Who is Emma Pasarow?

Emma Pasarow is a talented American actress, model, and social media personality born on January 23, 1996, who gained recognition in the entertainment industry. She is currently 28 years old.

The talented actress began her acting career in 2012 and has since appeared in several movies and TV shows, including the critically acclaimed Netflix film Along for the Ride and the TV series Super Pumped. This article focuses on all there is to know about the actress, including those facts about her that have hitherto remained undisclosed to the public.

Summary of Emma Pasarow’s Bio

  • Full name: Emma Pasarow
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: January 23, 1996
  • Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States
  • Emma Pasarow’s Age: 28 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Dating
  • Emma Pasarow’s Boyfriend: Ariford Golin
  • Emma Pasarow’s Parents: Ted Pasarow (father), Susan Pasarow (mother)
  • Siblings: 1 – Anabel Pasarow (sister)
  • Emma Pasarow’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 7 inches
  • Emma Pasarow’s Height in Centimeters: 170 cm
  • Emma Pasarow’s Weight: 54 kg (119 lbs)
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 33-24-34
  • Body Measurements in centimeters: 84-61-86
  • Hair color: Dark Brown
  • Eye color: Dark Brown
  • Profession: Actress
  • Emma Pasarow’s Net Worth: Est. $2 million
  • Famous for: Being an actress
  • Emma Pasarow’s Instagram: @epasarow

How Old Is Emma Pasarow?

Emma Pasarow is currently 28 years old and was born on January 23, 1996, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Other aspects of her birth particulars confirm her status as an American citizen.

Emma was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius and belongs to a white Caucasian ethnic group. She is one of two children born to American couple Ted and Susan Pasarow. She has a sister named Anabel Pasarow but we have yet to ascertain who is older between the two siblings.

Emma Pasarow’s Education

Emma Pasarow has a degree in Theatre from Wesleyan University. Prior to earning the aforementioned degree, she spent some time at Harvard Westlake. However, other details of her formal educational background including where she attended her pre-school, middle school, and high school have yet to be revealed to the public.

Regardless, one can hardly argue against the fact that she is sufficiently educated for a career that depends more on her acting skills than it does her formal educational background.

What Does Emma Pasarow Do For A Living?

Emma’s acting career started while she was studying at Wesleyan University. She honed her skills through stage shows and theatrical performances, gaining valuable experience and building a strong foundation in the art of acting. This early exposure to the stage allowed her to develop her craft, showcasing her versatility and passion for storytelling.

After graduating from Wesleyan University with a degree in Theatre, Emma took a leap of faith and pursued her dream of becoming a professional actress. She made her on-screen debut in the TV series Touch, where she portrayed a supporting role. Although it was a small part, it was a stepping stone that opened doors for future opportunities.

Emma’s breakthrough came with her role in the Netflix film Along for the Ride. Released in 2020, the film received critical acclaim and gained a substantial following. Emma’s portrayal of the complex but relatable character Auden showcased her range as an actress, and her performance resonated with audiences worldwide.

Her role in Along for the Ride catapulted Emma Pasarow to prominence and garnered her international recognition. The film’s success opened doors for Emma in the industry, leading to more significant opportunities and collaborations. Directors and producers began to take notice of her talent and versatility, and she quickly became a sought-after actress.

Emma Pasarow’s acting career has been a remarkable journey from her early beginnings in stage shows to her breakthrough role in Along for the Ride. Her talent, dedication, and versatility have earned her international recognition and opened doors to exciting opportunities. As she continues to make her mark in the industry, Emma Pasarow is undoubtedly a rising star to watch out for.

Emma Pasarow’s Movies and TV Shows

Below is a select list of Emma Pasarow’s filmography that demonstrates her steady rise to prominence in the American movie industry:

Short Movies

  • 2019 – Lena as Ms. Bell
  • 2021 – Forget-Me-Not as Grace
  • 2022 – Bob as Hannah
  • 2022 – Return to Sender as Tat
  • 2022 – Kickstart My Heart as Lilly

TV Series

  • 2012 – Touch as Tween Girl (1 ep)
  • 2022 – Super Pumped as Penny (3 eps)


  • 2022 – Am I OK? as Courtney
  • 2022 – Along for the Ride as Auden

She Is Also A Model

In addition to her acting career, Emma Pasarow also works as a model. Her natural beauty and charismatic presence make her a perfect fit for the fashion industry. She has collaborated with several renowned brands and photographers, gracing the pages of magazines and appearing in advertising campaigns. Emma’s modeling work further expands her creative repertoire and allows her to express herself in different ways.

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Emma is represented by Clear Talent Group, a prominent talent agency that represents actors, models, and other creative professionals. With their support and guidance, she has been able to navigate the competitive industry and secure exciting projects that align with her artistic vision.

Emma Pasarow’s rise to prominence is a testament to her talent, dedication, and hard work. She has proven herself as a versatile actress, capable of tackling a wide range of roles with depth and authenticity. Whether it’s on stage or screen, Emma brings a unique energy and charisma to her performances, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impression.

As she continues to establish herself in the industry, Emma’s future looks bright. Her passion for storytelling, combined with her natural talent, will undoubtedly lead to more significant roles and collaborations. With each project, she continues to grow and evolve as an artist, pushing boundaries and challenging herself creatively.

Is Emma Pasarow Married or Dating?

Emma Pasarow is currently in a romantic relationship with American actor Ariford Golin. Popularly known as Ari, Emma’s boyfriend is the son of the American actor and CEO of Anonymous Content LLP, Steven Aaron Golin.

According to several verified sources, the actress met her boyfriend when they were both students at Harvard-Westlake School. Despite that information, we have yet to ascertain exactly how long the pair have been a couple.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Emma Pasarow

What Movies is Emma Pasarow in?

Emma Pasarow has close to a dozen movies and TV series credits to her name including Touch, Return to Sender, and Am I OK? She is best known, however for her engaging role as Auden in the Netflix movie Along for the Ride.

How Old is Emma Pasarow?

Emma Pasarow is 28 years old. The talented actress was born in Los Angeles, California on January 23, 1996.

Who Are Emma Pasarow’s Parents?

Emma Pasarow’s parents are Ted and Susan Pasarow. The Along for the Ride is one of two daughters born to white American couple.

How Tall is Emma Pasarow?

Emma Pasarow is 5 feet 7 inches tall. When converted to centimeters, her height becomes approximately 170 cm. Her height makes her at least 3 inches taller than the average American woman/actress believed to be about 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Does Emma Pasarow Have a Boyfriend?

Yes, Emma Pasarow has a boyfriend who is also an actor. His name is Ariford Golin, and he is the son of renowned American actor and CEO of Anonymous Content LLP. Steven Aaron Golin.

What Ethnicity is Emma Pasarow?

Emma Pasarow belongs to the white Caucasian ethnic group, a fact aptly reinforced by the fact that both her parents are Caucasian.

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