K Michelle’s Plastic Surgery Transformation Then and Now

K Michelle has undergone different plastic surgeries that have transformed major parts of her body. The American singer and TV personality popular for appearing in the VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop has undergone reconstructive surgeries on her hips and butt after receiving illegal hydrogel injections in 2012. She had breast augmentation surgery, nose fillers, and also had her teeth done, while various speculations also have it that she got a lip job.

K. Michelle Before Surgery

K. Michelle looks very different from what she looked like in the past due to the plastic surgeries she has undergone. Before her breast augmentation surgery, she had a cup B breast size that increased to a bigger size after the surgery, making it look curvaceous.

Her butt was moderate, which made it a perfect fit for her body, but after the injections, it became rounder and fuller. The R&B singer’s nose was flatter with slightly enlarged nostrils, which she made look prettier with a rhinoplasty.

K. Michelle’s Plastic Surgery Journey

K Michelle’s plastic surgery journey includes breast augmentation surgery and reconstructive butt surgery. She had breast augmentation surgery in the past, but it turned out that they were bigger, so she went for a smaller version. The R&B singer had fat from her boobs and stomach transferred to her buttocks to make her hips look fuller and curvy. According to her, she transferred those fats because she wanted to look like a Coke bottle.

To augment her boob job, she had the urge to enlarge her hips and butts more, and when she heard of a man from Atlanta who injected silicone, she went for it. She revealed that the man, who was black market and not a doctor, used hydrogel injections to inject her hips and butts. Though she was skeptical about getting it done, she moved on with it when she heard that her favorite rapper did the same.

K Michelle’s Body Reacted To The Hydrogel Injections

In 2017, K Michelle’s body started reacting to the effects of the hydrogel injections as it was a foreign body to her system. She revealed that she had fatigue, terrible back and leg pains, and migraines. At first, doctors thought that it was lupus, and with time, the silicone had spread to her legs, extensively damaging her tissues and also becoming an impending danger to her whole health. To get the illegal injections out of her body, she was referred to undergo a liposuction to suck them out.

Though it seemed to work at first, it kept spreading throughout her body. This was because the injection was made to grow bigger than its initial size as it absorbed blood and other body fluids. This characteristic of hydrogel injections made it illegal to use them for the enhancement of buttocks and other body parts.

A week and a half after the liposuction, she went on a tour but was rushed to the emergency room and had to undergo two blood transfusions. To remove the dead tissues, she underwent three surgeries and reportedly underwent thirteen reconstructive surgeries in a year to get her natural body back. Since the success of these plastic surgeries, she has been grateful for her natural body and has advised the public extensively against getting bodywork for cosmetic reasons.

Did K. Michelle Get a BBL?

Yes! K. Michelle’s plastic surgery included a Brazillian butt lift. Just like many celebrities who worked extensively to have an attractive body, the R&B singer initially transferred fats from her stomach and boobs to her butts and hips. She revealed that she went for a BBL because he had been curvy, but it was not enough, and she was having a hard time with men then. The singer thought that if she had a bigger butt, more attention would come her way.

However, the outcome of the BBL did not turn out as she wanted it to be so she opted for hydrogel injections to make it bigger. After K Michelle’s reconstructive plastic surgery, she has been reaching out to women to embrace their natural bodies and keeps flaunting hers.

Did K. Michelle Get a New Face?

K Michelle did not get a new face. Meanwhile, the public has strongly claimed that she had her face done. The R&B singer only admitted to having a nose job. However, there were claims that she had a full-face job, including a lip job. She only revealed in 2018 that she underwent fillers instead of a rhinoplasty, which complemented her looks.

Meanwhile, she debunked the claims of getting a new face by stating that she didn’t get a facelift and that her new look is a result of living a healthier-than-ever lifestyle. This rumor went on and on, making her debunk it for several months, revealing that she was a victim of cyberbullying; however, with time, the claims died down.

K Michelle Before Her Teeth Got Done

Before K Michelle had her teeth done, they were not uniformly of the same size, as some were bigger while others were smaller and looked like they were shortened. She revealed that before getting into the industry, her teeth looked like she was chewing rocks. Though she was good with them, she felt that she needed to work on them after she got into the industry as certain things were needed there.

Meanwhile, she revealed that she had teeth replacement surgery and got smaller teeth to make room in her mouth, which she revealed that she did to please her man. After she underwent the teeth replacement surgery, she took to her Instagram handle to gush over them, stating that she loved her teeth and that there were no more chewing rocks. This time around, she was not criticized by the public, as many people praised her for the new teeth while others wished that they had her old ones.

K. Michelle Then and Now

K Michelle’s plastic surgery transformation has extensively changed her over the years. Before her BBL and butt hydrogel injections, she looked curvy, and after her transformation, she looked more curvy. However, after she underwent her reconstructive surgeries, she had a more natural look with a curvy body.

K Michelle's Plastic Surgery
K Michelle’s Face After and Before

Meanwhile, she also underwent a tooth reconstruction, which has blended with her other facial features. Currently, K. Michelle flaunts her natural body and is not ashamed of her surgery scars. Here are pictures of her before and after surgery transformations.


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