Meet Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Siblings

Patrick Schwarzenegger has four siblings; two older sisters named Katherine Eunice and Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger, a younger brother named Christopher Sargent Shriver Schwarzenegger, and a half-brother named Joseph Baena from his father’s extra-marital affair with Mildred Patricia Baena.

There are very few families in the United States that possess the level of celebrity clout and influence that undoubtedly follows the Schwarzenegger name. That attention is all thanks to the patriarch of the family, Arnold, who is a well-recognized face and player in several spheres of society, particularly in entertainment and politics.

Patrick’s father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the poster boy of several action films, including the very popular The Terminator film series. He was also a major political juggernaut in California, where he served as governor for seven years. Patrick’s mother, Maria, also adds to his family’s pedigree as she is a renowned journalist and author as well as the niece of former United States of America President John F. Kennedy. She was still married to Arnold during his 7-year stint as the governor of California, which meant that she was the First Lady at the time.

This article, however, focuses on Patrick Schwarzenegger’s siblings – the offspring that came out of the union of Patrick’s parents and also one that came from his father’s extramarital indiscretion.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Has Three Siblings From His Parents’ Marriage

Patrick Schwarzenegger’s parents, Arnold and Maria, were married from 1986 to 2011. During their time as a married couple, they had four children, daughters Katherine and Christina, who were then followed by two sons, one of whom is Patrick. The other son is a young fella named Christopher.

Patrick’s mother filed for a divorce in 2011, and the reason for her decision to end a then 25-year-old marriage will be made quite clear in a little while. First of all, though, let’s meet Patrick Schwarzenegger’s siblings from his parent’s marriage.

1. Katherine Schwarzenegger

  • Date of Birth: December 13, 1989
  • Age: 34 years old
  • Relationship: Sister
  • Occupation: Author

Katherine Schwarzenegger was born Katherine Eunice Schwarzenegger on December 13, 1989, in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her birth sign is Sagittarius, and she has a complex ancestry that includes Czech, German, Austrian, and Irish. Katherine Schwarzenegger is the first child of actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his ex-wife, Maria Shriver.

In addition to being the first child of the former celebrity couple, Katherine is also the oldest sibling of our primary subject, Patrick Schwarzenegger. She is just about 3 months shy of being 4 years older than Patrick, who was born in September 1993. Aside from Patrick, Katherine has two other younger siblings and a younger half-brother from her father’s side.

Patrick and his older sister had a very good relationship while growing up, and they have maintained that relationship as adults. They both speak highly of each other and compliment each other’s efforts. Katherine has a degree in communications from USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. There isn’t much information with regards to where she got her high school diploma from, but one would assume that she got it from a reputable, most likely exclusive high school because of her celebrity status.

Katherine Schwarzenegger could have had her pick of careers after mostly growing up under the influence of two prominent choices. Her father was a respected and influential figure in Hollywood as an actor and a producer, while her mom was a talented author and journalist. Patrick’s oldest sibling could also have had a career in politics owing to the fact that both her parents were politicians, and her dad even served as governor of California for 7 years.

With all these choices before her, Katherine chose to explore her latent artistic abilities, albeit as a writer, as opposed to acting like her father and later her younger brother Patrick. As an author, Katherine Schwarzenegger has published a number of books, two of which could be classified as best sellers, titled Rock What You’ve Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who’s Been There and Back and I Just Graduated … Now What?: Honest Answers From Those Who Have Been There respectively.

The first book was published in 2010 and describes her experiences with body shaming as a young high school student. It also talks about how she found confidence by engaging in Yoga and other exercise routines. She wrote the book to strengthen other women’s confidence in their bodies.

She dropped the second book mentioned in this article in 2014. The book essentially drew from her own experiences as a fresh graduate alongside those of other successful people. The goal was to guide young people down the right path after graduation. Aside from her two most popular books, Katherine also published a children’s book titled Maverick and Me in 2017.

Katherine Schwarzenegger added the last name Pratt to hers in 2019. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because it belongs to Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt. Katherine probably felt that since she couldn’t become an actor, she would marry one instead.

She and Chris started dating in June 2018. They announced their engagement on January 13, 2019, and were married soon after, on June 8, 2019, around a year after they began dating. They have two daughters, Lyla and Eloise, although Chris has a son, Jack, from his previous marriage to Anna Faris.

2. Christina Schwarzenegger

  • Date of Birth: July 23, 1991
  • Age: 32 years old
  • Relationship: Sister
  • Occupation: Producer

Christina Schwarzenegger was born Christina Maria Aurelia Schwarzenegger on July 23, 1991. Her birth sign is Leo, and the 32 year-old celebrity daughter is the second oldest child of former California governor and Hollywood icon Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She was conceived and born during her father’s first marriage to her mother Maria Shriver. Christina’s mother is an American author and journalist who also served as the first lady during her ex-husband’s seven-year tenure as California’s governor. She is also the niece of America’s 35th president, John F. Kennedy.

By inference, Christina is Patrick Schwarzenegger’s immediate older sister. Other than Patrick, though, she has an older sister named Katherine, a younger brother named Christopher, and another younger half-brother named Joseph Baenna.

