Who Is Noah Schnapp’s Girlfriend and Is He Gay?

Noah Schnapp’s girlfriend is unknown, as he is not in any relationship known to the public. The Stranger Things actor has been gay since he was 18 years old but publicly disclosed his sexuality some years later.

Noah Schnapp, an emerging American actor, rose to prominence with his portrayal of Will Byers in the popular television series Stranger Things. Given his widespread recognition, there has been an increasing public curiosity about his personal life and romantic relationships. Continue reading to discover information about Noah Schnapp’s sexuality and whether he is currently in a relationship.

What Is Noah Schnapp’s Sexuality?

Noah Schnapp has publicly disclosed that his sexuality is gay. However, before he made the disclosure, there had been speculation that he was gay, which was a result of his role as Will Byers, a gay character, in the Netflix series Stranger Things. Because of the role, he was also linked with one of his co-casts in the series, Millie Bobby Brown.

Is Noah Schnapp Gay?

Yes, Noah Schnapp is gay. The fast-rising American actor, who confirmed that he had held back his sexuality for 18 years, first disclosed it to his twin sister, Chloe Snapp. He made it open to her when they were driving down to her school at Northeastern University in Bosten, and she immediately voiced her support for him. According to her, she couldn’t imagine competing for Noah’s attention with his girlfriends.

The actor’s sister further stated that since it is obvious it will be a man, she will make him her best friend. After Noah Schnapp made his sexuality known to his sister, he came out to the other members of his family, which were his parents. He didn’t disclose what their reactions were like, but it seems they also consented to it, which made Noah decide to take it out to the public.



I guess I’m more similar to will than I thought

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The actor came out to the public in a TikTok video, which he captioned More Similar to Will, his gay character in the Netflix series Stranger Things. This got a lot of positive responses from the public, as some of the comments commended the way he came open with his sexuality.

Noah Schnapp, in another upload, disclosed his surprise over his friend’s reaction to his sexuality. He stated that he was shocked when his friends responded to his statement, “I am gay,” with “We know.” Although Noah Schnapp has come clean about his sexuality, all attention is now on who his boyfriend or gay partner is.

Who Is Noah Schnapp Dating?

Noah Schnapp is not currently dating anyone, as far as the public knows. The Stranger Things actor has decided to put his relationship life on hold as he is more concerned with building his acting career and education. Noah disclosed how disgusting he felt on his first day in school when girls were hitting up on him.

The actor finds it more relaxing with his sister and is not bothered by looking for intimacy from anyone. However, both admirers and the media have fixed a steady eye on him, waiting to have a look at the lucky person.

Has Noah Schnapp Dated Anyone In The Past?

It is not known if Noah Schnapp has had any girlfriends or dated anyone in the past, as the speculations about his previous relationships are not proven. However, he may have been in a relationship before he made it to the spotlight. Meanwhile, here are some of the people Noah Schnapp has been rumored to have dated.

Tyler Levin

It is not known if Tyler Levin is Noah Schnapp’s boyfriend, as they are yet to react to their dating rumors. The speculation was stirred by a picture uploaded to Noah Schnapp’s Instagram, where he was in a boat with Tyler Levin. They both wore swimming trunks without shirts, and their hands crossed on each other’s shoulders. Based on the tag on the upload, they were on Catalina Island, Dominican Republic.

Noah Schnapp further made it worse by referring to Tyler Levin with the Spanish word mi amigo, which means my friend, and tagging Tyler’s Instagram page on the upload. As a result of this, the picture went viral and was widely interpreted as Noah disclosing his boyfriend since he had earlier disclosed that he was gay.

More to it, Tyler Levin is a student at the University of Pennsylvania, which is the same school that Noah Schnapp attends. This was more convincing to the part of the public who believed Noah Schnapp was dating Tyler Levin. However, the actor has not commented on this.

Are Noah Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown in a Relationship?

No, Mille Bobby Brown is not Noah Schnapp’s girlfriend, nor have they been in any romantic relationship in the past. They simply share a professional relationship as co-stars on the Netflix show Stranger Things. Schnapp played the character Will Byers, while Millie Bobby Brown took on the role of Eleven, a girl with supernatural powers.

Schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown share a strong bond, not just as on-screen pals but also as genuine friends off-screen. Having started appearing on the Netflix show at a young age, they grew up together on set, fostering a profound friendship over the years. Demonstrating the deep bond between these Hollywood personalities, they frequently express mutual appreciation on significant occasions like birthdays.

On Millie Brown’s birthday in February 2023, Noah Schnapp affectionately referred to her as his lifelong partner in crime and expressed his deep love for her.

In conclusion, Noah Schnapp’s public acknowledgment of his gay sexuality dispels any conjecture about a romantic involvement with Millie Bobby Brown. On the other hand, Millie Bobby Brown has been in an openly declared relationship since 2021 with Jack Bongiovi, the son of the renowned rock star Jon Bon Jovi.


Is Noah Schnapp Gay In Real Life?

Yes. Just as his character in the Netflix series Stranger Things is gay, Noah is gay in real life and has publicly confirmed it.

Does Noah Schnapp Have a Girlfriend?

No, Noah Schnapp doesn’t have a girlfriend, as his sexuality is gay. Meanwhile, he has been linked to a few people in the past, like Millie Bobby Brown and Tyler Levin.

Is Noah Schnapp Single or Dating Anyone?

Noah Schnapp is not dating anyone. He disclosed only his sexuality and has yet to reveal who he is dating. Until then, we chose to believe the Stranger Things star is single.


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