Is Dwight Howard Gay or Trans?

Dwight Howard is neither gay nor trans. The rumors about him being gay or trans are unfounded, as he has not confirmed being attracted to people of the same sex or changing his gender. 

Among the many things that usually accompany fame is rumor; this can be confirmed by Dwight Howard, an extraordinary NBA player who has been the subject of several speculations since he came into the limelight. In recent times, not much has been heard of his basketball skills; instead, his sexual life has been a hot topic for discussion. Read on as we have detailed the speculations about Dwight Howard’s sexuality, which has made a lot of people think that he is gay.

Is Dwight Howard Gay?

Dwight Howard is not gay. Stories of him being gay started in 2019 when one Masin Elije (male) claimed he was in an intimate relationship with him (Howard).

Addressing the claim, Dwight Howard, in an interview with Fox Sports, denied the allegation. He disclosed that he was not gay and further expressed how humiliating the accusations against him were and how he felt that the whole world had turned against him.

Royce Reed Also Came Up With A Claim That Heightened Dwight Howard’s Gay Scandal

Just about the same time in 2019, when Dwight was struggling with Masin Elije’s gay allegation, another broke out. His ex-partner and mother of his first child, Royce Reed, came up with the claim that he was the cause of her son’s sexual misbehavior. 

At this time, Howard was under criminal investigation by the Coob County police for child abuse because he whooped his son with a belt. The NBA player accused Reed and contended that she was a negligent mother.

His allegations extend beyond her choice to take their son to Hooters for his birthday. He also asserted that their son has supposedly witnessed Reed involved in sexual activities with multiple men on various occasions. These claims suggest a broader criticism of Royce Reed’s parenting and raise concerns about the child’s exposure to explicit or inappropriate situations.

A source close to his baby mama refuted the NBA player’s accusations, describing them as unfounded. According to this source, Royce Reed has not had a revolving door of men in her home, and she has never exposed their son, Braylon, to explicit sexual activities.

Regarding the Hooters incident, the source claims that Braylon’s birthday celebration began earlier in the day with a party at a bounce house. The stop at Hooters was allegedly only for food and not indicative of any inappropriate behavior on Reed’s part.

In her defense, Royce Reed revealed that the ex-NBA star has a bad sexual attitude, disclosing that the NBA player had asked her to sign a non-disclosure agreement on a polyamorous relationship. She further stated that Dwight Howard engaged in a romantic relationship with more than one partner at the same time. This further gave the public the belief that there must be an atom of truth in the accusations that Dwight Howard is gay.

A Lawsuit From Steven Harper’s Claiming That Dwight Howard Is Gay

In July 2023, a Georgia man named Stephen Harper filed a state civil lawsuit against Howard, alleging sexual assault, among other things. Harper’s lawsuit says he met Howard through Instagram in May 2021 and 

initiated contact with him using an alternate account. 

He then gave Howard his phone number and provided his primary account details along with personal photos. According to Stephen, Dwight Howard’s response allegedly included a suggestive devil emoji.

In the legal documents, Stephen Harper asserted that the NBA star solicited explicit photos and provided explicit details about the desired content. Despite clarifying that he was not a member of the LGBTQ+ community, Dwight Howard allegedly suggestively communicated with Harper.

After expressing interest in explicit content, Dwight Howard reportedly clarified that he was not gay but had certain preferences. The virtual interaction between the former Orlando Magic player and Harper allegedly continued until they arranged to meet at Howard’s home on July 19, 2021.

Dwight Howard Allegedly Assaulted Steven Harper

During a visit to the basketball player’s Georgia residence, Steven Harper claimed that Howard suggested a threesome, but he declined. Upon Harper’s arrival, they shared a kiss, and a person dressed as a female appeared. Howard purportedly insisted on intimate engagement with both Harper and the individual referred to as Kitty.

According to the lawsuit, Howard and Kitty engaged in explicit acts, while Harper felt uncomfortable but tried to remain calm. Allegedly, the NBA player became aggressive, making advances despite Harper’s refusal. For this, he was accused of forcibly removing Harper’s underwear, holding him down, and performing nonconsensual acts. Harper claimed he feared bodily harm during the assault.

The individual identified as Kitty, who was alleged to have been complicit in Dwight Howard’s actions, participated in pleasing him while he violated Harper. The incident reportedly ended, and Harper left the premises with a ride arranged by the NBA player. In addition to assault and battery, the NBA player is facing legal action for intentional infliction of emotional distress and false imprisonment.

What Was Dwight Howard’s Defence To The Allegation From Steven Harper?

On October 25, one of Dwight Howard’s lawyers issued an additional statement to ESPN, asserting that what transpired was a private and consensual encounter. The statement claimed that the private nature of the encounter was exploited for financial gain, and Howard expects to reveal the truth through legal proceedings. The lawyer contested the allegations against Mr. Howard, emphasizing his intent to present the facts.

According to the statement, the basketball player allegedly blocked Steve Harper on social media, after which he was faced with a choice. He was told to either pay to protect his reputation or have a fabricated story made public. Despite the sensitivity of the subject matter and the NBA player’s celebrity status making him an easy target, the statement highlighted that he chose to place trust in the justice system and would rely on forthcoming court filings to speak for themselves.

In a social media post, Dwight Howard was dismissive of the situation, as he expressed his lack of concern while refusing to deny or discuss the allegations. He stated that the claims didn’t even happen, as he termed them an accusation and an allegation.

Is Dwight Howard Transgender?

No! Dwight Howard is not transgender, as he still maintains that he is of the same sex as what he was born with. However, the rumor that he is transgender was a result of the speculation that he gets romantically involved with transgender men and women. These speculations have not yet been confirmed, and the NBA player has not identified himself as transgender yet.

Is Dwight Howard Married?

Dwight Howard is currently unmarried. However, he was once married to Te’a Cooper in 2020. They got engaged in 2019, exchanged vows in 2020, and separated after a year. Meanwhile, the couple has kept the reason for their split away from the public.


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