Who Are Sahith Theegala’s Parents and What is Their Nationality?

Sahith Theegala’s parents are Muralidhar Theegala and Karuna Theegala who are both from India and hold Indian nationality.

Sahith Theegala has gained a notable spot as a professional golfer. His global recognition has attracted a lot of attention to his family background, which led to the current question of “what nationality are Sahith Theegala’s parents?” It is also worthy of note that his parents’ nationality also had an impact on his early stage as a professional golfer. Read on as we unveil important information relating to the award-winning golfer’s parents’ nationality.

Sahith Theegala is An American Professional Golfer Born in 1997

The American professional golfer Sahith Theegala was born to Indian parents in Orange, California, on December 4, 1997. He is currently 26 years old and is reported to still live with his parents. The golfer received his undergraduate education from Pepperdine University before going pro in 2020 and making his Outlaw Tour debut at the Lone Tree Classic. He played for Pepperdine University and was a three-time NCAA All-American before turning professional, but his time in college was cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sahith Theegala briefly played with his school team, when the Southwestern Invitational, Alister MacKenzie Invitational, and Australian Amateur Masters all extended invitations to him. He has also participated in a number of PGA Tour events in 2020 and 2021, including the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Championship, Sanderson Farms Championship, and the Korn Ferry Tour Finals.

The American-based professional golfer has not shared a single image of himself with any young woman, giving the appearance that he might still be enjoying his singlehood.

Sahith Theegala Parents’ Nationality

Reports claim that Sahith Theegala’s parents hold Indian nationality. However, it remains unclear what ethnicity the golfer’s parents are as it has not been detailed. His nationality became a bit complicated as his parents migrated from India to the United States. His parents settled in California when they entered the United States and have lived there almost all their lives.

Sahith Theegala’s parents made the decision of migrating to the United States even before they knew each other. Their migration offered the golfer a dual nationality of both India and America, as it was stated that he was born in the United States. This seems to have been achieved when you consider the level of success the golfer has attained professionally.

Who Is Sahith Theegala’s Father?

Muralidhar Theegala is the father of the American professional golfer, Sahith Theegala. Most of his personal information is not made available, like his age and year of birth. However, reports have it that Sahith’s father celebrates his birthday every August 31st. As we have previously mentioned, his father holds Indian nationality but migrated to the United States.

Based on the fact that Muralidhar Theegala came to the limelight based on his son’s success as a golfer, no focus was placed on his profession. Reports only have it that he was also a sports lover, which was why he encouraged and supported his son in his career.

Muralidhar Theegala Encouraged His Son Sahith Theegala Into Sports

When Sahith Theegala was just two years old, he started to watch sports with his father. Whenever the Los Angeles squad loses a game, the young lad feels devastated. As a young child, the golfer grew to love the legendary Kobe Bryant of the Lakers. He won the southwestern Invitational while sporting with Kobe Bryant’s jersey two days after the tragic athlete passed away.

Kobe is still an inspiration in Sahith Theegala’s life, as evidenced by the hashtag #mambamentality that appears in some of his Instagram photos. At the age of three, the golfer struck his first golf ball, impressing his father Muralidhar Theegala, with his innate talent. He won the coveted Junior Worlds in San Diego, which was the first competition that he participated in. As he got advanced in his career, he won the competition two times again.

Sahith Theegala registered for numerous competitions in order to gain experience in higher courses. He was turned away from private golf clubs, so he participated in competitions instead. Muralidhar Theegala acknowledged the effort his son had put in but cautioned him against overextending himself. The golfer’s father advised him to Just continue playing his game.

Ensure you give your opponent his credit if you shoot 68 and lose. However, if you consistently shoot 68 while playing your game, you will typically outperform someone who just occasionally shoots 62 and play it safe. His father told The New York Times, “I had always known that my son is unique. Hopefully, everything works out, and with God’s help, he’ll accomplish his desires.  But I think he was destined for greatness from the beginning.”

Meet Sahith Theegala’s Mother, Karuna Theegala

Karuna Theegala is the mother of the Indian-American golfer, Sahith Theegala. Despite being the mother of a well-known personality, she still maintains a low profile and has managed to stay away from the media. It remained difficult to ascertain the day, month, and year of birth that she was born. Nothing is known about her family and educational background.

It is also reported that Karun Theegala once battled cancer around 2021. However, nothing has been said about her current health condition, making it difficult to know if she has recovered fully or is still in the process. Sahith Theegala confirmed that his mother gave her complete support in his sports career.

How Did Sahith Theegala Parents Meet Each Other?

Sahith Theegala’s parents met each other as a result of their migration from India to the United States. Muralidhar Theegala left India for the United States in 1987 to further his education. He met with Karuna who also came to the United States as an immigrant. Although the information regarding when they tied the knot is still unavailable, we believe that it did not take quite a long time after they met each other.

We assume that their wedding was done according to Indian traditions, as Muralidhar Thhgala is known as a man that keeps Indian culture in high esteem. The couple, to date, are seen to maintain a healthy relationship as they have not recorded any form of controversy.

The Couple Welcomed Two Children

Sahith Theegala wasn’t the only child welcomed by Muralidhar Theegala and Karuna Theegala. It is also reported that the couple also has another child named Sahan Theegala, who is younger than the golfer. Unlike the golfer whose information is made public, details regarding his brother’s personal life are under wraps. There are no details of his education, age, and what he is up to.


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