Is Fox News Gillian Turner Married Or Just Engaged?

Gillian Turner is married to Alex Kramer. The journalist confirmed this in an April 2019 Instagram post in which she described Alex as the world’s best husband. However, information about when or where they got remains a secret.

Gillian Turner is an American journalist and a former Vice President of the global strategy firm, Jones Group International. Since 2014, she has been serving as a news correspondent for the Washington-based FOX News Channel (FNC). In the course of her career, Gillian has also been active in the public sector, working with prominent US legislators and serving under two sitting presidents.

Born on the 6th day of September 1982, Turner is a native of Cape Town, South Africa. However, she spent the better part of her early life in New York, United States. Although she has become a prominent media personality, Turner is super secretive when it comes to her personal life and family. Because of this, several speculations have been made about her marital status with many wondering who’s her spouse.

Almost throughout her career journey, people haven’t taken a break from trying to figure out Turner’s love life. At some point, there was absolutely no credible report about the man in her life.

However, a breakthrough came in 2015 when she made a tweet that hinted at her love life. In the September 2015 tweet, Gillian Turner wrote about the American author, Elizabeth Gilbert, disclosing that her spouse is fond of Gilbert.

About a year later, in August 2016, Gillian made another tweet about her fiance kicking against her quest to adopt two Cocker Spaniels. Her fans took it upon themselves to investigate her activities online in a bid to figure out who the fiance is. Eventually, it was concluded that Alex Kramer is her man. 

Alex Kramer Is Gillian Turner’s Husband But Hardly Can Anyone Tell When They Got Married 

Although she was born in South Africa, Turner moved to the United States when she was very young. While in the United States, Gillian Turner completed her high school education in New York.

Afterwards, she proceeded to Columbia University, where she studied Comparative Politics and graduated with a Bachelors’s degree in 2005. Interestingly, Turner returned to her motherland to pursue an M.Sc at the University of Cape Town, South Africa; focusing on African Security Studies.

Like her, Alex Kramer is originally from South Africa as well. Nonetheless, it is not known if the two met in South Africa or the States. How they met, when they started dating, and other details surrounding the beginning of their relationship have never been shared with the public.

Similarly, it was not known for a long time if the two are official life partners. While it had been suggested in some quarters that the journalist was married to Alex Kramer; there were no pieces of evidence that supported that postulation apart from the fact that Gillian Turner referred to Alex as her fiance in a series of tweets over half a decade ago. 

Since Gillian’s social media posts continued to show that she was still together with Alex, one can see why it was concluded that they were married. But then, the fact of the matter was that the public didn’t know the status of their relationship other than what was apparent: the two got engaged.

Anyway, all of that changed as Gillian Turner ultimately confirmed they were married. 

The Journalist Confirmed She Was Married In April 2019

When she got engaged to Alex Kramer remains unknown but the first time she revealed they were engaged was in September 2015 when she tweeted about her fiance’s fondness for author Elizabeth Gilbert.

Over a year later, precisely on the 30th of December 2016, the journalist was seen wearing what looked like an engagement ring on her ring finger. Although people were not certain who her partner was at that point, there were reasons to believe it was Alex Kramer.

The two are living together, and there were pictures of both of them together littered all over Gillian Turner’s social media pages. 

The status of Gillian and Alex’s relationship remained unknown and a subject of speculation until the Fox News correspondent subtly confirmed that they are married. In a 14th of April 2019 Instagram post that had Turner celebrate Alex’s birthday, she described the man as the world’s best husband.

Even as the caption confirmed beyond every doubt that the two had been secretly married, it remains unknown when they tied the knot.

Judging by what the journalist shares online, there is no doubt that the couple has been having a happy marriage. They often embark on vacations to South African where they spend time with their relatives in the African country.

The two are yet to have kids, at least to the best of our knowledge. Nonetheless, they are parents to several dogs, including a Boston terrier and a Havanese. Gillian Turner regards herself as a “dog mother” and she calls her husband “dog dad”. 

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Meet Gillian Turner’s Husband Alex Kramer; What Does He Do for a Living?

Because of how Gillian Turner and Alex Kramer has kept their private life away from the public, people have made certain conclusions about them that are far from the truth. For instance, it has been reported in some quarters that her husband is an actor and producer known for projects like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999), The Path (2016), and Greyhound (2020).

But then, Alex Kramer the actor is a different person and not the man to whom Gillian is married. Gillian Turner’s husband as stated earlier is originally from South Africa. He schooled at Red & Yellow Creative School of Business from 1999 to 2001 and obtained a BA degree in Art Direction and Graphic Design.

From the same institution in Cape Town, South Africa, he went through a Graduated Diploma course in Digital Marketing and is currently pursuing a Masters’ degree in Product Design and Development Management.

Alex is a co-founder and board member of Strika Communications, a company that has co-produced shows with popular outlets like ESPN, Disney XD, and Nickelodeon. He currently serves Optoro, an information technology and services company based in Washington, District of Columbia, as its Vice President of Design.

It was in April 2017 that he joined the company as a Senior Director of Design. Before he joined Optoro, Alex Kramer served several other companies like Capital One, Porter Novelli, CapSpeciality, and PRMS in various capacities.

Who Has Gillian Turner Dated In The Past?

Like her husband, Gillian Turner has also had a fulfilling career. Fresh from graduate school, Turner landed a job with the Albright Group, LLC Department of Human Rights and Labor. After that, she went on to work in the Office of the Minority Leader of the US House of Representatives.

Her work there paved the way for more opportunities in the future. In the four years that followed, Gillian worked with the National Security Council (NSC) at the White House, a work that saw her work under two US Presidents – Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

It was in 2014 that Gillian Turner joined Fox News Channel, where she started working as a contributor for their Washington-based network. After three years of working in this capacity, she became a full-time correspondent. Since then, Turner has hosted several Fox programs including, Fox and Friends, Fox News Sunday, The Five, and of course, America’s News Room.

While details of her career journey are readily available for whoever cares for such information, the same can’t be said about her love life. She relentlessly kept that aspect of her life away from the public. As such, nothing is known about the people she dated in the past.


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