is the CEO of Real Capital, a real estate company, and the owner and principal at 3Day Cash Buyers, his primary flipping company. He also co-founded Real Advisors, a real estate education company that trains people interested in the real estate business. Though he has not revealed what he earns from his chain of businesses, he makes about $50,000 to $100,000 and above from the sales of his refurbished homes.

How Much Does Dolmar Cross Make From Zombie House Flipping’s Cast?

Dolmar Cross became Zombie House Flipping’s cast member after he became known for his success in the real estate business. He joined the TV series in 2022 and has made appearances in a few episodes, which were a success. He has yet to mention what he earns from the series, but with its progress, he is believed to earn a reasonable sum.

5. Alynne Cordray

Alynne Cordray is a Zombie House Flipping cast member who has captured the audience with her talents and skills. She is a designer, builder, real estate broker, and architectural consultant whose contributions earned her the moniker The Girl Builder or Human Swiss Knife. Her age cannot be determined as her month, date, and year of birth are scarce, but she is from Northern Canada.

What is Alynne Cordray’s Net Worth?

Alynne Cordray’s net worth is unknown, but she has made quite a fortune from all her careers. She has put in her best to achieve greatness. As much as she has not disclosed what she has earned through her various income sources, she is believed to earn a good sum.

TV Series 

Alynne Cordray made it as one of the Zombie House Flipping cast members in 2016 and has put much effort into making it top-notch. She has contributed immensely to construction, especially in structural and civil engineering and interior and exterior design. The reality TV show did not reveal what it pays its cast members.

6. Derek Pham

Derek Pham is an American real estate investor and strategist born in Columbus, Ohio. He has been able to climb the success ladder due to his marketing and strategic planning skills. Before joining real estate, he kicked off his career by serving as a national electronics retailer before becoming a car salesman.

Derek Pharm later became a sales director for a Fortune 500 company before establishing Phamily Capital Partners, LLC, where he teaches people about flipping homes. The real estate investor owns Funding Plug, LLC, a mortgage company, and has bought and sold over 100 homes in the United States so far.

What is Derek Pham’s Net Worth?

Derek Pharm’s net worth is undisclosed, but he earns over a million in each deal. He earns from his income streams as a real estate investor and strategist as he buys and sells houses in the United States. The strategist also rakes in money from his companies, Phamily Capital Partners, LLC, and Funding Plug, LLC, which have become successes.

How Much Does Derek Pharm Make From Zombie House Flipping’s Cast?

Neither Derek Pharm nor Zombie House Flipping cast members have revealed what they take home from the TV series. He has contributed immensely to the TV series and is one of its real estate investors who doubles as a strategist. However, since the show has become a hit, it is expected to pay its cast a considerable sum.

7. Chauncey Pham

  • Date of birth:  April 11, 1984
  • Age: 40 years old as of 2024

Chuabcey Pham is one of Zombie House Flipping’s cast members and is a marketer, coach, mentor, and strategic planner. She was born on April 11, 1984, in the United States. She has succeeded in the real estate sector due to her self-confidence and ability to attract people. Meanwhile, she gained recognition after she began appearing in the TV series Zombie House Flipping. 

Apart from her marketing job, she has gotten her hands on a couple of other businesses. She co-founded the Phamily Realty Group with her husband, Derek Pham, in 2016 and has worked hard to see it succeed.

What is Chuabcey Pham’s Net Worth?

Chuabcey Pham’s net worth is yet to be known, but with all the sources of income she is exploring, she is expected to be worth a reasonable sum of money. Though the sum she is paid as a marketer has yet to be discovered, she will rake in a good sum with her unique marketing skills. 

She also earns from being a business coach at Hero Nation Coaching and also makes a good sum from the Phamily Realty Group, as the firm makes over seven figures in each business deal.

Meanwhile, Chuabcey Pham’s salary for being a Zombie House Flipping cast member is unknown. 

8. Sarah Nowak

Sarah Nowak is a real estate agent specializing in staging, project management, and interior design. Her multi-talents in putting a house together earned her a spot as a designer in Zombie House Flipping as a cast member. Meanwhile, she only gained popularity for starring in the TV series, so little is known about her background.

The real estate agent has a strong background in real estate, having had years of experience in the sector. As a child, she developed a penchant for interior design but kicked off with the real estate business before venturing into house staging. 

Sarah went on to co-found Blackwood Homes, a project management, design, and staging firm, with her sister. Due to her love for interior design, she founded Sarah Nowak Interiors. Currently, she puts in all the skills from her two firms to create a unique home for her clients.

