Meet Isis Rae Boykin, Christopher Boykin’s Daughter with Shannon Turley

Isis Rae Boykin is the daughter of Christopher Boykin, the late legendary musician and TV personality also known as Big Black. Christopher Boykin welcomed Rae with his ex-wife Shannon Turley in 2008, and she is currently 16 years old as of 2024.

Isis Rae Boykin‘s Bio

  • AGE: 16 years old as of 2024
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed
  • FATHER: Christopher Boykin
  • MOTHER: Shannon Boykin

How Old is Christopher Boykin’s Daughter?

Isis Rae Boykin is 16 years old as of 2024. Her exact date of birth is not known, but reports reveal that Christopher Boykin’s daughter was born in 2008 in the United States. Due to her undisclosed date of birth, her zodiac sign can not be determined. Furthermore, the exact place where she was born wasn’t disclosed by any of her parents.

Isis Rae Boykin has a trace of black and white American ethnicity, as her parents have a share of these ethnicities. However, she is an American national who was raised in her home country. She grew up under the care of both parents, though their marriage ended in a divorce a few months after she was born.

Isis Rae’s mother is reserved when it comes to details that relate to her daughter’s personal life. This has also spread to information that relates to her academics, as the school Rae Boykin is currently attending has remained unknown. However, based on her age, it is believed that she will, in no distant time, be through with her high school education.

There is speculation that Rae’s late father established a college fund to support her education without financial hindrances. However, this claim lacks confirmation from a reliable source. Yet, considering the level of fame achieved by Christopher Boykin, it is not uncommon for parents of that stature to include such funds in their investment plans for their children.

Who are Isis Rae Boykin’s Parents?

Isis Rae Boykin’s parents are Christopher Boykin and Shannon Turley. Her father, Christopher Boykin, was an American television personality and musician best known for his role on the MTV reality television series Rob & Big. He was born on January 13, 1972, in Chicago, Illinois, United States, to Afro-American parents whose identities are unknown. The TV personality was mostly known for his monikers like Big Black, Big B, BB, and Chris.

As much as there are no credible details on whether he has siblings, Christopher Boykin was raised by his parents in Raleigh, Smith County, Mississippi, United States. He attended Stone High School in Wiggins, Mississippi, but did not further his education at a university as he enrolled in the United States Navy.

What Was Christopher Boykin’s Occupation?

Christopher Boykin served in the United States Navy for a while before he began working for Rob Dyrdek, a professional skateboarder, as a bodyguard. Subsequently, they began starring on the reality TV show Rob& Big on MTV, which portrayed the daily lives of the two. The duo also appeared in a video game known as Skate, which was published in 2007, as characters, and by 2009, they also appeared in Skate 2.

Isis Rae Boykin’s father established a clothing brand known as Big Black, which sold T-shirts and hats that bore his slogan, Let’s Do Work. He later left Rob & Big to star in the reality TV show known as Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. With the perfect interpretation of roles in TV shows, he also made appearances in Ridiculousness, Guy Code, and Snack Off.

Christopher Boykin also set incredible records that earned him two spots in the Guinness World Records. One of the records was peeling and eating three bananas in one minute, and the other was eating five powdered doughnuts in two minutes. The TV personality died on May 9, 2017, in Plano, Texas, United States, as a result of congestive heart failure, which he discovered in 2000.

His death stung deep in the hearts of many, especially his fans and relatives who described him as a free-spirited fellow. The TV personality’s daughter was hit differently by her father’s death, as she found it hard to move on at that time.

Who is Isis Rae Boykin’s Mother?

Isis Rae Boykin’s mother is Shannon Turley, who gained popularity due to her marriage to the late TV personality Christopher Boykin. She was born in 1978 in the United States and is 46 years old as of 2024. Being a very private personality, Shannon Turley gives little or no details about her personal life. Based on this, the date and month she was born are unknown, making her zodiac sign uncertain.

The late TV personality’s ex-wife is an American citizen of white ethnicity. Following her conserved lifestyle, nothing is known about who her parents are or what they are up to now. Other details on whether she has siblings and what they do for a living have also not been mentioned.

Shannon Turley did not reveal any details about the schools that she attended. There are also no credible details on whether she earned a degree from any reputable university or not. Nothing is known about Isis Rae Boykin’s mother’s career, as she has since lived her life outside the public eye.

Isis Rae Boykin’s Parents Separated in 2009

Christopher Boykin and Shannon Turley separated in 2009. Meanwhile, how Isis Rae Boykin’s parents met and how long they dated before getting married are not clear. However, they were together for many years before eventually getting married in 2008. The following year, after their wedding, their marriage hit the rock, though the reason for the split was not revealed.

Following the divorce, Isis Rae Boykin’s mother got custody of her. Meanwhile, her father also had a fair share of spending time with her, as he created a strong bond with her. Even though her parents were separated, Christopher Boykin always made sure to hold on to his role as the father by ensuring that he remitted his part of the child support.

Isis Rae Boykin’s father often uploaded pictures of her on his social media platforms. One of the pictures was where he took Rae to her very first concert. Also, on his Facebook page, there is an upload of him and Rae in a baseball game.

How Many Siblings Does Christopher Boykin’s Daughter Have?

Isis Rae Boykin is a lone child, as she is the only child welcomed by her parents. There is no available information about whether the late TV personality and his ex-wife welcomed any children in their previous relationship. Currently, Rae’s mother has not disclosed any information, like welcoming any child, since her separation from Isis Rae Boykin’s father.


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