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Rebecca King-Crews is the wife of Terry Crews, the American actor, television host, and former American football player. Rebecca and Terry became husband and wife in 1989 and have remained together to date. Their marriage has produced four children.

Rebecca King-Crews is an actress, producer, singer, and former beauty queen from Benton Harbor, Michigan. Although she is best known as the wife of Terry Crews, people also know her for her appearance on their family’s reality TV show, The Family Crews.

The first thing that comes to mind when the name Rebecca King-Crews pops up has to be the one and only Terry Crews, the macho Hollywood star who is known for his comedic talents on shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Everybody Hates Chris.

But while her husband is undoubtedly the most famous face in the family, Mrs. Crews also holds her own as she has also made a splash in the entertainment industry. She has been featured not just for stories that revolve around her being married to a very famous man but for her exploits on a few other things that including appearing in the reality TV show, The Family Crews.

Thanks to the family’s openness on the show, fans across the world have gotten to learn a thing or two about the matriarch of the Crews family. Here is what we have been able to find out about Rebecca King-Crews.

Rebecca King-Crews’ Biography Summary

Age/Date of Birth:
58 years old (December 24, 1965)
5 feet, 8 inches
Husband or Boyfriend:Terry Crews (married: July 1990)
Parents:Father: Jack Winston Lund
Mother: Anna Mae Parks
Net Worth:$20 million

Rebecca King-Crews’ Marriage and Personal life Events

Event Date/Period Details
Marriage to Terry Crews July 29, 1990 Rebecca King-Crews married actor and former NFL player Terry Crews on July 29, 1990. They have been married for several decades.
Children Throughout marriage Rebecca and Terry Crews have five children together: Azriel, Tera, Wynfrey, Isaiah, and Naomi.
Personal Interests and Career Ongoing Rebecca King-Crews is known for her work as an actress, singer, and producer. She has pursued her career while being a supportive partner to Terry Crews.
Support for Terry’s Career and Endeavors Ongoing Rebecca has been a strong supporter of Terry Crews’ career in acting, entertainment, and advocacy. She has often accompanied him to events and red carpets.
Public Appearances and Philanthropy Ongoing Both Rebecca and Terry Crews have been actively involved in philanthropy and public appearances to support various causes and charities.
Long-lasting Marriage Ongoing Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews have maintained a long-lasting and enduring marriage, frequently expressing their love and commitment to each other publicly.

Rebecca King-Crews at a Glance


Due to the color of her skin, many would be surprised to learn that Rebecca King-Crews is partly African American. She was born to an interracial couple, Jack Winston Lund and Anna Mae Parks, on Christmas Eve 1965 in Benton Harbor, Michigan, but was raised in Gary, Indiana, along with two siblings, Elizabeth and Samuel Taylor.

Growing up in Indiana consisted of several moments and milestones in Rebecca’s young life. She attended different schools before graduating from Lew Wallace High School as an honors student. She was also a beauty queen, winning the crown of Miss Gary Indiana at the age of 19.

In addition to her exploits in pageantry and academic achievements, Rebecca King-Crews was also interested in acting in the theater. During her high school years and her college days at Western Michigan University, where she studied and graduated with a degree in Musical Theatre, she was known to have performed in a number of plays, including Music Man, The Wiz, and Oklahoma.

What Does Rebecca King-Crews Do For a Living?

Just like her husband, the bulk of Rebecca King-Crews’ professional career has been in the entertainment industry. After a few years of making red carpet appearances alongside her husband, she made her debut television appearance in 2010 in the reality TV show, The Family Crews.

The BET show, where Rebecca equally served as a producer, explored the life of her family. The Family Crews ran for 17 episodes between 2010 and 2011 before it was canceled over poor ratings. She has since gone ahead to make other appearances in shows like Life After, Extra, Celebrity Family Feud, and Black Love.

While her dominant onscreen appearances have had her appear as herself, Rebecca King-Crews has made a few appearances playing other characters. She appeared in the 2018 short video, Blueberry, playing the character of Grace.

Beyond appearing in front of the camera, Rebecca has also made strides towards having a music career. She has released a couple of singles, some of which include I Keep Holding On and Destiny. Singing under the pseudonym Regina Madre, the wife of the host of America’s Got Talent, has gone on tours and been on a few promotions.

Outside of her music and acting career, Rebecca Crews is also the CEO & Founder of Crews Arts Ltd., a company believed to be a vehicle for the family’s entertainment interests. Other noteworthy career milestones of Mrs. Crews include appearances in several fashion magazines like Today’s Black Woman, Heart and Soul, Jet, Television Guide, and Reality Magazine. She is also involved with different charities in the Christian community.

The Life of Rebecca King-Crews and Terry Crews

Rebecca King-Crews

Rebecca King-Crews’ relationship with her husband Terry Crews, is undoubtedly one of the defining facts of her public life. The couple, who got married in 1989, started dating long before that time; however, details surrounding when exactly they met are few and far between. According to them, they started off as friends before their friendship unexpectedly blossomed into a romantic relationship, culminating in them exchanging vows on the 29th of July, 1989.

During what has sometimes been a tumultuous marriage that included infidelity and porn addiction, Rebecca and Terry have remained together and are proud parents to five children.

Rebecca-King Crews
Rebecca King-Crews Family

Their first child is Azriel Crews, who was born in 1990. Others are Tera (born in 1999), Wynfrey (born in 2004), and Isaiah (born in 2007). Their fifth child, Naomi Burton-Crews, was born before their marriage. She was born from a previous relationship between Rebecca and an unknown man. Through Naomi, Terry and Rebecca have become grandparents to a girl named Miley Crews.

While all five children made appearances in The Family Crews reality TV show, only Azriel has taken a step further by pursuing a career as an actress. Some of her acting credits include shows like Katy Keene, In Development, Crashing, and High Maintenance.


Who is Rebecca King-Crews?

Rebecca King-Crews is the wife of Terry Crews, the American actor who is famed for his macho physique. Rebecca and Terry got married in 1989 and have remained together to date. Their marriage has produced four children.

What Nationality is Terry Crews’ Wife Rebecca?

Terry Crews’ wife, Rebecca King-Crews, is of American nationality and is Biracial. She was born in Michigan to an African American mother and a Caucasian father.

How Many Children Does Terry Crews Have With His Wife?

Terry Crews has four children with his wife Rebecca, and they are Azriel Crews (born in 1990), Tera (born in 1999), Wynfrey (born in 2004), and Isaiah (born in 2007). Terry Crews also has a stepdaughter named Naomi Burton-Crews, born from Rebecca’s previous relationship before they got married.

What Illness Did Terry Crews Wife Have?

Terry Crews’ wife, Rebecca King-Crews, was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer in 2020 following a mammogram and ultrasound. She underwent a successful double mastectomy and is now cancer-free.

What Does Rebecca King-Crews Do For a Living?

Rebecca King-Crews is an actress, producer, singer, and former beauty queen from Benton Harbor, Michigan. She is also a reality TV star (appearing in the reality series The Family Crews), TV personality (she has appeared on shows such as Celebrity Family Feud), and Hollywood executive (she is the CEO & Founder of Crews Arts Ltd).


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