Kevin O’Connor Net Worth

Kevin O’Connor’s net worth is currently estimated at about $5 Million. O’Connor is an American television personality famous for hosting the PBS Emmy Award-winning home improvement television show This Old House (TOH). 

Aside from his earnings from his television career, Kevin also has multiple other sources of income. These income sources range from his wages while he worked in the bank, real estate, as an author, magazine editor, etc. Read on for more information on Kevin O’Connor’s net worth.

How Much is Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth?

Kevin O’Connor’s net worth is estimated at as much as $5 million. The 55-year-old’s net worth is primarily from his income from the rank he holds on This Old House Inc. (the media franchise behind the hot PBS show, This Old House).

O’Connor made his debut appearance on This Old House as host of the flagship show in 2003. Since then, he has grown within the media franchise, hosting several spin-offs and holding an editorial position at the brand’s first magazine, This Old House Magazine. Thus, considering how far he has come since his first days in the company, it is needless to say that O’Connor is one of the highest-paid persons on This Old House Ventures Inc.

Kevin O’Connor’s Net Worth Growth

With his diverse professional experiences in various fields of interest and versatility, Kevin has grown his net worth over the years from six figures to 7 figures and is well on his way to 8 figures. Take a look at how his net worth has been growing in the past years.

Kevin O’Conor’s net worth in 2017 $700, 000
Kevin O’Conor’s net worth in 2018 $800, 000
Kevin O’Conor’s net worth in 2019 $1, 000, 000
Kevin O’Conor’s net worth in 2020 $1, 000, 000
Kevin O’Conor’s net worth in 2021 $2, 000, 000
Kevin O’Conor’s net worth in 2022 $5, 000, 000
Kevin O’Conor’s net worth in 2023 $5, 000, 000


How does Kevin O’Connor Make His Money?

Kevin O’Connor mostly makes his money from the several positions he holds on This Old House Ventures Inc. However, before he joined the media industry, he had held several important positions that paid him well, and even after joining the industry, he has taken on some endeavors that have positively affected his finances. So, let’s take a walk through Kevin O’Connor’s career journey so far.

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Kevin Once Worked in the Finance Industry

Right after graduating from Boston University, O’Connor landed a job that was a far cry from the media. According to This Old House, he was an avid sports enthusiast, and this passion guided him into working for the Sports Finance Group and Fleet Bank.

While the details of his duration and salary under the bank are still sketchy, O’Connor was probably paid a generous sum for holding a primary position in the bank.

He also worked in the Real Estate Sector

After Kevin O’Connor left the Sports Finance Group and Fleet Bank, he was employed as a Senior Vice President in the Commercial Real Estate Group. While he occupied the position, he oversaw large investment properties like retail centers, apartment buildings, office buildings, farms, and ranches.

Besides this, being the Senior Vice President also meant that O’Connor was tasked with providing the most suitable financing for each client. He was to oversee the clients’ portfolios and walk them through the pros and cons of each property, offering them expert advice on what their next steps should be.

With the many responsibilities associated with his position, O’Connor probably earned more than enough from his job to boost his lifestyle and net worth.

His Debut Appearance on This Old House

Contrary to some opinions, Kevin O’Connor’s first appearance on This Old House was not as a show host. Instead, he was first cast on the show as a homeowner.

According to O’Connor, he and his wife, Kathleen, owned an 1800s Queen Anne Victorian home located in Beverly, Massachusetts. Around the 1920s, the house had been converted to a two-family structure, and while they loved this about it, they recognized that the house needed some repairs. 

In the cause of giving their centuries-old home a makeover, the couple decided to try their luck by applying to be featured on This Old House. Surprisingly, they got the rare opportunity to make an appearance.

O’Connor made his debut appearance on Season 1, Episode 22 of This Old House, entitled “Ask This Old House”. He was cast alongside his wife and painting contractor, Jim Clark, who helped them with a wallpaper-removal project. 

However, several seasons later, Kevin O’Connor made his debut appearance as a host in Season 25, Episode 1 of This Old House. He assumed the position in 2003 after the former host, Steve Thomas, left the show and has hosted over 300 episodes since then.

Kevin also Earns as a Podcast Host

Alongside hosting This Old House on Television, O’Connor also hosts a podcast version of the show tagged Clearstory. The podcast is a platform that seeks to offer homeowners help with understanding their homes from a fresh perspective.

Clearstory is a very popular show on the platform, with a place in the top 5% of most downloaded shows. Its humor and practical bits of advice make it a favorite amongst listeners, and some of the topics that are often discussed on the platform include

  • Water and its uses for building and maintaining homes
  • Modern plumbing and its impact on human health issues
  • Uses for construction waste.

Kevin O’Connor is an Author

In addition to his impressive array of ventures, Kevin O’Connor is also recognized as a renowned author. His book, The Best Homes from This Old House, linked to This Old House series in 2011, was published in September 2011.

The book chronicled ten of the most impressive transformations by craftsmen and artists from O’Connor’s past ten years as a This Old House host. It offers viewers a peek into some of the finest and most popular houses that have been renovated on the show.

He is also a Magazine Editor

Kevin O’Connor is also renowned for being a member of the editorial board of This Old House Magazine, published by This Old House Ventures, Inc.

Does Kevin O’Connor have any Real Estate Investments?

Kevin O’Connor has no other known real estate investments besides his Queen Anne Victorian Home in Beverly, Massachusetts, which he owns with his wife, Kathleen. After they completed renovations on the house, the couple decided to move out of it and rent it out.

Although this might not count as a major real estate investment, the O’Connors probably make some cool cash from rents.

How Much is Kevin O’Connor paid on This Old House?

Kevin O’Connor is paid an average salary of $10,000 for each episode of This Old House. Regardless, there had been some controversies surrounding his salary after he was employed in the show.

Some pessimistic viewers believed that O’Connor would not succeed on the show because of some controversies surrounding the exit of Bob Villa, the former host of the series. According to Houston Chronicles, Villa was one of the earlier hosts on the show, who Steve Thomas later replaced following his shady exit from the show and sudden disappearance from the media.

According to Tedium, Villa was only paid about $200 for each episode after This Old House premiered, and even after working on the show for years, his compensation was only raised to about $800 per episode. Villa’s poor salary then was mainly because the show aired on PBS, a public-funded station.

This left Villa with two options, either to stick with This Old House and make paltry sums, or leave the show and try his luck with other thriving renovation shows. Villa picked the second option.

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