Is Alicia Witt Married? All About Her Love Life

American actress and singer Alicia Witt is currently not married. However, she was previously married to American film producer Nathan Foulger, and their union only lasted for three years. She was also reportedly previously married to Greg Watson before getting into a relationship with Ben Folds.

Witt appears to be very much happy in her current relationship with Ben Folds, an American singer and songwriter. Find out all about their life together as well as Witt’s relationship history.

Alicia Witt is Currently not Married

Alicia Witts’ marital status is single. However, she has been married twice in the past to two different men named Greg Watson and Nathan Foulger. Both marriages ended in a divorce. She is currently in a relationship with an American singer, songwriter, and producer named Ben Folds.

The couple has not made any marriage announcements yet but judging from how long they have been together and how much they seem to care about each other, they might be heading in that direction.

Alicia Witts’s First Love Interest was Peter Krause in the 90s

Is Alicia Witt Married? All About Her Love Life
Peter Krause and Alicia Witts

Alicia Witts did not get married to Peter Krause. She dated Peter for a long time, and the fans all believed that they would both end up getting married. Alicia and Peter started dating each other in the early 1990s.

While neither of them has given the exact details of the time they spent together, it is speculated that they dated from 1995-1999. Peter is said to have once confirmed his relationship with Alicia during an interview, but she has not spoken about it herself.

Peter Krause is currently married to another woman named Lauren Graham, whom he wedded in 2010. We could not confirm if Alicia Witts and Peter Krause are still in close contact with each other after they parted ways.

Peter Krause is a Seasoned Hollywood Actor, Director, and Producer

Peter Krause (born August 12, 1965) is a 58 years old American actor famous for having starred in many popular TV shows and movies back in the 90s like Beverly Hills 90210 and Sports Night (1998–2000), etc. His career has spanned 37 years now, and in these years, he has been able to win a couple of awards for his work, including a Screen Actors Guild Award in 2003.

Alicia Witts was Married to Nathan Foulger from 2003 to 2006

Alicia Witt’s last marriage was to Nathan Foulger, an American film producer. While some sources claim that the couple were only engaged and never ended up getting married, others reveal that they were married for three years.

Alicia and Nathan allegedly met each other in 1999. They instantly developed an attraction to each other and started dating. After dating for two years, they got engaged in 2001, and two years later, they wedded in a private wedding ceremony on July 7, 2003. Unfortunately, their union ended in divorce in 2006.

Ever since her divorce, Alicia has not gotten married again. While the two were together, it seemed at a time that things were perfect with them and their fans alike wished them to live happily forever. But that wish never came to materialize. The couple has chosen to not reveal the cause of their divorce and whether they had a messy divorce proceeding or came to part ways peacefully.

Nathan Foulger is a Movie Director and Producer

Nathan Foulger prefers to lead a private life away from the media. As such, we could not confirm details of his date of birth or where he grew up. However, we know a lot about his professional accomplishments. He is a movie director and producer.

As a director, he worked on a short project titled Girl’s Lunch in 2004. It was his first project, and it brought him to the limelight. The project starred his ex-wife Alicia Witts, Shanola Hampton, and Luann Aronson. He was also the producer of Girl’s Lunch and Belinda’s Swan Song in 2006. From his career as a director and producer, Nathan has accrued an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Alicia Witt was Rumored to Have Married Greg Watson in 2005

Alicia Witts is rumored to have married an investment banker named Greg Watson, though she has neither denied nor confirmed this. According to speculations, Greg was Alicia’s first boyfriend, and they got married in 2005, but there is no information available on how they met and how long they dated.

Similarly, the year of their marriage, which is given as 2005, also conflicts with the duration of her marriage with Nathan Foulger, seeing that we know she divorced him in 2006. Be that as it may, she is also not currently with Greg, and we could not confirm when Alicia and Greg divorced and what led to their divorce.

Alicia Witt is Believed to Have Had 2 Kids with Greg Watson

Alicia Witts is rumored to have had two kids, a boy named Luke Watson and a daughter named Emma Grace with Greg Watson. She has never confirmed this or revealed more details about the said children. Furthermore, she has not been seen attending any public events with the children. Meet Alicia Witt’s alleged children below.

Luke Watson is Alicia’s First Child

Luke Watson is the first son Alicia Witts had with her ex-husband Greg Watson. He was born on January 20, 2006, and is currently 18 years old. Given his age, Greg is still in school, but we could not find out the name of the school he attends.

Emma Grace Watson is Alicia’s Youngest Child

Emma Grace Watson was born in November 2008, twenty-one months after the birth of her brother. Like Luke, there is no verifiable information about Emma Grace’s life. Therefore, it is still not certain if Alicia had any kids with Greg Watson.

Alicia Witt’s Current Boyfriend is Ben Folds

Alicia Witt and Ben Folds
Alicia Witt and Ben Folds

Alicia Witt’s current boyfriend is Ben Folds, an American singer, songwriter, and producer. While neither has confirmed the relationship, it is alleged that they started dating in 2012, six years after her divorce from Nathan Foulger.

Ben Folds has a recording studio named RCA Studio A and has worked with several singers. In 2015, Alicia recorded her debut album ‘History’ at Ben’s studio. Ben also produced the album, and he additionally played some instruments for the songs in the album.

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