Kate Chastain Net Worth and How Much She Made Per Episode of ‘Below Deck’

Kate Chastain is an American reality TV star and yacht stewardess who has a net worth of $300 thousand. As a senior crew member aboard the luxury yacht, she is believed to make about $10,000 to $20,000 per episode.

Kate Chastain is best known for her time as Chief Stew on Bravo’s super rate reality show, Below Deck. As a result of the years she spent working on the show that premiered in 2013, she was able to garner an estimated net worth of 300 thousand dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

The television personality kicked off her yachting career at the age of 24 and began with the position of laundry stewardess on the first yacht she worked on. Thanks to her dedication to work, it only took two years before she rose to the position of chief stewardess where she was primarily responsible for the interior of the ship and answerable to the captain.

Kate joined Below Deck in its second season but eventually left after the seventh season to focus on building a career for herself offshore having made it clear years before that she did not see herself working on a deck for a long time. In preparation for beginning a new chapter of her life, Kate relocated from Florida to New York City.

Breakdown Of Kate Chastain’s Net Worth

Kate Chastain’s net worth is reported to be about $300,000. While it is believed that she made most of her money during her time on the reality TV series Below Deck, it is also common knowledge that she has other sources of income. Details of this as well as how much she was paid for starring on Below Deck are below.

Earnings From Below Deck

Below Deck is one the most successful of its kind by Bravo. Chastain appeared in six out of the nine seasons of the show. As a senior crew member aboard the luxury yacht, she is believed to make about $10,000 to $20,000 per episode. If this is true then Chastain obviously earned a lot on the show while touring the world and enjoying an affluent life with the very rich. Her six seasons on the show translates to ninety-four episodes and if we put that in figures, it will be quite a lot of money. It means she probably made about $240,000 in each of the six seasons.

Besides the official fees crew members receive on the show, she did earn through tips too. Wealthy people are good at tipping because they always have that extra cash to spare and on luxury yachts, you have the super-wealthy. Chastain being a senior crew member and a stewardess, earned her a lot in tips. It was revealed that on a normal cruise, a steward can make about $5000 in tips for a week but this may not be the case for the celebrity crew as they have to sometimes move away from their clients for filming.

Why Kate Chastain Decided To Leave The Show

Chastain has been on the cast of Below Deck since 2014. She joined the show in its second season as Chief Stewardess and won the hearts of fans with her approach to duty and dry humor. She also built a good relationship with the yacht’s captain Lee Rosbach. Chastain has been working on yachts long before the show and this might be one of the reasons she was able to pull off her role easily and leave a lasting impression on both clients and fans.

The TV star is believed to have impacted the show greatly with her charisma and ability to stay calm even when the going got tough. She became very popular on the show and this earned her not only money but also celebrity status. She had little to no scandals and in reality, did her best to get along with fellow crew members.

Chastain, however, left the show after season seven which was her sixth season on the show. Her exit was not anticipated and came as a shock to the crew and audience. She announced via Bravo TV that she will not be available for subsequent seasons and took to social media to explain the situation to her more than 900,000 followers.

She explained that the decision was to allow her to try other ventures on land as she had spent most of her career years on the high seas. Another reason she provided was the need to be financially independent. Working on yachts means she gets paid by an employer and no matter how hard she tried, it will be difficult to have an alternative source of income because she would not have the time to be physically present to manage such a venture.

Kate Chastain Net Worth
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Her departure left a void in the show as she was one of the longest-serving crew members and had come to be seen as the face of the yacht. Captain Lee expressed how troubled he was on hearing about her exit. He had grown used to her and found her to be both reliable and dependable. She has, however, hinted that she could return to the yacht if the offer is good enough.

Kate Chastain is Also A Bestselling Writer and Podcaster

Chastain published a book titled Lucky Charming in 2016. The book chronicled the wonderful experiences she has had sailing the high seas aboard yachts. Many found the book to be inspirational and endeared them to her. The book eventually became an Amazon bestseller. That aside, Chastain ventured into podcasting after leaving Below Deck. Her podcast is known as After Deck. Here, she discusses new episodes of Below Deck after it has aired and she does this alongside a new guest in each episode of the podcast. Together with her guest, she discusses in detail the most recent hookups and blowups from the Bravo reality show. However, it is not known if the podcast is connected to Bravo TV and how much she makes from it. Meanwhile, she has also done voice work for Below Deck as a narrator.

Radio Hosting

In April 2020, a press release from SiriusXM revealed that Kate would be hosting a new limited-run show called Unapologetically Kate Chastain, on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM channel, Radio Andy (Ch. 102) beginning from April 14, 2020. On the show, which runs for one hour, the television personality shares her honest point of view on various topics, including social commentary, pop culture, and everything in between. On the show, Kate also takes calls from her listeners and allows them to talk about different topics “from current TV obsessions to travel, as well as other hilarious observations from Chastain’s daily life”, according to the press release.

Expressing excitement at the chance to be a part of SiriusXM’s Radio Andy family, Kate Chastain said she was thrilled, adding that it was not only an honor but also a major check off her “mental vision board bucket list” to join the lineup.

A Look At How Kate Spends Her Money

Kate Chastain has amassed a hefty sum for all her hard work and is quite generous in spending. She lives in a luxury home in New York with her dog. The mansion is so big that she has enough space to work from home. Her home office is exquisite with superb décor and opens onto a waterfront courtyard adorned with palm trees. The details on her cars and other investments are not available. She volunteers at Genesis House, a charity that helps to provide shelter for children and mothers. She runs Genesis Boutique and the proceeds go to the charity.

What is Kate Chastain’s Net Worth?

Kate Chastain reportedly has a net worth of about $300,000. It is believed that she made most of her money during her time on the reality TV series Below Deck, but she also has other sources of income.

What is Kate Chastain’s Age?

Kate Chastain is 41 years old. She was born on 2 January 1983 in Melbourne Beach, Florida, United States. 

Who is Kate Chastain’s Daughter?

There have been speculations that Kate has a daughter but so far, there’s been nothing to prove it. However, it is known that she has pets who she treats just like she would her children.

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