Who Is Johnny Mathis’s Wife? All About His Relationships and Love Life

Johnny Mathis does not have a wife, as the singer has never been married to a woman. Meanwhile, Mathis, who had dated both males and females in the past, came out as gay in 1982.

Johnny Mathis’s relationship has become a hot topic for discussion following the fame and large fanbase that he garnered with his popular music career. The fact that he came out as gay has kept thrusting his personal life into the public whenever he is mentioned.

Who is Johnny Mathis’s Wife?

Johnny Mathis’s wife is not known, as he is not married at the moment. He has also not been married to anyone, be it male or female, in the past. Meanwhile, the popular music singer has been in several relationships in the past, but none has ended in marriage. His marital life became a thing of concern to the public as he is 88 years old as of 2024 and has yet to pick a wife.

Johnny Mathis's Wife

As much as he came out as gay, it did not restrict him from picking a wife, though he revealed that he never got married and knew that he was gay. However, the popular singer once revealed that he was never going to get married as he was busy all his life. He mentioned that his parents had a perfect marriage, and he knew that he was never going to do better than that.

Johnny Mathis has a large family with many nephews and nieces who are just like his own kids, and this made him decide not to have a wife with whom he could make a family.

When Did Johnny Mathis Come Out as Gay?

Johnny Mathis came out as gay in 1982, but according to reports, people who were close to him revealed that he shared his sexuality with his father when he was 17 years old. Luckily for him, his father accepted him and his sexuality, giving him all the support that he needed despite the hate that gay people received back then.

Meanwhile, the popular music singer had concealed his sexual orientation until the stated date, when he gave a hint in an interview with Us Magazine. In the interview, he stated that homosexuality was a way of life that he had grown accustomed to.

How Did The Public React To Johnny Mathis’s Sexuality?

The public did not react positively or negatively to his sexuality, as none was published. However, his revelation was a huge surprise to the public, as he had reportedly dated women in the past. He mentioned that the comment was supposed to have been off the record after the article was published, which was quite late. After this, he never mentioned it for many years, as he revealed that he received death threats for his comment in the article.

He stated that at that time, things like that were not revealed, but since it did not affect his career negatively, he was fine. At this time, he accepts the fact that his sexuality is always going to be a topic of interest since he is a celebrity. He had talked to many people, especially those that he met while playing golf, about being gay.

The popular music singer granted many interviews after his first years and still talked extensively about his sexuality. In an interview with CBS News Sunday Morning, he confirmed his sexuality and revealed that he came from San Francisco, where it was not unusual to be gay. Johnny Mathis revealed that, just like many people, he has had some boyfriends and girlfriends in the past. The popular music singer is grateful for the fact that being gay is not considered weird in society anymore.

All To Know About Johnny Mathis Love Life

Though Johnny Mathis does not have a wife and was never married in the past, he has been romantically involved with some people in the past. His relationship history revealed that the singer dated both males and females in the past, and here is what to know about them.

Estelle Benett

Johnny Mathis's Wife

Johnny Mathis reportedly dated Estelle Benett, an American singer who was a member of the girl group the Ronettes. Information about how they met and when they started dating was not mentioned. How long they dated and why they broke up were never revealed. Meanwhile, the popular music singer never confirmed their relationship to be true, and based on the fact that Estelle died in 2009, it is not easy to extract the truth.

Mimi Dillard

Mimi Dillard, an American actress, was also listed as one of the women romantically involved with Johnny Mathis. However, there is no available information about how they met or how long they dated before calling it quits. Being that the popular music singer is quite reserved, he did not react to the claims, and as such, we cannot conclude.

Regina Belle

Johnny Mathis's Wife

Regina Belle, an American singer-songwriter, was also caught in the dating web of rumor mongers, as she was linked to Johnny Mathis. Details of how they got to know each other and how long they were together before they went their separate ways. The singers did not confirm nor deny the claims, thereby making it a mere rumor.

Deniece Williams

Denice Williams, an American singer, was linked to the popular music singer as she was quite close to him. The alleged lovers reportedly met while active in their music careers and started as a music duo, releasing a few songs together as well as performing on various stages.

Their onscreen performances raised the curiosity of the public, with some asking if they were dating while others concluded that they were in a relationship. However, based on the fact that they rarely respond to rumors. Neither Denice Williams nor Johnny Mathis debunked or confirmed the claims.

Patti Austin

Johnny Mathis's Wife

Patti Austin, who is an American singer, was also romantically linked to Johnny Mathis. The two met in the course of their active music careers and released a couple of songs together. When they began dating was not revealed, but they reportedly dated for some time before calling it quits for unknown reasons. However, the alleged lovers did not react to any of the dating claims to date and have left the public in a puzzled state.

George Avakian

The American producer George Avakian’s relationship with Johnny Mathis comes as no surprise, as the latter revealed that he had boyfriends. When the duo began dating, how long they were together was never mentioned. Johnny has yet to mention more about their relationship, and the fact that the American producer is late, more about it might not be known to the public.

Mitch Miller

Johnny Mathis's Wife

Mitch Miller, an American record producer, choral conductor, record industry executive, and professional oboist, was also romantically linked to Johnny Mathis. Just like the other people linked to the popular music singer, Johnny has yet to reveal more about their relationship. Consequent to this, it is not known if they dated, and how long they dated was not mentioned.


Who is Johnny Mathis?

Johnny Mathis, who was born John Royce Mathis, is an American singer. The popular music singer has a music career that has spanned 68 years.

Who is Johnny Mathis’s Wife?

Johnny Mathis does not have a wife, as he has never been married.

Has Johnny Mathis Ever Been Married?

No! Johnny Mathis has never been married in the past. There are no reports of him ever wedding anybody.

Is Johnny Mathis in a Relationship?

At the moment, Johnny Mathis is not in a relationship with anyone. Meanwhile, the popular music singer has dated a few celebrities in the past but has yet to reveal their names.

Is Johnny Mathis Gay?

Yes! Johnny Mathis is gay. He came out as gay in 1982 in an interview with US magazine, where he stated that homosexuality was a way of life that he had grown accustomed to. The singer reportedly came out first to his father when he was 17 years old and earned the support of his father.


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