List of Orishas and their Powers

There are over 400+ Orishas but some are more powerful than others. The most powerful Orishas came together to form the seven African powers which include  . 

The Orishas are groups of deities in the Yoruba culture of West Africa that originated from their primary creator Olodumare (God), and act as his emissaries. These divine beings are not just present in the Yoruba religion but also very present in Santeria, Hoodoo, and Diloggun divination practices. Orishas act as demigods who rule over the forces of nature and control the activities of Humanity. They play a crucial role in running religious rituals and ceremonies.

Here is a List of the Orishas and their Powers

Aganju: Shooting Fire

Aganju was a warrior king in his time in Shaki, which is in the present-day Oyo State of Nigeria. In the Yoruba traditional worship, he is identified with a sword and fights by shooting fire, which is different from Shango’s thunderstorm and lightning. To some, he is Shango’s father while other people consider him as Shango’s brother.

Beyond the Yoruba land, Aganju is respected in Umbanda, Candomble, Santeria, Haitian Vodou, and Folk Catholicism, where the deity is associated with volcanoes, especially in Cuba-styled Orisha worship.

Eshu Elegbara: The Divine Trickster 

Eshu, also known as Elegua or Legba, is a messenger between different worlds and the guardian of crossroads. He serves as a guide for spirits and protects travelers, both living and dead. Among the seven African powers, Eshu holds great importance as almost everyone relies on him.

All prayers must go through Eshu before reaching other Orishas, making him an intermediary between these deities and humans. People often offer tobacco, rum, candy, toys, and spicy foods as favorites to honor this deity.

Ogun: God of Iron

Ogun is the god of iron, war, and metal. He oversees metalwork and alchemy and is considered the owner of technology. Eshu Elegbara opens the road, and Ogun clears it with his machete. Ogun is linked to the colors green, red, white, black, and blue. His favorite offerings include cigars, rum, wine, red palm oil, candles, metal, tools, chains, weapons, red beans, and spicy foods.

Obatala: The King of Peace

This Orisha is considered the father of the Orishas. Obatala is associated with wisdom, purity, and justice. His powers include healing and the ability to bring clarity to situations.

Yemaya: Mother of All

Yemaya is a water goddess who watches over the oceans. She is often shown as a mermaid. Besides being the ruler of the ocean, Yemaya is also the mother figure in people’s lives, known as the Mother of All. She is the sister of Oshun, the river goddess. Adorned in seven skirts of blue and white, Yemaya is associated with the sea and motherhood. Her powers include fertility, nurturing, and the ability to provide emotional support.

Oshun: The Goddess of Rivers

Oshun is the goddess of rivers, especially linked to the Niger River which is considered as its lifeblood. Her name, derived from ‘Orisun,’ signifies the source of the Niger River. She holds a special place as Shango’s favorite wife. Oshun’s influence over West African rivers solidifies her importance among the Orishas, ensuring clean water and abundant fish.

She is associated with fertility and she shares similarities with Dionysus, the Greek goddess of wine and fertility. Oshun’s connection to marine affairs extends to rejuvenating the human mind. In America, she is recognized as the ‘Orisha of Love.’

Shango: God of Thunder

Shango is the most popular and powerful among the seven Orishas. He is the god of lightning, thunder, fire, drums, and dance. Shango is a warrior deity known for his quick wits and temper. He is also married to Obba and has relationships with Oya and Oshun.

Oya: The Goddess of Weather

Oya is the ruler of the whirlwind and the gates of the cemetery as well as the goddess of winds, storms, and transformation. Oya is said to possess powers that control the winds, as well as the ability to bring about change and transition.

Obaluaye: The Master of Healing

Obaluaye, also known as Babalú Aye, is the Orisha of healing and miracles. Both revered and feared, Obaluaye is well respected by the followers, and he is said to curse you as quickly as he can heal you. Obaluaye is said to be connected to rituals that promote the cure for illnesses. His healing powers range from epidemics to skin diseases and inflammations. This healing power is said to be catered more toward people closer to death.

Oshun: The Goddess of Love

The Oshun is the goddess of love, fertility, and prosperity. She is also associated with beauty and sensuality.

Orunmila: Oracle of Wisdom

Orunmila is the orisha of wisdom, divination, and destiny. Orunmila is consulted for guidance and insight into the future. His powers include the ability to reveal the future and guide individuals on their life path.

Who is the Most Powerful Orisha?
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Who is the Most Powerful Orisha?

Shango is believed to be the most powerful orisha and is often symbolized by a double-headed axe. As the god of thunder, he controls lightning, thunder, fire, drums, and dance. He’s a warrior Orisha who once took the form of the supreme king of Oyó on earth. His quick temper is compared to the speed of lightning or a raging fire. He shares a strong bond with Elegba.

He is married to Obba but has connections with Oya and Oshun. Shango loves the pleasures of life like dancing, drumming, women, singing, and eating. His children are skilled in divination. People in the religion show respect by rising on their toes when mentioning his name. Shango’s colors are red and white, and he’s associated with the numbers four and six.

Who is the Most beautiful Orisha?

Oshun is said to be the most beautiful Orisha. She is the goddess of love, fertility, and prosperity. She’s the youngest among the female orishas but holds the title of Iyalode, meaning a great queen. She has healing powers.

She is the femme fatale of the Irish. The Oshun has once saved the world by seducing and luring Ogún out of the forests. Also, she turned into a vulture in another form called Ibú Ikolé and brought rain during a drought. Ikolé means Messenger of the House of Olodumare.

People who want to become priests, no matter their main orisha, must go to the river and explain their intentions to the Oshun. She identifies with the colors yellow and gold, and her number is five. Peacocks and vultures often represent her.

Who is Regarded as the Main Orisha God?

The Obatala is regarded as the main Orisha. He is regarded as the gracious Father of all Orishas and humanity. He owns all heads and minds. While Olorun created the universe, Obatalá made the world and humans. He represents everything pure, wise, peaceful, and compassionate.

Even though he is gentle, he also has a strong side to make sure justice is done in the world. His main color is white, but it can have red, purple, or other colors to show different aspects of him. White is fitting for Obatalá because it includes all colors but is above them. Obatalá is unique as the only orisha with both male and female parts.

What does it mean when an Orisha Chooses You?

When an Orisha chooses you, it means you’re meant for a special purpose on earth and you will need divine help and guidance from the Orishas and your ancestors. Orishas are divine beings sent to Earth to assist humans in fulfilling themselves; therefore, when an Orisha contacts you, it indicates you have an important role to play during your time on Earth and may need spiritual guidance.

How to Know When Orisha Chooses You?

You might feel Orisha has chosen you if you notice meaningful signs, like vivid dreams or visions, synchronicities, physical sensations, and emotional responses. It could involve symbols or an experience of a deep pull toward spiritual practices linked to that Orisha. Furthermore, talking to knowledgeable people or using divination can also provide insights into when an Orisha chooses you.

Do Orishas have Specific Days of the Week they Rule or Dominate?

Yes, different Orishas have different days of the week they dominate in the Yoruba religion. Each Orisha is associated with a specific day of the week. For example, Yemoja is often connected with Saturday, while Ogun is linked to Tuesday. Specific days have a particular mood to them, and this influences how people reach out. These associations may vary among different practitioners and traditions within the Yoruba culture.

FAQs on Orishas and their Powers.

Which of The Orisha is the Most Powerful?

The most powerful Orisha is the Shango.

Who is the most feared Orisha?

Shango is also viewed as the most feared among the Orishas.

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