Don Cheto Net Worth

Don Cheto’s net worth is $6 million as of 2024. He made his money majorly from his career as a radio and television show host and singing.

Don Cheto is a fictional Mexican-American television host, singer, and radio personality portrayed by a famous Mexican Television personality, Juan Razo. Don Cheto made his first appearance in 2005 and has since then warmed his way into the hearts of many television and radio fans. Read on for a detailed breakdown of his net worth.

What is Don Cheto’s Net Worth?

His net worth is estimated to be about $6 Million. Portrayed by famous Radio content creator Juan Carlos Razo, Don Cheto is a popular fictional personality in Mexican pop culture, and part of his net worth comes from his songs, radio appearances, and hosting several television shows.

Don Cheto’s Net Worth Growth

Don Cheto’s net worth in 2017 $3, 5000, 000
Don Cheto’s net worth in 2018 $4, 000, 000
Don Cheto’s net worth in 2019 $4, 300, 000
Don Cheto’s net worth in 2020 $5, 000, 000
Don Cheto’s net worth in 2021 $5, 300, 000
Don Cheto’s net worth in 2022 $6, 000, 000
Don Cheto’s net worth in 2023 $6, 000, 000

How does Don Cheto Make his Money?

Most of Juan Razo’s net worth is from the money he makes from singing and hosting radio and television shows via his fictional persona, Don Cheto. Initially, Juan Razo, AKA Don Cheto, started off his career as an intern at La Que Bueno.

However, he only hit the spotlight several years later after he started playing Don Cheto. According to Juan, Don Cheto was based on a man he knew in La Sauceda, and since it premiered in 2005, Juan has remained the host of the comic show with over 130 episodes.

Some of His Net Worth Sources Include

  • Radio shows
  • Singing

Radio Shows: Don Cheto Hosts El Show de Don Cheto

Don Cheto is the host of El Show de Don Cheto (The Don Cheto Show). The hour-long Spanish variety show is broadcast on Channel 62 in Los Angeles and on similar stations owned by Lieberman Broadcasting Inc.

The show features a live band, girls dancing in sexy outfits, a little person, and several fun games like football and name-that-tune.

As to how much he earns from being a radio content creator, Don Cheto has left specific details of his salary away from the public.

However, we gathered that he signed a major deal with Liberman Broadcasting Inc. in 2011. The contract said to last for five years, is worth 3.5 Million dollars, and states that he is to continue hosting the El Show de Don Cheto on Radio.

Don Cheto has Numerous Songs to His Name

Juan Razo started singing right from his childhood years. However, it was not until the early 2000s that he officially launched his singing career. Presently, Don Cheto has released about five albums and seven singles. He reached the peak of his singing career in 2012 when he released a video parody of Ganga Style.

The video, which he entitled Ganga Style, featured some popular media personalities like the late Latin Grammy nominee Jenni Rivera and Latin Grammy winner Ana Barbara. It quickly became a fan favorite upon its release and has reached over 57 impressive views on YouTube.

Over the years, Don Cheto has received several awards and nominations, including Emmy, the Grammys, and Billboard Charts in honor of his very entertaining songs. Some of Razo’s most popular singles and albums include:

  • Hablando Por Lo Claro (2003)
  • Piporreando (2004)
  • El Gran Show De Don Cheto y Sus Amigos (2007)
  • El Hombre Del Vozarron/El Chancho Frijolero (2005)
  • Vamos Pa’l Rancho (2003)
  • Muchos Mas: Linea De Oro (2007)
  • Ganga Style (2012)
  • El Muy Con Amandititita (2012)
  • El Tatuado (2013)
  • Pa’l Norte featuring Calle 13 (2007)
  • La Crisis (2010)
  • Estoy Enamorada Con Yolanda Perez (2004)

Don Cheto Television Shows

Although he is mostly known on radio, Don Cheto has also made significant appearances on TV. The El Show De Don Cheto was launched in 2007. It currently airs on reruns on Channel 62 in Los Angeles and Channel 61 in Houston on Estrella TV.

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