How Much Does Sarah Nowak Make From Zombie House Flipping?

Zombie House Flipping executives hold their cast members’ privacy in high esteem and, as such, have not disclosed their salaries to the public. However, given the fact that TV series make millions of dollars for each season, Zombie House Flipping is expected to rake in a considerable sum of money after their years of airing.

On the other hand, Sarah Nowak’s comprehensive net worth is not known as she maintains a low profile outside the screen. 

9. Amanda Areopagita 

Amanda Areopagita’s designs and skills landed her a spot as one of the Zombie House Flipping cast members. Just like some cast members, she has concealed her birth details, so her age is unknown. She gained recognition after she joined Episode 5 of the TV series in 2023.

Apart from starring in Zombie House Flipping, Amanda Areopagita is a successful interior designer who owns Interior Motive Design in Orlando, Tampa, and Cocoa Beach, Florida. Her skill and talent and outstanding designs have earned her business deals within and beyond the United States.

What is Amanda Areopagita’s Net Worth?

Amanda Areopagita’s net worth is not known to the public, but it is believed that she has made a great sum of money from her several years of experience as an interior designer. She began building her net worth while working for other firms and companies as an interior designer. She has worked with firms such as Herman Miller, IKEA Group, and Blue Marlin RE. She has also made a great sum from her own company called Interior Motive Design, which she founded in 2015.

TV Series

Amanda Areopagita’s earnings for starring in Zombie House Flipping as a cast member have yet to be discovered. However, considering the number of episodes she has appeared in so far, there is no doubt that she must has raked in a good sum of money for her net worth.

10. Keith Ori

  • Net Worth: $5 Million

Keith Ori is one of the Zombie House Flipping cast members who have captured the audience with his ability to build, rehabilitate, and preserve houses. He is a builder and designer whose contributions to turning old, foreclosed, and worn-out properties have been awarded. Though his age is not known, he spent his childhood in the pre-Revolutionary War town of Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

The designer became interested in transforming houses at a younger age but began achieving his dream in 2002. This was after he got a new home and rented out his old one after refurbishing it before fully venturing into the flipping business. 

His efforts in rehabilitating and preserving houses earned him the City of Orlando’s Historic Preservation Award for Best Preservation in 2013 and 2017, respectively. With his outstanding skills, he found his way into Zombie House Flipping as a cast member in 2015.

How Much Is Keith Ori’s Net Worth?

Keith Ori is worth $5 million. He was able to accrue a huge part of his net worth from his years of hard work as a builder and designer. Meanwhile, he began building his net worth as an intel analyst for the 2/20th Special Forces Group of the MS National Guard. He also earned from his hustles as a car racer, skydiver, published writer, and scuba driver.

He is believed to have earned a considerable sum from the TV series Zombie House Flipping. This is based on the fact that he began starring in the show from its inception.

11. Samantha Middleton

Samantha Middleton is a real estate agent who debuted in Zombie House Flipping in 2002. She works with Dolmar Cross on the show and is known as one of the realtors with the best deals selling properties in Tampa. With her 15 years of experience in the industry, she has been able to capture the hearts of clients and also helped other investors strike deals. 

She works with a local investing club known as NewWealth CoLab, where she shares and gains ideas in Tampa Bay. Samantha also owns a real estate trading firm, USA Portfolio Real Estate and Best Staging.

What is Samantha Middleton Paid In Zombie House Flipping?

Samantha Middleton’s salary from  Zombie House Flipping is not known. Neither the real estate agent nor the body responsible for the TV series has revealed what she earns from it. Meanwhile, following the known net worths of the cast members of the TV series, which are worth millions, Samantha Middleton is believed not to be left out.


Is Keith From Zombie House Married?

Yes, Keith Ori from Zombie House Flipping is married, but the name of his wife is unknown. They married in 2001 and welcomed three children with her- Ayrton, Conan, and Zanuki.

How Real is Zombie House Flipping?

Though Zombie House Flipping looks real, it is semi-scripted. The houses are not those that are about to collapse but have been left unoccupied for a long time.

Where is Justin and Ashlee’s Zombie House Flipping?

Justin and Ashlee left Zombie House Flipping to focus on their business, Blueprint Real Estate Group, which they founded together.

Which House-flipping Shows are Fake?

According to various sources, some house-flipping shows are reported as fake because what they portray on TV differs from reality. Some of these house-flipping shows that are reportedly fake include Fixer Upper, House Hunters, Property Brothers, Windy City Rehab, Love It Or List It, Selling Sunset, Beachfront Bargain Hunt, and more.


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