Brandi Carlile Net Worth

Brandi Carlile’s net worth is estimated at $20 million as of 2024. She was able to gross such a whopping amount from her career as a musician, songwriter, record producer, and author.

Brandi Carlile’s music genres have captivated the public and gained her fame. She has built her net worth through her years of being active in the music industry. However, her net worth is expected to increase since she is still singing and engaged in other money-making endeavors.

Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth Profile Summary

Net Worth: $20 million
Name: Brandi Carlile
Monthly Income: $24,000+
Date of Birth: June 1, 1981
Age: 43 years old as of 2024.
Gender: Female
Height: 5 feet 6 inches
Profession: Musician, songwriter, record producer, and author
Nationality: American

How Much is Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth?

Brandi Carlile’s net worth is estimated at $20 million. Meanwhile, various online sources have reported her net worth to be lower than this. The songwriter accrued her net worth primarily from her music career by going on tours, selling albums, digital streamings, and more. Meanwhile, she also has other sources through which she earns, such as brand endorsements, businesses, books, and more.

She started doing music when she was younger and began singing on stage at eight years old. At 15 years old, she began writing songs and later started performing with an Elvis impersonator as a backup singer when she turned 16. When she turned 17, she ditched school to pursue her music career properly. She began her music career in 2004 as a trio with the twin brothers, Phil and Tim Hanseroth, under Columbia Records.

Brandi has worked under three record labels and produced about thirty-one singles, three demo albums, fifteen extended plays, seven studio albums, one compilation album, and one live album. She is considered one of the most sought-after artists in America at the moment.

Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth Increases Through Her Music Career

Through her music career, Brandi Carlile’s net worth has increased extensively over the years. She gained popularity with her second album, The Story, which was released in 2007 and reached No. 5 on the iTunes Music Store’s most-purchased list. It also reached No. 10 on the US Rock Albums chart and No. 41 on the Billboard 200.

She also released many other albums that earned her honors, including By the Way I Forgive You, In These Silent Days, While I’m Livin‘, and more. The songwriter has also collaborated with several other artists to release hit songs that have added to her net worth. Some of these artists include Leslie Jordan, Dave Matthews Band, Candi Carpenter, Brandy Clark, and more.

How Much Does Brandi Carlile Make Per Show?

Brandi Carlile makes about $300,000 to $499,000 for her performances, increasing her net worth. The songwriter has been able to capture the love of her fans through her unique and superb songs. This has further caused a large turnout at her concerts.

Brandi created her music festival, Girls Just Wanna Weekend, in 2018 at Puerto Aventuras on the Riviera Maya in Mexico. This had a large turnout, and many female artists, like Patty Griffin, Maren Morris, Indigo Girls, and more, were in attendance. In the past years, the songwriter has toured many cities and countries, like the United States, Mexico, Canada, and more. With the success of her concerts, shows, and tours, she has been able to amass a substantial amount.

Online and Digital Streams

Brandi Carlile’s net worth also accrues from her online and digital streams. The songwriter has left an indelible mark in the hearts of fans, who often go to various platforms where her songs are available to stream. Some platforms where her songs are streamed include SoundCloud, Tidal, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and more.


The songwriter’s songs are streamed on the SoundCloud platform, where she has over seven thousand followers. Brandi Carlile has about 158 tracks on the platform and has a good number of listeners on all of them. Though she has yet to reveal the amount of money she has earned from the songs, she is sure to bag a good sum.


Brandi Carlile’s songs are streamed on Tidal, which helps bring her fans closer to her. The number of listeners she has on the platform has yet to be discovered, but with her unique songs, it is believed there would be a large number of listeners. Tidal pays its users about $0.0125 to $0.015 per stream, and Brandi Carlile’s net worth is sure to rise through the platform.


The songwriter joined YouTube in 2007 and has amassed over 300k followers so far. Brandi Carlile’s music videos and other videos about her are available on the platform, which has earned her many views of over a million. Since the platform pays about $.01 to $.03 per view for each content, the singer’s net worth is believed to have increased over the years.


Brandi Carlile’s net worth has increased with the royalty earned from Spotify. The singer has over four million monthly listeners on the platform, which has contributed to his net worth growth. As much as she has yet to reveal what she has earned so far from the platform, it pays $0.003 to $0.005 for every stream, and with its large number of listeners, he will get a considerable amount.

Other Hustles Through Which Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth Accrues

Brandi Carlile is a businesswoman who has put her resources to good use. Together with her wife and friends, she launched a wine brand in 2019 known as XOBC Cellars. Though the Washington D.C.-based wine brand was launched with the notion of giving back to the less privileged, the songwriter still earns from it.

Brandi Carlile’s rise to fame has given her much influence in the public eye. Based on this, she has been a part of many business endorsements, though she has chosen not to disclose any of them.

Apart from these, the songwriter also speaks at events, but the events she has rendered her voice at so far are not known. Meanwhile, she reportedly earns about $200,000 and above for speaking at each event. She is also an author, and she is credited with a memoir titled Broken Horses, released in 2021. The book received positive reviews from critics and has recorded massive sales so far through the different online book platforms where they are available.

Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth Growth

Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth in 2023 $20 Million
Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth in 2022 $19.3 Million
Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth in 2021 $17.4 Million
Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth in 2020 $15.5 Million
Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth in 2019 $13.5 Million
Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth in 2018 $11.6 Million


What is Brandi Carlile’s Net Worth?

Brandi Carlile’s net worth is estimated at $20 million, which she was able to accrue majorly from her music career by going on tours, selling albums, digital streams. She also has other sources through which she earns such as brand endorsements, books, businesses, public speaking, and more.

Where Does Brandi Carlile Live?

Brandi Carlile lives in Maple Valley, Washington, in the United States, with her wife, Catherine Shepherd, and two daughters.

How many Grammys Does Brandi Carlile Have?

As of 2023, Brandi Carlile has received nine Grammy awards out of 27 nominations.


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