What Happened to Kortney and Dave, Are They Back Together?

Stars of the hit HGTV home renovation reality TV series, Masters of Flip, Kortney and Dave Wilson divorced in December 2019. Despite remaining in close contact with each other, they are not back together as a couple.

Fans became accustomed to having the former married couple grace their TV screens for the best part of four years from May 2015 to May 2019 after the series wrapped for the fifth and final season. Following their divorce and the end of the series though, fans thought they had seen the last of the former couple together but they have worked on a couple of other TV shows, and have remained friends.

Kortney And Dave Remain On Good Terms Despite Divorce

In December 2019, just as Masters of Flip was wrapping up the fifth season of the HGTV series, Kortney and Dave took to their Instagram to inform their fans and the general public that they were calling time on their nearly two-decade-long marriage.

While fans of the home renovation series were still at a loss about what their divorce meant for the popular series, HGTV released a statement to allay the fears of the public in that regard. According to the network’s statement, which expressed support for the couple’s decision in matters related to their family, the former couple would remain a staple presence in the network.

In 2020, Masters of Flip was renamed Making It Home with Kortney and Dave and premiered in the same year. As promised by HGTV, Kortney and Dave returned to the show focused on the couple flipping houses and turning a tidy profit while at it.

However, when the show was renewed for a second season, HGTV announced that the show had been renamed Making It Home with Kortney and Kenny, a name change that indicated that Dave Wilson had left the show and was being replaced by Kenny Brain.

Neither of the parties involved offered up any explanation for Dave’s inexplicable decision to leave the show, and for a while, fans speculated that the awkwardness of being a divorced couple may have taken its toll on Kortney and Dave, prompting the latter to move on to other endeavors.

However, several events in the succeeding years have made nonsense of those speculations as Kortney and Dave have remained good friends and excellent co-parents to their three children. Kortney took to her Instagram page to celebrate Dave on the occasion of his 50th birthday celebration. She summarily wished him all the love and happiness in the world.

Kortney And Dave Were Married For 14 Years

Born Kortney Galerno on February 8, 1979, in Windsor, Ontario, the reality TV star who has both Canadian and American citizenship spent her formative years in Sudbury, Ontario, and then in Ayr, Ontario, before moving to Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 18. She has yet to look back on that decision, and for good reason too.

On the other hand, Dave Wilson was born on January 26, 1971, in Ottawa, Canada. He also grew up there before moving to London to pursue a dream in the music industry. In his attempts to actualize that dream, he joined a country music band.

In 2000, Dave Wilson traveled to Nashville, TN, in the United States on a songwriting trip, and as fate would have it, his search for musical inspiration brought him in contact with Kortney, the woman he would spend the next best part of two decades with.

Their first meeting was possible because of a mutual friend who introduced them to each other. They began dating the following year and Dave must have seen the potential for a long-term relationship with his now ex-wife because he called his band in London to inform them that he would not be returning to the English capital.

We have yet to establish the finer details of the former married couple’s relationship and eventual wedding ceremony but we can confirm that Kortney and Dave Wilson dated for about four years before exchanging marital vows in front of their friends and family members in 2005, in Nashville, Tennesse.

They Were Struggling Musicians

Before becoming the real estate gurus we see today, Kortney and Dave Wilson, at one point in their professional lives, harbored strong dreams of making it in the music industry. Kortney’s efforts saw her release two singles in 2001 with Lyric Street Records. One of those singles, Unbroken by You, reached the top 50 list the same year it was released.

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After she met and started dating Dave, they remained in Nashville to make music together. Their concerted efforts brought a lucrative deal as the Wilsons with Open Road Recordings, and they worked together on several music videos, including Mine All Mine, Stick Together, and All Mine.

However, the challenges they experienced in the music industry while building a family forced them into the career change that has reaped such wealthy dividends for them in the last 10 or more years.

Kortney And Dave Has Worked Together On More Than One Reality TV Series

For several fans of the former couple, Kortney and Dave would almost always be primarily associated with Masters of Flip, the HGTV reality TV series which premiered in May 2015, and featured the former couple in their roles as real estate strategists who flipped old houses for a tidy profit.

Before their 4-year stint on the show, however, the former Canadian-American couple had already made their bow in reality television with the show Meet The Wilsons (2009). It was a show that chronicled their struggles with raising a family and trying to have successful musical careers.

They also worked together on more than a couple of other shows, including The Wilsons: Flip Out (2011), Music City Fix (2018), and Making It Home with Kortney and Dave (2020). All the shows they worked on together were similar to each other in the sense that they delved into their brief stint as musicians, challenging but rewarding lives as parents, and ultimately their thriving business as real estate house flippers.

The Couple Never Revealed The Reason For Their Divorce

Out of the blue, Kortney and Dave Wilson released an Instagram statement in December 2019 which expressed their intent to end their 14-year marriage, and 18-year association as a couple.

What that statement lacked was why the couple had decided to go to that extreme measure to end their marriage. More than three years on from the release of that statement, we are no closer to finding out the primary reason for the former couple’s divorce.

One thing that is undisputed about their relationship though is that there is no animosity surrounding the break up of their union as a married couple and that they remain committed and connected as friends, as well as for the sake of their children.

Kortney And Dave Wilson Are Parents To Three Children

As previously stated, Kortney and Dave Wilson are primarily connected by the three children they had together during their time as a married couple. The former couple is parents to sons Jett and Sully Wilson, and also to an adopted daughter who they named Lennox Wilson.

Significantly, they adopted their daughter a few months after the birth of their second son Sully. Not much is known about the children but in October 2021, Scoop Nashville reported that the Wilsons’ then-17-year-old son, Jett, had filed for emancipation to pursue his career as a day trader. The report also stated that he was aided in the filing by his father.

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