Is Mark Lowry Gay and Is He Married?

Mark Lowry is not gay, he is also not married, nor is he engaged to anyone, male or female, at the moment. 

Mark Lowry is a prolific American singer known for his high-pitched voice and lively attitude. The singer, who is 66 years old, is yet to get married, which raised the curiosity of the public. This also sparked a heated debate about his sexual orientation, even though he has not been in a relationship with someone of the same sex. Everything there is to know about the singer’s marital life, sexual orientation, and past relationships have been revealed in this article.

What is Mark Lowry’s Sexuality?

Mark Lowry’s age and the fact that he is not married has brought about many speculations. This includes the fact that he might be gay and has chosen to remain mute rather than come out. The singer has not responded to the rumors and has maintained his choice of being single.

In addition to his gay rumors, his high-pitched voice and lively attitude have also fueled speculation that he is gay. The singer seems to give all his energy to his music career and has never reacted to these claims. He was once asked outrightly by a follower on social media if he was gay. He did not react to the question to either refute or accept the claims.

This succeeded in leaving part of the public convinced that he is gay, while others have remained skeptical following his activities in Christendom. Since Mark Lowry has not been spotted dating someone of the same sex, his sexuality remains straight. If the singer is gay, he might come out in the future to reveal so himself.

Does Mark Lowry Have a Wife?

As stated earlier, Mark Lowry does not have a wife. The 66 year-old singer has never been married in his lifetime and seems to maintain his stance about it. Many speculated that the singer might be married but decided to keep it a secret, but in 2009, he came out to clarify his marital status, stating that he is single.

This came after he was asked in an interview by if he was married. He replied, stating that he never did get married. Mark Lowry went further to state that the public has to live with the card that they were dealt. He continued that the Apostle Paul was right about his words and that there is something positive about being single.

Though Mark Lowry has not come out to state the reasons why he chose to be single, we hope that he does that soon. Meanwhile, with his reaction to marriage, it is inevitable that he has chosen to remain single and not have kids unless he comes out otherwise in the future. This notwithstanding, he loves kids and is often spotted with his siblings’ children on his social media handles.

Who is Mark Lowry Dating?

Mark Lowry is not dating anyone at the moment. However, he was revealed to have dated several women in the past but succeeded in keeping them away from the public. Meanwhile, in March 2015, the singer began to make headlines as he was allegedly linked to Chonda Pierce, a long-time friend, and co-comedian.

The news about the duo being in a relationship began to spread after Chonda Pierce uploaded a goofy picture of the two of them on her Twitter handle with the caption, first date in 35 years; my friend helped me to break the ice. In the caption, she asked her fans to guess who the handsome man was before revealing that it was Mark Lowry. This date came months after the comedian lost her husband, David Pierce, to a heart attack and major stroke.

Mark Lowry

Since Mark Lowry has been hell-bent on keeping his relationship away from the media, the public was quick to draw conclusions. But the duo seemed to be piquing the curiosity of the public as they were never in a relationship but were having fun. On April 12, 2015, Chonda revealed in an interview with the Quad City Times that dating a comic would not be a good idea, but rather, it would be spontaneous combustion.


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