Who Is Divinity Maxwell, Fetty Wap’s Sister?

Divinity Maxwell is the sister of Fetty Wap, the famous American rapper and singer who is popular for his debut 2015 single titled Trap Queen

Maxwell has been very protective of her brother Fetty Wap, which was what got her to make headlines in the media, and ever since she came to the limelight, many have been curious to know more about her. Read on to get more details about Fetty Wap’s sister, Divinity Maxwell.

Summary of Divinity Maxwell’s Bio

  • Full name: Divinity Maxwell
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: African–American
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Siblings: Willie Junior Maxwell (Fetty Wap) and Rob McCoy Maxwell
  • Famous for: Being Fetty Wap’s sister
  • Divinity Maxwell’s Instagram: @divinitymaxwell
  • Twitter: @_Divinitym

Divinity Maxwell is a New Jersey Native

Divinity Maxwell is a native of New Jersey and was born to her parents in the United States of America. Her exact date of birth is not known as the celebrity sibling lives a private life and has not disclosed much about her personal life. She is of African-American ethnicity and is an American by nationality.

Divinity Maxwell

There is no information on Divinity’s parents, such as their names, occupation, or religion. However, Divinity is not an only child as she has siblings whom she grew up alongside, which include Willie Junior Maxwell (Fetty Wap), Yazzming Ingenious Lee, and Rob McCoy Maxwell.

Speaking on her educational background, Divinity Maxwell is well educated. The celebrity sibling finished her primary and high school education and also went ahead to graduate from Passaic County Institute. The qualifications and certificates she obtained during her education remain unknown to the public.

What Does Fetty Wap’s Sister Do For A Living?

Besides her being recognized as the sister of rapper Fetty Wap, Divinity Maxwell also has her profession, which people know her for. Divinity is a licensed Cosmetologist; that is to say, she is an expert in caring for people’s skin, nails (manicure and pedicure), and hair and also improving her customer’s facial appearance using make-up and beauty treatment. In all, she is more experienced as a hairstylist.

She owns a hair care company, and according to sources, she currently works with WoWigs Hair, a professional virgin hair company that has been providing service to customers for over 23 years. Divinity also goes further in her profession to provide home services to people and also works in her home too, providing services like cleaning nails, cutting hair, and styling the customer’s hair at her home too.

Most of Divinity’s works are seen on her Instagram page, where she usually posts photos of finished hairstyles, makeup, nails, and other services done by her.

Divinity Maxwell is a Mother of Four

Besides being a celebrity sibling and cosmetologist, Divinity Maxwell is also a wife and a mother. She is married to her longtime sweetheart, Quashaun Lloyd, who is also a native of Peterson, New Jersey.

There is no record of how the lovebirds met, how long they dated or when they got engaged, and the exact date they took their wedding vows. All those details are not available to the media and the public.

However, the beautiful Divinity Maxwell and her husband are happily married and blessed with four children, including twin girls. She often shares photos of her husband and children on her Instagram account, and from the captions, one can tell the family shares a close bond and that she and her husband are so much in love with each other.

Divinity Maxwell

Divinity Maxwell’s Brother is a Famous American Rapper And Singer

Willie Junior Maxwell III, popularly known by his stage name Fetty Wap is the younger brother of Divinity Maxwell. As many already know, Fetty Wap is a famous American rapper who gained fame after the release of his hit single Trap Queen, which reached number two on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

According to sources, Divinity’s brother, Fetty Wap, right from when he was still very young, always had a passion for rapping and singing music. He first started in the church choir as his grandfather had a church, and he would sing along with his mother, brother, and sister. This formed the foundation on which he began developing his rapping skills and went into music. Today, he is a recognized rapper and singer.

Some of his other popular songs are 679, in which he featured Remy Boyz, and My Way, which was remixed by Drake. He also has other songs to his credit, including Jimmy Choo, Like Star, Aye, and Fetty Wap, among many others.

Divinity’s brother, Fetty Wap, was born with glaucoma in both eyes. The doctors did their best to correct it but were unable to save his left eye and instead fitted him with an ocular prosthesis.

Divinity had a Feud With Fetty Wap’s Baby Mama

Divinity Maxwell has always played her role as a protective sister to Fetty Wap, especially when it comes to matters that arise between the rapper and his numerous baby mamas.  Fetty Wap, most times, has had nothing to say when being dragged on social media by his baby mamas. It is usually Divinity that goes all out to support and defend her beloved brother.

Like an incident that occurred back in 2015 when her brother Fetty Wap’s ex-girlfriend, Lezhae Zeona, openly accused him of spending money on his then-lover instead of focusing on the daughter they share named Zaviera Maxwell. This occurred after the rapper had purchased expensive accessories, including a new Benz car for his then-girlfriend, and then purchased a child walker that cost $100 for his daughter.

This got out on the media, and Fetty Wap was dragged by many. However, Divinity stepped in to defend her brother and went further to expose Lezhae for spending money meant for her daughter’s upkeep on unnecessary things like a new wardrobe. Also, Fetty Wap’s sister revealed that Lezhae was planning on getting an abortion when she conceived Fetty’s baby.

In her defense, Lezhae stated that she spent all the money given by Fetty for their daughter’s upkeep to buy new clothes and then shared a photo of their baby and her new attires.

Divinity Maxwell Has Another Brother Besides Fetty Wap

Divinity and her famous brother Fetty Wap (Willie Maxwell II) are not the only children of their parents. The mother of four has another brother named Rob McCoy Maxwell. Rob is an audio engineer, vocal producer, and arranger.

He is also a prolific singer, and he and his brother, Fetty Wap, have both collaborated on some songs. Rob McCoy, just like his sister, is in the limelight as a result of their relationship with their famous brother Willie Maxwell (Fetty Wap).

Music seems to be a family thing for the Maxwells, but it seems Divinity missed out on the genes. Divinity Maxwell is not a singer but rather a cosmetologist who has done quite well for herself.

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