Who is Cheryl Walker? All About Paul Walker’s Mother

Cheryl Walker is the mother of Paul Walker, the late American actor known for his role as Brian O’Connor in the Fast and Furious franchise. Walker’s mom was born on October 31, 1953, making her 70 years old. She is a former fashion designer and model.

Summary of Cheryl Walker’s Bio

  • Full name: Cheryl Ann Crabtree Walker
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: October 31, 1953
  • Cheryl Walker’s Age: 70 years old
  • Ethnicity: German and Swiss-German
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Cheryl Walker’s ex-Husband: Paul Walker III
  • Cheryl Walker’s Children: Paul Walker IV, Ashlie Walker, Caleb Walker, and Cody Walker (step-daughter: Amie Walker)
  • Cheryl Walker’s Parents: Milton Crabtree and Viola Annalea
  • Cheryl Walker’s Net worth: $25 million
  • Famous for: being the mother of the late actor Paul William Walker IV
  • Cheryl Walker’s Instagram: @CherylCrabtree-WalkerHann

How Old Is Cheryl Walker?

Born Cheryl Ann Crabtree, Cheryl Walker is 70 years old. She was born on October 31, 1953, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America. The former fashion designer is an American citizen and was born under the Scorpio birth sign. She was raised in the Christian faith, a religion which she upholds to date.

Cheryl Walker was born to George Milton Crabtree and Viola Annalea. The details about her parent’s occupation are currently unknown. There are also no details on the names and occupations of her siblings. She inherited her white ethnicity with German and Swiss-German roots from her parents.

The fashion designer has not disclosed much about her educational background. Following this, the names and locations of the elementary and high schools that she attended have not been revealed. It is also not known if she earned a degree or not.

She Got Married To Paul Walker III in 1972

Cheryl Walker and Paul Walker were married for about three decades before they divorced. There are no details about how or when they met and information about how long they dated before tying the knot is also not public knowledge.

However, it is common knowledge that the couple tied the knot on February 12, 1972, but the details of their marriage are off the radar, making where they got married and the type of wedding ceremony that they had unknown.

The Former Fashion Designer Filed For Divorce From Her Husband After 30 Years Of Marriage

Cheryl Walker and Paul Walker III lived together for many years and welcomed five children together. Meanwhile, their marriage has been described as tumultuous, leading to their divorce. According to the court documents, Cheryl revealed that they had been separated for a period of 12 years before Cheryl decided to pull the final string on their union in 2014 (a year after the couple lost their son, Paul Walker) by filing for divorce.

Many thought that it was because she had lost her son, but the couple clarified that it was not so. According to Cheryl Walker’s divorce filing, she requested a collection of guns and a house for the divorce settlement. She also included spousal support in her divorce filings.

Meanwhile, it is not known if the divorce was later finalized or not. It is also not known if all the demands of the former fashion designer were met or not.

She is reportedly currently married to a man named Hann. Cheryl has kept her relationship private, as nothing is known about her husband. When the duo met or how long they dated before getting married has not been disclosed. In addition, when they got married and how long they have been married have been kept off the public record.

Meet Cheryl Walker’s Ex-husband

Cheryl Walker’s ex-husband, Paul Walker III, has kept the public in the dark when it comes to his personal details. Consequently, his birth details have been kept away from the public. He was born to Paul Walker II and June Vivian Oeinfinger, though what they did for a living has been  kept under wraps.

There are no details about whether or not he has siblings or what their occupations are. There is also no information about his educational background, but it is known that Paul Walker III was a sewer contractor and former boxer who was a two-time Golden Gloves champion.

Meanwhile, Paul Walker III is of Irish and German ethnicity.

Cheryl Walker Was Devastated After The Death of Her Son, Paul Walker IV

Before Cheryl Walker and Paul Walker III separated, they welcomed four children together, including the late actor, Paul William Walker IV who was a prolific actor. He was born on September 12, 1972, in Glendale, California, and was the first of his parents’ four children. He started acting in 1984 and subsequently rose to fame with his role as Brian O’Conner in the Fast & Furious franchise.


Unfortunately, the actor died on November 30, 2013, in the passenger’s seat of a 2005 red Carrera GT Porsche driven by his friend, Roger Rodas. His death came as a shock to his family, leaving his mother and the rest of the family devastated.

According to the actor’s mother, the actor was in his best spirits as he sat in her kitchen, discussing his holiday plans with his daughter, Meadow, in the morning on the day of his death. At that time, he was on break from filming the Fast and Furious and wanted to get a Christmas tree to decorate with his daughter later in the evening.

They were having a good conversation before he got a text and remembered that he should be somewhere. Then he rushed to the door to attend a family car show that was held for his organization, Reach Out Worldwide. At that time, the former fashion designer did not know that it was the last time she would see her son.

Hours later, after Paul and his friend left the fundraiser, they took the car for a spin and the car crashed and exploded, killing the two friends. It was revealed that the car’s speed and the age of the tire were the reasons for the accident. Cheryl Walker further described her son as an awesome man, whom many think was just a movie star that was killed in an accident.

To honor him, the family would go to Huntington Beach, where the late actor loved to surf and throw sunflowers into the ocean. They would also narrate their favorite memory with the actor.

Meet Cheryl Walker’s Other Children

Apart from Paul Walker IV, his parents also had three other children together. Find out all about them below.

Ashlie Walker 

Ashlie Walker is the second child welcomed by Cheryl Walker and her ex-husband, Paul Walker III. She was born on June 1976 in Glendale, California. She is a registered nurse at Medcore and also a marketing partner at Monat, a beauty product line.

Ashlie is also an actress who has appeared in films such as Glamour Dolls, Jack Said, and many others. She appeared in a series of TV commercials and also worked as an acting coach for a short period of time. The nurse is married to Jeffery Herold, an interior designer, and has four children with him.

Caleb Walker

Caleb Walker is the third child of Chery Walker and Paul Walker III He was born on October 4, 1977, in Los Angeles County, California, in the United States. He is a restaurant owner who later went into on-screen production to serve as a substitute for his late brother, Paul Walker IV.

Caleb is also a producer and actor known for the movies I Am Paul Walker, The Ultimate Sacrifice, and Furious 7. He has been married to his wife, Stephanie Branch, since October 2013 and has welcomed children with her.

Cody Walker

Cody Walker is the last child of the ex-couple and he was born on June 13, 1988, in Los Angeles, California. He is a paramedic who began appearing in on-screen projects in 2013 as a substitute for his late brother in his films. Currently, the actor has appeared in about ten on-screen projects. Cody is married to Felicia Knox and has two children with her.

Amie Walker

Amie Walker is Cheryl Walker’s stepdaughter, whom her ex-husband welcomed with his former partner in 1967. She keeps a very low profile, so little is known about her. There are no details about what Amie Walker does for a living. It is also not known if she is married and has children or not. Meanwhile, she maintains a good relationship with her stepmother and the rest of the family members

Cheryl Walker Worked in Showbiz

Cheryl Walker was a model and fashion designer, though the brands that she represented are not known. There are also no records of how long she worked in the field before quitting. In the meantime, what she does for a living is not known.


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