Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson’s net worth is $8 million as of 2024. He is an American television personality, businessman, and professional duck hunter who made his money primarily from these multi-faceted professions.

Jase was born to the founder of Duck Commander company, Phil, and his wife, Marsha Robertson, in Bernice, Louisiana, on August 16, 1969. The multi-million-dollar company that makes duck calls now sells more than 600,000 duck calls a year, and the family is estimated to be worth as much as $45 million

How Much Is Jase Robertson Worth?

Jase Robertson’s net worth is $8 million in 2024. He earned his fortune through diverse careers starting off as a professional duck hunter, a reality television star, and also a business executive with the Duck Commander company. As an executive, he runs the company alongside his three brothers Alan, Willie, and Jeptha Robertson, and their father, Phil Robertson.

Compared to his brothers, Jase is not the richest person in their family. This title goes to Willie Jess Robertson, who has a net worth of $40 million. Next in line is their father, Phil Alexander Robertson, who is worth $10 million, followed by our subject, Jase Robertson, with $8 million, and then Alan Robertson, who is worth $3 million.

How Much was Jase Robertson Paid on Duck Dynasty?

There is no clear statement on how much Jase Robertson is paid on Duck Dynasty. However, considering his impressive net worth, it is safe to assume that the reality star gets to take a sizable sum from his family-owned business. Besides featuring on his family’s television show, Jase also makes some cool cash through other means. Here are some of Jase Robertson’s sources of income.

Duck Hunter

Before his days as a television star, Jase Robertson was a very skilled duck hunter. During his teen years, he developed an interest in the family business and started most of his time in the woods and with his father to master the art of duck hunting.

Shortly after graduating from high school and Bible college, he fully joined the family business as the company’s first paid employee. Now in the business, Jase was able to fully explore his love for hunting along with his younger brother, and by the early 2000s, he had already become a professional hunter.

The Duck Dynasty Show

Jase Robertson makes most of his money from being a major cast member on the popular A&E reality television show Duck Dynasty.

Although it was not clear how much the Duck Dynasty cast was paid at the beginning of this all-time favorite show, the fortune soon smiled on them in 2014 after they received a major salary bump up to $200,000 per episode just before the fourth season. With such a massive income to be shared between 4 adults and 11 kids, it must have been good news for Jase at the time.

According to Forbes Magazine, Duck Dynasty has presently generated an impressive $400 million in merchandise sales. As expected, this must have immensely boosted the cast’s net worth, including Jase, who appeared in all 130 episodes of the show.

Besides featuring on his family’s reality show, Jase has also made several appearances on other television shows and movies, including Fox and Friends (2012), Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Larry Now, Celebrity Page, The Doctors, Going Si-ral, Jep and Jessica, and Into the Woods With Phil.

Executive of Duck Commander

Duck Commander is a business that focuses mainly on duck hunting machines and duck calls. Although it was originally founded by Phil Robertson, the patriarchal businessman has ensured to leave enough room for members of his family. Thus, Jase and all three of his brothers, alongside their wives, are presently active members of the family business.

Jase Robertson is currently the Chief Operating Officer of Duck Commander, and as a major stakeholder in the multi-million dollar company, he probably earns enough salary and wages.

Jase and His Wife Missy Robertson Own a Historic Estate House in Louisiana

Jase Robertson and his wife, Missy Robertson, own a historic estate house in Monroe, Louisiana. The couple purchased the edifice in the year 2017 and it sits on 11 acres of land. Missy came across the house when she was searching for a wedding venue for her friend, and the moment she showed it to her husband, they decided to buy it, calling it love at first sight.

Today, the historic house, which was first built in the year 1847, has been fully restored. Fans of the couple can now rent the property for weddings, parties, and other events. The property also offers bed and breakfast services and merchandise sales, among others. During the renovations, Missy tried so much to retain the historic features of the house. According to her, she spent their first eight months as the property owners, walking around the rooms and trying to decide how best to renovate the edifice without altering its antique features.

Today, the renovated estate house located at 1463 Logtown Loop Road Monroe, LA 71202, boasts of 10-foot dining table constructed with the ceiling of the old barn. A parlour is attached to the kitchen area, several rooms, each with its own bathroom, as well as a spacious, brick-lined front porch overlooking the estate and a smaller back porch that leads down a walkway to a guest cottage.

Jase Robertson Net Worth

Jase Robertson’s Logtown Estate is for Commercial Use

As a commercial property, the Logtown estate also adds to Jase Robertson’s net worth. And it is understandably so seeing the effort Missy put into renovating the property to have commercial appeal. The least cost room (bed and breakfast service) in the historic estate house named Camelia Room rents for $250 a night. The cottage (Magnolia Cottage) rents for $425 a night, while to rent the entire house (and the cottage), which can contain as many as 25 people, will cost $1250 for two nights.

As a wedding venue of choice, Jase Robertson and his wife also make money renting their real estate to couples who want to take their marital vows in a serene place like Logtown estate. It costs between $1,100 to as much as $5,500 to rent the estate for a wedding ceremony. The disparity in price is because the Robertsons have a tiered price model used to determine how much a couple will have to pay to have their wedding on their property.

Summarily, aside from the commercial value of their real estate, Jase and Missy also offer merchandise for sale on the property. They include things like cozy cedar, amber coffee, blueberry jam candles, bottle openers, waffle blankets, market bags, herringbone throws, etc. Prices for these merchandise start from as little as $4.99 and each item has a unique story behind it.

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