Who Are Louis Rees-Zammit Parents and Family Members?

Louis Rees-Zammit parents are Maxine Rees-Zammit (mother) and Joe Rees-Zammit (father). The British rugby player has an older brother known as Taylor Rees-Zammit.

Louis Rees-Zammit is a well-known British rugby player who began playing for Wales as a winger. The rugby player is well-known for his exceptional skills, which include quickness, evading techniques, and the ability to score a goal quickly.  He has played for Warren Gatland, the Cardiff Blues, and currently plays for the Gloucester senior team. Louis Rees-Zammit parents were able to gain a spot in the limelight after their son recorded wins with his various teams.

Loius Rees-Zammit Parents are Sports Lovers

Louis Rees-Zammit parents are a greater part of his success story. The roles that they played helped their son steadily rise to success in his rugby career. Meanwhile, despite gaining a spot in the limelight for their association with their son, they have kept many details about themselves off the radar, leaving little known about them.

Louis Rees-Zammit’s Mother Is Welsh

Louis Rees-Zammit’s mother is Maxine Rees-Zammit. Her years, months, and date of birth have not been disclosed, thereby making her exact age and birth sign unknown. All that is known about her birth details is that she was born in Wales, England. This brought about the Welsh middle name, which her son bears.


She has a Welsh background, which her son also inherited. Though it was revealed that Maxine came from a sports-loving family, she has never disclosed the names and occupations of her parents. The number of siblings that she has is not known, however, her brother, Paul, was a rugby player who played for the Wales B as a fullback.

Louis Rees-Zammit parents were also active in sports at a young age. She was a good netball player and played for her country, leading them to various victories. His mother’s educational background has not yet been disclosed. What she does for a living currently has also not been revealed.

Her love for sports made her support her son’s career. She ensures to be present at every one of her son’s games and also joins him on vacations. The mother and son share a very close bond, and Louis always utilizes every opportunity to make sure that he showers praise on her through his social media handles.

Louis Rees-Zammit’s Father is Maltese

The rugby player’s father is Joe Rees-Zammit. Just like his mother’s, his father’s age is unknown, as he has not revealed his month, years, or date of birth. Though Joe Rees-Zammit is a British citizen, he still has Maltese roots. It was revealed that his parents had moved from Malta to the United Kingdom many years ago.


Joe didn’t further reveal anything about his parents’ including their names or occupations. It is also not known if he is an only child or has siblings, as the names and occupations of his siblings are yet to be revealed. Just like his mother, his father’s educational background has also not been disclosed.

Louis Rees-Zammit parents are no doubt a strong foundation for his career success. His father also played for the American football team, and the Cardiff Bay Tigers, and achieved great feats with the team. He is currently a property developer based in the United Kingdom.

Louis also shares a strong bond with his father, who does not miss any of his games in Welsh. Just like his mother, he also heaps praise on his father on his social media handles.

Meet Louis Rees-Zammit’s Brother 

Louis Rees-Zammit parents welcomed two sons into their union, including the rugby player. Here is all about the rugby player’s brother, who is older than him. Though he has gained a spot in the limelight because of his brother’s fame, little is known about him.

Louis Ree-Zammit’s older brother, Taylor Rees-Zammit was born in the United Kingdom. Unlike his younger brother, his birth details have not been revealed, making his age unknown. He also inherited Welsh and Maltese roots from his parents.

Taylor Rees-Zammit attended the Cathedral School in Llandaff, Cardiff. He played rugby in high school but never took it to the professional level. His college or university of attendance as well as his course of study were not disclosed. What he does for a living at the moment is also not known. Meanwhile, he loves his brother and shares a great bond with him, making it to most of his games to support him.


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