Although we would have to go back in time to observe the nature of Patrick’s relationship with his immediate older sister, one would assume that it was as normal as any sibling relationship anywhere else. As adults, Patrick and Christina are quite close, and as you progress in your reading, you will see just how much.

In 2013, Christina Schwarzenegger graduated from Georgetown University, Washington D.C. Coincidentally or by design, that was her mother Maria’s alma mater. Before she went to the University, not much is known about her years in high school except for the fact that she struggled with drug/substance abuse as a result of the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Narcolepsy she currently lives with.

With her older sister essentially toeing the same path as their mother, Christina decided she was going to go into the filmmaking business like her father. She is a budding producer, but her first work in the business, however, was done in collaboration with her mom. The work in question was the 2018 Netflix documentary titled Take Your Pills. The documentary essentially showcases Christina’s struggles with Adderall, a drug basically created to help with her condition, and how she won those struggles after more than six months of dedication and discipline.

As previously mentioned, Christina and Patrick had a fairly solid relationship that at one time led to Christina dating the brother of Patrick’s former girlfriend, Miley Cyrus. Although there is nothing that suggests that Christina and the guy who goes by the name Braison Cyrus are still together, they reportedly met for the first time at Miley’s 22nd birthday party in November 2014.

Christina was 23 years old at the time, three years older than Braison, and their relationship had begun in December 2014, about one month after Miley and her brother Patrick had begun their own romance. The timeline of the relationship was not really established but one sure thing is that Miley and Patrick are no longer together, and neither is her brother and Christina.

We are also aware of the fact that, as of the time of writing this piece, Christina Schwarzenegger is not married and is not dating anybody either. Of course, that particular aspect of her life is likely to change overnight, and we will keep an eye out for if/when it happens.

3. Christopher Schwarzenegger

  • Date of Birth: September 27, 1997
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Relationship: Brother

Christopher Schwarzenegger is the youngest child of the marriage between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. He was born on September 27, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. His birth sign is Libra, and he is Patrick Schwarzenegger’s immediate younger brother. Again, there isn’t much to know about the kind of relationship the brothers, who are four years apart, had as kids. Suffice it to say that it’s looking much better as adults.

Christopher Schwarzenegger is 26 years old and spent the better part of his formative years in Los Angeles. Christopher struggled with excess weight as a high school student but later shed the excess weight as time went by. His formal education involved him getting a high school diploma from Brentwood School, East Campus, in 2016. Afterward, he proceeded to acquire a college degree from the University of Michigan.

In spite of the wealth of options available to Christopher career-wise, it appears he has chosen to live a life away from the glitz and glamor of the spotlight that his entire family has become accustomed to. It doesn’t, however, mean that his family thinks less of him for that choice. Their support for his choices has been tremendous, with his father leading the way with a glowing tribute on the occasion of his graduation from college.

Arnold’s words essentially conveyed how much he loves Christopher and how proud of him he was. He also went ahead to extol some of his values which include compassion, hard work, vision, critical thinking, and selflessness, amongst others. It would not be a guess too far off the mark to assume that other members of the Schwarzenegger-Kennedy clan think so as well.

Much like every other aspect of his life, Christopher Schwarzenegger has not disclosed much when it comes to his romantic relationships. We can say for sure that he is not married because not even he can keep the media from covering a Schwarzenegger-Kennedy family wedding. There is no way to tell if he is in a romantic relationship at the moment due to his secretive lifestyle.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Has a Younger Half-brother

As mentioned earlier, Patrick’s father was involved in some extra-marital indiscretions that ultimately ended his marriage in 2011. The indiscretion in question involved a certain housemaid and eventually led to the birth of a son and a half-brother for Patrick and his other siblings just a few months after Christopher was born.

Joseph Baena

  • Date of Birth: October 2, 1997
  • Age: 26 years old
  • Relationship: Half-brother
  • Occupation: Author, Realtor, Bodybuilder

Joseph Baena is Patrick Schwarzenegger’s youngest sibling. He was born just five days after Christopher on October 2, 1997. To clear up any confusion this piece of information might cause, it is important to note that Joseph Baena’s birth came as a result of Patrick’s father’s betrayal of his marriage vows.

This betrayal happened when Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to have an extra-marital affair with Mildred Patricia Baena. Mildred was the housekeeper of the Schwarzenegger family.

Joseph only became aware that Arnold was his father when he was a little more than eight years old. His relationship with Patrick is normal, and he also grew up with his half-siblings in Los Angeles, California. Joseph Baena reportedly attended Frontier High School before going on to attend Pepperdine University.

The 26-year-old is now an actor, but aside from that, he is also a realtor, entrepreneur, TV personality, and social media influencer. In addition to all the aforementioned, Joseph Baena is a bodybuilder like his father and has been spotted replicating some of his father’s iconic poses.

Joseph Baena is not married, but he is currently in a relationship with Nicki Dodaj, a woman he met during his years in college. Before Nicki, he reportedly dated Savannah Wix, a model from 2017-2019.

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