Is SSSniperWolf Rich and What Is Her Net Worth?

SSSniperWolf is rich, as she has a net worth of $16 million. She built her massive net worth through her numerous careers, including social media presence, businesses, brand endorsements, and more.

SSSniperWolf, who is known for her gaming videos on YouTube, has successfully climbed the success ladder with her social media presence. She has dedicated her time to building her net worth, and it is believed that it will increase in the future.

What Is SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth in 2024?

SSSniperWolf’s net worth as of 2024 is $16 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The social media sensation has been able to rack up her wealth over the years with her engagements, which include social media presence, businesses, brand endorsements, and more.

SSSniperWolf gained notoriety for her gaming videos, which she often uploads to her YouTube channels. The success of the videos on the platform made her broaden her portfolio to other social media platforms like Twitch and more. The social media sensation generated her net worth through many sources on her social media pages. Apart from her social media presence, she has also earned a good sum from her business ventures and brand endorsements.

SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth Growth

SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth in 2023 $16 million
SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth in 2022 $13 million
SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth in 2021 $10 million
SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth in 2020 $6 million
SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth in 2019 $5 million
SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth in 2018 $4 million

How Much Does SSSniperWolf Make?

SSSniperWolf makes over a million a month from all her careers. The social media sensation earns a great deal from all her social media platforms monthly. Here is a rundown on how SSSniperWolf earned her net worth.


SSSniperWolf began her YouTube career back in 2011 when she launched her first account with the name Sexysexysniper. At that time, her contents were just vlog videos, and in the space of two years, it garnered over 50,000 subscribers. However, this YouTube account was deleted for reasons best known to her, though some claimed that the name was the reason that it was taken down.

In 2013, she launched another YouTube channel with the name SSSniperWolf, and this time, she went for gaming content. Subsequently, she added other interesting videos like arts and crafts, cooking, fashion hauls, and make-up tutorials. Over the years, her interesting content helped her garner millions of subscribers and views. Being that YouTube pays about $10 to $30 per thousand views, SSSniperWolf’s net worth undoubtedly received a meteoric rise.

This is based on the fact that she has over 34.2 million subscribers and over 20 million views on the millions of videos that she has uploaded so far. Apart from her views, she also earns from YouTube Adsense, a Google program that rakes in cash to creators in the YouTube Partner Program.

She also launched another YouTube account under the name Little Lia in 2014. On this channel, she posts fun hacks and other interesting videos and has garnered over 3.96 million subscribers. The channel has also attained success over the years, as it has millions of views so far for over 108 videos that have been uploaded on it. According to reports, SSSniperWolf earns about $116,000 to $1 million monthly and about $1.4 to $22.4 million annually from her YouTube engagements, which has increased her net worth.

Other Social Media Engagements

SSSniperWolf delved into other social media platforms that pay. She joined the Twitch gaming platform as SSSWolf and rose to become one of the most popular female gamers. Some of the games that she was good at on the platform that gained her popularity include HALO, Overwatch, Destiny, Call Of Duty, and Metal Gear Solid. Twitch pays about $50 to $1500 monthly based on the number of viewers, and she is believed to have earned a good sum as she has been able to amass thousands of subscribers on the platform.

SSSniperWolf also joined TikTok and shared interesting videos on the platform. The platform pays $20 to $40 per million views, and so far, she has been able to amass a large following on the platform.


SSSniperWolf’s net worth has had a considerable increase through her business. She has a line of merchandise known as the OG Wolf Pack, which deals on T-shirts, hooded sweatshirts, sweatshirts, mugs, home decor, stickers, and more. Her merchandise sells on her online store and at numerous online stores like Amazon.

Ambassadorial Deals 

SSSniperWolf’s net worth has also increased extensively with her ambassadorial deals, though the exact amounts that the brands paid her are not known. The social media sensation has worked hard over the years and has been able to grow her fanbase. This has helped her strike ambassadorial deals with companies such as EA, Ubisoft, Activision, and Disney. She also inked a deal with G FUEL, a gaming and energy soft drink, in 2022.

Other Ventures That Boosed SSSniperWolf’s Net Worth

So far, with the fame that she has gained, she has made a few on-screen appearances. She made an appearance in Dhar Mann videos as herself. In 2021, she starred in the film Haunting of the Game Master Network, which was a success. She also took part in the video titled Touch My Body Challenge, which garnered over 101 million views. SSSniperWolf starred in the 2013 YouTube series titled SSSniperWolf, which she wrote and edited.

In 2017, she hosted the game show Clickbait, which was also a success. Though SSSniperWolf has yet to reveal how much she has raked in through these hustles, it is believed that they added a good sum to her net worth.

How Many Subscribers Does SSSniperwolf Have?

SSSniperWolf has millions of subscribers on her various social media platforms. She has maintained her energy and consistency in her social media career over the years, which has earned her massive followers and views.

On her YouTube channel, SSSniperWolf, she has about 34.2 million and over 24 million views. She has over 3.96 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Little Lia, with over 600 million views. On her Twitch, she has been able to amass about 342 thousand followers. With her engaging videos on TikTok, SSSniperWolf has over 19.2 million followers and 184.8 million likes.


How Did SSSniperWolf Get Famous?

SSSniperWolf got famous for the gaming content that she has been uploading on her YouTube channel. She also posts other interesting content on her platform, like arts and crafts, cooking, fashion hauls, and make-up tutorials.

How Much Does SSSniperWolf Make a Year?

SSSniperWolf’s annual income is unknown, as is what she earns from all her endeavors. Meanwhile, she earns about $1.4 million – $22.4 million annually from her YouTube channel.

How Much Money Does SSSniperWolf Make a Day?

SSSniperWolf’s daily income is unknown, but based on her various online engagements and other careers, she must earn a considerable amount daily.

How Much Money Does SSSniperWolf Make Per Month?

SSSniperWolf’s monthly income is unknown, but she reportedly earns about $116,000 – $1 million monthly on YouTube. Following this, she is expected to rake in a substantial amount when her other hustles are put together.


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