How Old Is Kay Flock? What is His Real Name and Nationality?

Kay Flock (real name: Kevin Perez; born April 20, 2003) is a 21 year-old American rapper whose vocal and writing skills thrust him into the spotlight in 2020. He is best known for the song “Not in the Mood,” on which he collaborated with musician Lil Tjay.

Flock, as of 2022, is facing first-degree murder charges for the murder of Oscar Hernandez. Find out all you need to know about Kay Flock in the next few minutes.

Kay Flock’s Bio

  • AGE: 21 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: April 20, 2003
  • BIRTHPLACE: The Bronx, New York, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Taurus
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed (Puerto Rico and Dominican)
  • HEIGHT IN INCHES: 5 feet 8 inches
  • WEIGHT IN KG: 55 kg
  • WEIGHT IN LBS: 121 lbs
  • HAIR COLOR: Black
  • EYE COLOR: Dark Brown
  • NET WORTH: Est. $1 million – $2 million

What is Kay Flock’s Age Now?

Kay Flock is 21 years old. The talented rapper was born on April 20, 2003, in the Bronx, New York, United States of America. Known by his stage name, Kay Flock, his real name is Kevin Perez, and he has a mixed ethnic background.

Several sources have revealed that Kay Flock comes from a mix of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. There isn’t much information that states explicitly how he came about his stage name.

Kay Flock’s Nationality

Despite his Puerto Rican and Dominican heritage, Kay Flock primarily identifies as an American citizen. He enjoys the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of one due to the fact that he was born in the United States and has spent all his life there.

As mentioned earlier, Kay Flock’s parents are from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, respectively, although we can’t yet tell which of them comes from where due to the fact that the rapper seldom talks about them.

On the very few occasions that he has talked about them, we have been able to deduce that his mother is a homemaker while his father worked as a laborer in a factory. Other than these well-established facts, there is little to no information on their identities (names and ages) or where they currently are at the moment. The rapper, during an interview, gave his mother a lot of the credit for his relatively successful musical career.

Where is Kay Flock From?

Kay Flock is from the Bronx, New York. We have it on good authority that the rapper spent his formative years on 187th St. in the Belmont section of the Bronx, a place he doesn’t think much of because of how dangerous it was and probably still is.

There have been speculations that his parents gave birth to two other children, a boy, and a girl. These speculations have been unverified, and while there might be some truth to it, we don’t know much about this brother or sister that Kay Flock might have had.

With further regard to members of Kay Flock’s family, some rumors suggested that he is the cousin of the late rapper DThang, Lil Durk’s brother, who was murdered in June 2021 outside a nightclub in Harvey, Chicago. On closer scrutiny, however, it has been made clear that Kay Flock is actually related to another Bronx rapper named DThang Gz. DThang Gz is Kay Flock’s paternal cousin, and the similarity in names stems from the fact that he was nicknamed, after the late rapper, by a friend.

Kay Flock Started Rapping at the Age of 17

While growing up, Kay Flock primarily had designs of the NBA, which pointed to the fact that he wanted to play basketball professionally. Dreams, however, sometimes change and his own did. A better way to understand why this change occurred would be to look at the people the rapper surrounded himself with at those early stages of his life.

Growing up, Kay Flock had a very close relationship with rappers B Lovee and Dougie B. At the time, those two had primarily been sold on pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. It didn’t take long for their influence to wear off on Kay Flock, who still hadn’t committed to the cause as of 2014.

Everything changed in 2015 when the then 12-year-old Kay Flock stood beside his friend Dougie B as he buried his father. The relationship between both rappers became solidified from that point on, and that relationship translated into something more. Soon, Kay Flock was on his way to being a recognized rapper.

Over the following years, Kay Flock improved his skills as a rapper, and just after his 17th birthday, in May 2020, he dropped his first single titled FTO. The reception the song got on the internet across several streaming platforms like Spotify and other similar platforms must have given Kay Flock the impression that he was on the right path. By the end of 2020, he had released two other singles with his friend B Lovee titled Opp Spotter and Speed Racing.

If 2020 was the rapper’s break-out year, 2021 was an even more fulfilling year as his debut mixtape, released on November 5, 2021, and titled D.O.A., rose to the number 1 spot on the Heatseekers Albums chart. 2021 was also the year Kay Flock signed a lucrative deal with Capitol Records shortly after his 18th birthday celebration.

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He has since earned numerous accolades for his exceptional skills as a rapper and a songwriter, including being named Billboard’s Hip Hop Rookie for November 2021. Kay Flock has worked with some well-known artists, such as his friends Dougie B and B Lovee, both of whom were featured in his Brotherly Love and Brotherly Love pt. 2 tracks. Cardi B is the most high-profile artist the rapper has worked with to date after she was featured in his 2022 single, Shake It.

The song also featured Dougie B and Bory300, and the verse performed by Cardi B replaced a verse that was initially performed by Yonkers rapper Mula Gzz. Suffice it to say that despite his legal troubles, referencing the first-degree murder charge he currently faces for the murder of Oscar Hernandez, Kay Flock has achieved a significant measure of success as a rapper. He has a net worth estimated to be around $1 million – $2 million. One of his most popular songs is Not in the Mood, which climbed to the height of number 61 on the Billboard Hot 100.

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