RiceGum Net Worth: How He Achieved His Huge Net Worth

RiceGum is an American social media sensation who has a net worth of $8 million with an annual income of over $1 million dollars.

Ricegum became famous in 2013 for his gaming and trolling prowess. Since then, he has only continued to gather more followers. Considering the fact that the vlogger has over 12 million subscribers on YouTube alone with a viewership of close to 3 billion, these staggering figures shouldn’t be such a surprise to you.

According to the celebrity statistic website Social Blade, RiceGum makes from $48.4k to $1 million yearly from his main channel, RiceGum. His second channel RiceGumExtra also makes about $6k yearly. As far as YouTube bloggers go, RiceGum represents one of the platform’s top earners and we’d like to give you a run-down of RiceGum’s massive earnings and how he managed to acquire all this in a relatively short time.

Profile Summary of RiceGum

  • Birth Name: Bryan Quang Le
  • Stage Name: RiceGum
  • Date of Birth: November 19, 1996
  • Age: 27 Years Old
  • Place of Birth: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: South-East Asian
  • Zodiac: Scorpio
  • Occupation: Video Blogger, Rapper, and Businessman
  • Net Worth: $8 million
  • Social media: YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook

RiceGum’s Net Worth Is From Numerous Sources and They All Rake In Significant Cash

The27 year old vlogger was one of the few that took advantage of YouTube when it was still a fledgling streaming platform. YouTube has since grown to become the largest video-sharing platform in the world and those who hopped on the train early have also grown along with the site. The Nevada-born gamer was definitely not left behind and has benefitted quite well financially since he first joined YouTube in 2012. Not only is RiceGum rich, but he is also smart and has successfully ventured into various other things that have increased his income, including YouTube, Music, Twitch endorsement deals, among others.

RiceGum’s YouTube Career and Earnings

When RiceGum joined YouTube in 2012, he was actually a gamer and was uploading videos of himself playing the then-famous Call of Duty. Back then, game commentary videos were a great way to take off, and soon he gathered a substantial number of subscribers. He became even more famous when he started to upload comedy-type videos to his channel. By then, RiceGum had discovered that he had a matchless talent in “trolling”, and immediately adjusted and began releasing a series of “diss” tracks directed at other YouTubers.

In less than three years, his channel became one of the most subscribed-to channels on the platform, amassing a subscribership of over 10 million with his viewership running into billions by the end of 2020. At the peak of his fame in 2017, his YouTube earnings were said to amount to over $100,000 per month, running into over a million dollars in one year. Currently, his YouTube is no longer active as the vlogger prefers to stream exclusively on Twitch. Understandably, his viewership rate and popularity have steadily decreased but he still manages to rake in at least $4,000 monthly.

The Online Celebrity Also Makes Money From Twitch

RiceGum joined Twitch in February 2013 and has been faithfully streaming his games since then. He streams for an average of 3 hours per stream and during each stream, he has about 54,000 live viewers. He started by streaming Call of Duty but these days, he seems to stream more of Fortnite.

Currently, he has over a million followers on the platform and counting. Since RiceGum’s newfound love for Twitch began, he streamed less and less on YouTube but even at that, he spends considerably less time on Twitch than other popular gamers on the app. That being said, his monthly Twitch earnings have been estimated to the tune of $21,000.

This means RiceGum earns close to a quarter of a million yearly. This amount is an estimate based on the number of views per stream and does not include donations and higher-tiered subscribers – so he could be making a lot more.

The Internet Personality Has A Successful Music Career

If you didn’t know about RiceGum through gaming, you probably heard about him during his famous beef with fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, after the diss track that followed. Since then, RiceGum has released 8 other singles including ‘God Church’, ‘Frick da Police’, ‘Naughty or Nice’ and ‘Contract Money Freestyle’, released in 2020.

His debut single was meant to be a parody song directed at Jake Paul, mimicking his (Jake’s) own single titled ‘It’s Everyday Bro’. RiceGum artistically (or is it maliciously?), released his version titled ‘It’s Everyday Sis’, featuring YouTuber Alissa Violet, who happened to be Jake’s ex-girlfriend.

The song became an unexpected hit, peaking at number 80 on Billboard USA’s Hot 100 chart. It also reached number 34 on Billboard USA’s R&B and Hip-hop chart, and number 25 on the Billboard USA Rap chart. In 2018, the song was certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

His subsequent releases have not been as successful as this first song but this hasn’t stopped the vlogger from bragging about his ‘chart-topping hit songs’. His exact earnings from his record sales are however still unknown.

Sponsorship Deals also Contribute to RiceGum’s Net Worth

The actual amount RiceGum has made from sponsorship deals is not known. In 2019, he was sponsored by a gambling website named Mystery Brand for which he received a strong negative reaction from a large number of people.

In the midst of the backlash, we got to know that he was paid $100k to promote the website after other YouTubers revealed that they were offered the same amount to do the job. RiceGum has also worked with the producers of Super Bowl and made a short appearance in a 2018 commercial for the show. All these and more are ways the YouTuber makes his money.

RiceGum Doesn’t Just Like To Earn Money, He Also Loves to Spend it – Lavishly

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Not much about RiceGum’s lifestyle is public knowledge but it is not a secret that the 27-year-old star likes his fancy cars. He is often in one video or another, showing off his wealth and his expensive properties. In a typical millionaire move, he recently bought a $12.5 million house in Los Angeles, one of the most expensive areas to own real estate in the US. The house comprises 10 bedrooms and 13 bathrooms fit into a 12 500 square-foot space.

He has also been seen riding a white Rolls Royce. The luxurious bird was said to cost over $3 million as of 2018. The next year, he switched out his Rolls for a Lamborghini of the same color. It seems like the young YouTuber has a habit of changing cars every year, a habit that could very well be labeled the height of ostentatiousness.

RiceGum’s Various Streaming Platforms

The YouTube celebrity prefers to stream primarily on Twitch these days. Before he got onto the gaming platform, he was very popular with the video streaming giant, YouTube. Here are the links to his streaming profiles with his current subscriber and viewer count.

  • YouTube: RiceGum – 10.2 million subscribers and over 2 billion views
  • Twitch: RiceGum  – 1,192,679 followers and over 15 million views
  • Twitter: RiceGum – 2.7 million followers
  • Facebook: RiceGum – 744,000 followers

More Facts About RiceGum

1. What Nationality are RiceGum’s Parents?

Bryan Quang Le better known as RiceGum was born to a Vietnamese father and a Chinese mother.

2. How much does RiceGum earn?

Currently, RiceGum earns at least $250,000 yearly from both his Twitch and YouTube channels. This amount does not include endorsement deals and side businesses.

3. Is RiceGum Still Streaming on YouTube?

RiceGum hasn’t streamed on the giant platform for almost a year. His last video was uploaded in late 2020.

4. Is RiceGum Controversial?

RiceGum has been involved in many controversies featuring fellow YouTubers and sometimes even whole countries. Due to his problematic content, his accounts were demonetized in 2018 by YouTube.

5. Is RiceGum in a Relationship?

According to public knowledge, the 27-year-old gamer is not dating anyone at the moment.

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