Bob Saget Children: How Many Kids Did the Comedian Have in His Lifetime?

Bob Saget was a father of three children; Aubrey Saget (born February 15, 1987), Lara Melanie Saget (born October 16, 1989), and Jenifer Belle Saget (born November 18, 1992). He had his kids with Sherri Kramer, his high school sweetheart and first wife, before their divorce in 1997.

The late Bob Saget was a well-known comedian and actor who became famous as Danny Tanner, a single father of three daughters in the 1987 NBC sitcom Full House. Saget left a legacy as one of the most talented comedians/actors of his generation. However, Bob himself was quick to highlight the fact that his greatest achievements were his real-life daughters.

Did Bob Saget Have Kids?

Yes, Bob Saget had three daughters with his first wife Sherri Kramer. Bob was easily recognized for his role as Danny Tanner on the NBC sitcom, Full House. The late comedian portrayed the role of a doting and charismatic father of three daughters in the show that ran from 1987 – 1995. Due to the popularity of the show, people sometimes forgot that Bob had three real-life daughters of his own.

It is important to note that Bob Saget was married to Kelly Rizzo, host of Eat, Travel Rock TV, at the time of his death. The marriage, Bob’s second, which was contracted in 2018, did not produce any children, but Bob was already a proud father of three amazing daughters by the time he met and married Rizzo.

Bob Saget Children

Those three daughters were the product of his marriage to Sherri Kramer, the late comedian’s first wife. Saget and Kramer met in high school when the late comedian/actor was only 17 years old. They got married in 1982, and the marriage produced 3 daughters, Aubrey Saget (born February 15, 1987), Lara Melanie Saget (October 16, 1989), and Jennifer Belle Saget (born November 18, 1992).

Bob and Sherri parted ways as a married couple five years after the birth of their last child together in 1997, but the late comedian maintained a steady, healthy, and loving relationship with his daughters till the day he died.

How Old are Bob Saget’s Children?

Aubrey Saget, Bob Saget’s first daughter, is 37 years old, while his second daughter, Lara Melanie Saget, is 34 years old. The youngest of the late comedian’s daughters, Jennifer Belle Saget, is 31 years old.

All three of Bob’s daughters are grown women now, with their individual pursuits at the moment, but just the late comedian’s eldest daughter was born when he took on his most iconic role as Danny Tanner on the set of Full House when the sitcom premiered in 1987. By the time the series wrapped up in 1995, Bob’s youngest was about 3 years old.

Meet Bob Saget’s Daughters

On-screen, Bob Saget’s character, Danny Tanner, also had three daughters, namely, Stephanie, DJ, and Michelle. Our focus, however, is on Aubrey, Lara Melanie, and Jennifer Belle, the three real-life daughters Bob Saget had with his first wife, Sherri Kramer.

Bob Saget Children

Aubrey Saget was Born in the Late 1980s

Aubrey Saget, Bob Saget’s first daughter with his first ex-wife, was born on February 15, 1987, in Brooklyn, New York, United States. She was born under the Zodiac sign of Aquarius and belongs to the white caucasian ethnic group. As previously stated, the late comedian’s oldest daughter is 37 years old.

Aubrey has lived almost all her life in her home city of Brooklyn, New York, where it is believed she also received her formal education. The exact details of her high school years are not concise, but reliable sources have proved that she has a Bachelor of fine arts degree from the University of New York.

Those same sources have also revealed that she graduated in 2009 and waited for another 7 years before deciding to return to her alma mater for her Master’s degree in fine arts in 2016.

Aubrey Saget is an Artist

Aubrey has always been interested in the fine arts, even as a youngster, and it’s no surprise that everything she has done up to this point in her life has been dedicated to the pursuit of that dream and vision.

Bob Saget Children

She is now a successful New York-based artist who has seen her exquisite craft displayed at a good number of popular New York galleries such as Off White Columns, 3walls, 80WSE Gallery, and Charles Moffet Gallery. Her talent was responsible for her being granted the New York University Steinhardt Masters in Fine Art Scholarship Award Grant in 2015.

Aubrey is Currently Single

Aubrey Saget is not yet married and is currently not in any relationship. In addition, the celebrity child does not reveal too much about her personal life, which has also led to the fact that we know virtually nothing about her dating history.

Bob Saget’s first daughter was only ten years old when his marriage to her mother, Sherri Kramer, ended in 1997. However, the end of that marriage did nothing to affect the relationship the late comedian had with his daughters. He was especially proud of Aubrey for her successful career as an artist and regularly referred to his daughters, Aubrey not excluded, as his biggest achievement.

Lara Melanie Saget is 34 Years Old

Bob Saget’s middle daughter, Lara Melanie Saget, was born on October 16, 1989, just over two years after the birth of her older sister, Aubrey. Unlike Aubrey, though, Lara Melanie was also born in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her birth sign is Libra. She is a white caucasian, 34 year-old adult female and is the second child Bob Saget had with his first ex-wife, Sherri Kramer.

Details of Lara Melanie’s high school education are not available at the moment, but several reports have revealed that she received a Bachelor’s degree in Art History and Visual Arts from Barnard College, Columbia University. She walked the same path as her older sister when she received a Master’s in fine arts degree from New York University in 2018.

Lara Melanie is also an Artist and a Yoga Instructor

Several people have assumed, erroneously, may we add, that Aubrey and Lara Melanie are twins, and it becomes easy to understand why when you consider the fact that both sisters, separated by just over two years of age, look very alike and are also on the same career path.

Much like her older sister, Lara Melanie Saget is also an accomplished artist who has gained a measurable amount of success doing what she has always loved to do, even as a child. Lara Melanie Saget has seen her work exhibited in several United States cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, amongst others. She has also gained a global audience after her work was displayed in cities like Venice, Italy; Paris, France; Pristina, Kosovo; and Maihar, India.

Aside from being an artist, Lara Melanie is also a Yoga instructor, that is according to her Instagram profile.

Lara Melanie is Also Currently Unmarried

Lara Melanie Saget is also not married and is currently not in any romantic relationship. She is also quite private about her personal life, and as such, not much is known about her past romantic dalliances.

Lara Melanie and her father had a very good relationship as Bob Saget always spoke of how highly intelligent, self-sufficient, and talented his daughters are and how proud of them he was. A look at his daughters Aubrey and Lara Melanie will prove just how right the late comedian was.

Jennifer Belle Saget was Born Five Years before Her Parents’ Divorce

Bob Saget Children

The youngest of the Bob Saget children was born on November 18, 1992. The 31 year-old celebrity kid is the third child Bob Saget had with his first ex-wife Sherri Kramer. Her birth sign is Scorpio, and she was only five years old when her parents divorced in 1997.

Jennifer Belle Saget has primarily lived her life away from the spotlight, but it is known that she also graduated from New York University with a Bachelor’s degree in an unidentified discipline. Similar to her sisters, Jennifer Belle is not married and is currently not in any romantic relationship.

Though not as popular as her two older sisters, Jennifer Belle nonetheless enjoyed a loving relationship with her late father, and he also spoke glowingly about her as a person.

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