Emily Beth Stern – Inside the Life of Howard Stern’s Eldest Daughter

It’s one thing to be the daughter of a famed personality and another to be a celebrity in your own right. When you are the offspring of someone as beloved and acclaimed as Howard Stern, things are bound to be a lot easier. As sweet as that may seem, Emily Beth Stern has managed to forge a successful career for herself, outside her father’s A+ reputation.

Emily is not just a celebrity’s daughter; she is an actress, singer-songwriter, and photographer who rose to fame following her dedication towards her career. You might be wondering why the actress isn’t dwelling on her father’s glory, well, you will find out soon enough.

Relationship with Her Famous Father

Emily is the first of three daughters born to Howard Stern. She was born on the 7th of May 1983 in Old Westbury, Long Island, New York. She’s three years older than her sister Deborah and ten years older than Ashley who was born in 1993.

Emily with her parents
Emily with her parents: Image Source

Howard Stern married Emily’s mother, a former actress/psychoanalyst, named Alison Berns on the 4th of June 1978. The duo met during their college days at Boston University.

Emily Beth Stern Thinks Her Father Is a Narcissist

She had the typical upbringing of a celebrity child which is probably the genesis of her fall out with her father. Emily has grown to be an independent woman and usually has conflicting interests with Howard. According to the actress, her father constantly reminded her and her sisters that people were watching them. Although the radio personality has insisted he did this to protect his kids, Emily has upheld it as narcissism. She thinks her father is only interested in looking out for himself and only focused on his works.

There are reasons to believe that the relationship between Emily Beth Stern and her father deteriorated after he parted ways with her mother in 1999. The news of their separation came like a shock to their children, especially Emily who felt the divorce came out of nowhere. She would later express in an interview that the divorce and her father’s subsequent marriage to Beth Ostrosky in 2008, shattered her belief of being an icon to those who look up to her.

Nonetheless, she has been able to nurture a cordial relationship with both of her parents.

All The Ways Emily Beth Stern Makes Her Money

Emily Beth Stern works hard for every dime she earns, despite being the daughter of a super-popular celebrity. Her father is known for The Howard Stern Show. Besides his status as a radio personality, the shock-jock is also a producer, author, and TV personality. Left by her influential father to forge her path in the industry, Emily has been earning a living as an actress, professional photographer, and singer-songwriter with a published album.

She began her acting career after graduating from New York University’s Tish School of Arts where she studied theatre art. She made her acting debut in 2005 with Kabbalah, a play in the Jewish theatre, New York as Madonna. However, instead of setting her off on her quest to be an established actress, her part on the play went awry when the director leaked her nude video in an attempt to promote the production.

Her second play Earth Sucks (2008) did not share in the controversy of the first and it went a long way to help her career as an actress. Emily Beth Stern has since appeared in movies like The Elevator Game (2015) and Remember Me (2017). There is no doubt that acting has been a major source of income for her.

She Makes Money from Music and Photography

An impressive fact about Emily Beth Stern is that she is just as innovative, creative, and talented as her father. She is not just an actress but also a singer-songwriter. Her first studio album titled Birth Day was released on October 23, 2013. An album of 11 songs including “Given Love”, “Hear In The Heart”, “Zoo Za Zoo”, and “Love The Child Who Cries”, Birth Day was released by Tree of Light publishing records.

As a professional photographer, some of her works have been exhibited both publicly and privately. She held a photo exhibition titled Wells of Miriam which focused on the water retention landscape in Portugal at The Jewish Museum of New Jersey in 2016. While her father is worth a whopping $650 million, Emily Beth Stern has not disclosed her net worth and it is hard to tell what she earns from her various endeavors.

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