Gerard Pique Net Worth and All The Ways He Made All His Money

Gerard Pique’s current net worth is estimated at $80 million. His base salary was £10.5 million (£210,000 weekly) but he reportedly took about a 50% pay cut to help his club Barcelona survive the financial challenges it is facing.

You don’t have to be a fan of soccer to know a thing or two about Gerard Pique. The Spanish professional footballer is often counted as one of the best defenders of his generation; he has been playing as a center-back for Barcelona since 2008 and has for a very long time been in a relationship with the famous Colombian singer-songwriter, Shakira.

So from his career to his personal life, Pique is someone that piques the interest of many people. A product of the reputable Barcelona La Masia Academy, no one would disagree that Gerard is part of what is now regarded as the golden generation of Spanish football players. The 37 years old has been playing football all his life and it is only natural that it is what made him popular and is also the major source of the net worth he has accumulated.

Gerard Pique isn’t one of those footballers who came from a poor background, he was born into a financially well-off family. It is known that his mother, Montserrat, is a prominent medical doctor while his father Joan Pique is a successful businessman and attorney. Moreso, Gerard’s grandfather Amador Bernabeu was once the Vice President of FC Barcelona.

Without a doubt, all of these have contributed in some ways to Pique’s rise to stardom as a prominent footballer but it is his commitment to being a valuable defender that has kept him relevant all these years. It is also because of this that he commands a huge paycheck every week which has made him a multi-millionaire. As you would soon learn, the Barcelona star has other sources of income apart from his salaries from football.

Gerard Pique Has Been Playing Professional Football Since 2004 and It Is The Major Source of His $80 Million Net Worth

While it was in 1997 when Gerard was 10 years old that he began working towards having a career as a professional footballer with Barcelona’s youth team, he has been playing football since he was way younger. The defender had his first football injury when he was only two years old.

As the story goes, little Gerard was playing football at his grandparents’ home when he fell off a terrace. It was an incident that left him fighting for his life as he slipped into a coma that lasted for two days. This might have deterred someone who isn’t strong-willed from playing football after recovery but it wasn’t the case for Gerard. He continued playing football and was able to later go pro.

Joining Barcelona’s youth team in 1997, Gerard played as a defensive midfielder and central defender. He was one of the promising talents of Barcelona’s youth academy but he didn’t get to start his senior career with the side.

The defender joined Manchester United of the English Premier League in 2004 where he only made 12 appearances from the aforementioned year to 2008. He had a loan stint at Real Zaragoza from 2006 – 2007 before the senior team of his youth club came calling for him. It was sometime in May 2008 that Barcelona resigned Gerard Pique for £5 million.

Pique would go on to form a formidable defensive partnership with Barca’s icon, Carlos Puyol, helping the club to dominate the world of football alongside other players like Andres Iniesta, Xavi, and of course Lionel Messi. Over the years he has spent with the team, the defender has received a fair amount for what he brings to the table.

Before Barcelona ran itself into financial distress that saw it let go of its star player Lionel Messi, Gerard received £210,000 weekly, and his base salary was £10.5 million. He took about a 50% pay cut to help the club pay the salaries of other players. It is through the salaries he has received all through the years he has been a professional footballer that his wealth, estimated at $80 million, accrued.

The Barcelona Defender Makes At Least $3 Million Yearly From Endorsement Deals

The Spanish footballer has millions of fans and admirers scattered across the globe. What this means is that one can reach so many people in various countries of the world in a go. Popular brands understand this and have entered into partnership deals with the footballer to have him promote their products and services.

According to Forbes, his major sponsorship deal is the one he has with Nike and he makes as much as $3 million yearly from endorsements.

Gerard Pique Also Makes Good Money From His Investment Company, Kosmos Holding

It is also believed that the defender’s investment company has been a cash cow for him. Gerard Pique founded the holding and investment company based in Barcelona, Spain in 2017 with Mike Evans, Nullah Sarker, Edmund Chu, and Hiroshi Mikitani. He is the president of the company as of this writing and through the company, he has made significant investments and deals that would see his net worth shoot through the roof in years to come. He has purchased ownership of several football clubs and notably made a 25-year partnership deal with the International Tennis Federation.

He Owns Properties Worth At Least $23.2 Million (€20M) and Several Luxury Cars

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For a famous footballer who has built a family with someone who is arguably the most popular Colombian, singer Shakira, it is only natural to expect that Gerard Pique lives in a mansion. When the footballer and singer started living together, they first rented the home of the famous swimmer, David Meca, in Bellaterra. They would later purchase two houses in Esplugues for an undisclosed amount, merge it into one, and call it home. The couple lived there until 2015 when they purchased their mansion in Avenida Pearson, Barcelona for €5 million.

Sometime in April 2019, it was reported that the Barcelona defender forked out €15 million to acquire a residential property in Eixample Dreta, Barcelona. The building is a prominent one as it is located in a district often described as Barcelona’s equivalent of Mayfair in London.

Gerard Pique is generally prudent with money; he is known to reinvest most of his income. While he rarely indulges in a life of luxury, he lives very comfortably and has a thing for fast cars. His car collection is worth millions of dollars and includes rides like an Audi A7 Sportback, Audi Q7 2016, and Audi S5. You will also find Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 2014, Mercedes SLK, and Mercedes SL550 in his garage.

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