Who Is TimTheTatman and What Do We Know About His Wife Alexis?

TimTheTatman is an American live streamer and YouTube star best known for his gameplay videos of Fortnite, Counter-Strike, and Call of Duty. He married his high school sweetheart, Alexis, in 2016, and they have a son named Brewer (born April 11, 2019).

In the world of Twitch streaming, you can’t count up to 10 broadcasters without naming  TimTheTatman – who has become a household name on the live streaming platform. While Twitch has become one of the most important platforms in the video game industry, Tim has become one of its faces for his counter-strike gameplays.

The streaming platform, which primarily focuses on video game live streaming was launched in June 2011 and Tim followed with a channel on the platform the following year. Since going live in 2012, TimTheTatman has hyped up viewers with his exciting and often over-to-the-top style in most of these games.

Over the years, he has become a trusted, exciting, and fun gaming celebrity to millions of gamers everywhere and gained a large following in turn. Tim fondly calls his fans, who are growing rapidly by the second, the Tatmanarmy.

Biography and Profile Summary

Net Worth:
$6.5 Million
Income Sources:</strongvideo game streaming career, sponsorship Ads, donations, endorsement deals, sale of his merch
Age/Date of Birth:
33 years old (April 8, 1990)
Not available

When and How Did TimTheTatman Begin As A Game Streamer?

Before we talk about when and how the avid gamer started his gaming career, let’s unveil who he is; his early life, education, and inspiration.

TimtheTatman is one of Twitch’s most subscribed and most-watched streamers with one of the highest numbers of followers in the gaming world. Born Timothy John Betar on the 8th of April 1990, he is a full-fledged member of the Aries team. He is heavily inked which could be the origin of his moniker, the Tatman.

Most of his tattoos he says are in reference to his Christian faith. Besides TimTheTatman, he also often refers to himself as “the fat man.” There are not many details on his early days and education. He sticks to his space – the world of Twitch where he does magic with the gamepad. He is also popular on his YouTube channel where he lets fans in on his life beyond gaming.

Much may not be known about his background but with a little digging here and there, we were able to come up with some facts about TimTheTatman. Tim once revealed that his growing-up days involved a lot of gaming and that gaming has always been a part of his life. Moreover, in his YouTube bio, he added that he has been playing video games since he was in the womb and his fans couldn’t agree any less.

A self-ascribed nerd, Tim considers himself to be living out a dream and couldn’t be prouder of it. Additionally, he loves sports and is an avid supporter of Syracuse University athletics. As earlier mentioned, Tatman brought his gaming skills to the world of Twitch in 2012. Before long, he garnered traction with his prowess in a variety of games.

The fat man’s favorite, however, is Overwatch, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and World of Warcraft. His entertaining prowess has garnered him a lot of subscribers. He expanded his gaming empire to YouTube with a channel he launched in 2013 wherein he posts some of his stream videos. Since then, he has been able to build an audience that’s willing to follow him from game to game.

His YouTube channel boasts over 1.78 million subscribers with over 223 million views. He has an additional 1.46 million followers on his Twitter account and over 3.2 million on Instagram. On Twitch, the self-ascribed nerd and full-time streamer boast over 4.1 million followers with more than 163 million views and an average of over 16,000 viewers.

TimTheTatman at a Glance

Timthetatman's fact card

Who Is TimTheTatman’s Wife Alexis?

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The American full-time variety Twitch streamer, TimtheTatman is not one to broadcast his personal life for all to see. He manages to strike a fair balance between his professional and personal affairs. However, prior to his singlehood coming to an end in 2016, he has dated a few beautiful women, one of whom was a lady named Hannah; they ended things in 2014.

While he met his current woman, Alexis in high school, the duo supposedly didn’t start dating until much later. After years of a successful relationship, Tatman asked Alexis to marry him in 2015. The following year, in August, they tied the knot in a small ceremony before family and close friends.

Shortly after their nuptials, Tim introduced his wife to his online gaming community via his channel. With the presence and popularity that he has within the community, many of his fans and followers sent their congratulations and best wishes. Nothing much is known about Alexis not that we know it all about the game man anyway.

The couple prefers to keep their private life out of the public eyes probably to avoid being mired in rumors and controversies. Nevertheless, typical of wives of game stars, Alexis often joins Tim in his streams and also appears on his YouTube videos. They welcomed their first child, a son named Brewer on April 11, 2019, who made his Twitch debut four days after his birth.

TimTheTatman’s Net Worth and How Much He Makes From His Gaming Career?

Online gaming has long evolved from just a means of catching fun to serious business with prominent players in the sphere earning up to 6 to 7 figures yearly from their uber-popular channels. TimTheTatman’s full-time streaming job says a lot about how much the platform pays.

Unlike YouTubers that earn mostly from ads, Twitch stars earn from their subscribers. While a YouTube subscription is totally free, a subscription costs $4.99 monthly on Twitch. Thus, the more subscribers one has, the richer one is. To put Tim’s earnings in view, he has over 4.1 million followers on Twitch.

Besides subscriptions, Twitch stars also earn from viewers’ donations and sponsorship deals. Tim is affiliated with such brands as Monster Energy, Razer, Cyber Power, and Japan’s Audio Technica. He also earns from merch sales. His net worth has been estimated to sit between $500,000 to $1 million.

Being one of Twitch’s biggest stars, he officially signed an exclusive deal with the gaming platform in December 2019, alongside DeLupo and Lirik. The deal is potentially worth millions and would certainly boost his worth.

Profile Summary
First Name:John
Last Name:Betar
Estimated Net Worth:
$6.5 Million
<strongSource of Wealth:</strongvideo game streaming career, sponsorship Ads, donations, endorsement deals, sale of his merch
Also Known As:
Twitch streamer, pro
Famous For:uploading his gameplay on Twitch
streaming platform
Colleges/Universities Attended:
Not available
Educational Qualifications:
Not available
Not available
Birthday & Zodiac
Age/Date of Birth:
33 years old (April 8, 1990)
Zodiac Sign:Aries
Birth Place:
United States
Country of Residence:
New York, United States
Physical Attributes
Not available
Not available
Eye Colour:
Hair Color:
Other Body Measurements:
Not available
Marital Status:
Alexis (m. 2016)
Family and Relatives
Not available
Mother:Not available
a son named Brewer
Siblings:Not available
Other Relatives:
Not available
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