What Happened to Paola Franchi and Where is She Now?

Paola Franchi’s life took a dramatic turn when her boyfriend, Maurizio Gucci, was tragically murdered in 1995. Following his death, Franchi’s life became a whirlwind of legal battles, personal struggles, and media attention. According to several sources, not much is known about Franchi’s current whereabouts, even though the prevalent speculation is that she still lives in Italy.

As the companion of the renowned Italian fashion mogul, Franchi was no stranger to a life of luxury and intrigue. Today, many are curious about the whereabouts of this enigmatic woman and how she has navigated the aftermath of such a high-profile relationship.

Who Is Paola Franchi?

Paola Franchi is an Italian interior designer, artist, author, and former model known for her relationship with Maurizio Gucci. She was born on November 17, 1953, in Milan, Lombardy, Italy. As of 2024, she is 70 years old.

In her early life, Paola Franchi grew up in Italy with her parents, whose identities are unknown, and it is unclear if she had any siblings. Not much is known about her family background or her upbringing.

Franchi pursued a formal education in the arts and attended the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera. This artistic background played a significant role in shaping her career as an interior designer and artist. Franchi has gained recognition throughout her career for her interior design work, showcasing her unique style and attention to detail.

She has also embraced her passion for art, producing various artistic pieces that have garnered attention and acclaim. Additionally, she has authored books that delve into her creative processes and design philosophy, as well as her 2010 autobiography L’amore Spezzato (The Broken Love), which details her relationship with the late Italian businessman Maurizio Gucci.

In 1983, Paola Franchi married copper industrialist Giorgio Colombo. They welcomed a son named Charly Colombo in 1995. Tragically, Charly took his own life at the age of 16 in 2001, leaving Franchi and her family devastated.

Paola Franchi And Maurizio Gucci Were Childhood Friends

Franchi’s relationship with Maurizio Gucci dates back to their childhood, as they were close friends. She even attended Gucci’s wedding to Patricia Reggiani in 1972. However, it wasn’t until 1990, when they unexpectedly crossed paths at a private club in Saint Moritz, that their romantic relationship began.

Franchi and Gucci became live-in partners, sharing a luxury apartment in Corso Venezia, Milan, for five years from 1990 to 1995. During this time, they reportedly planned to get married on Gucci’s St. Moritz estate in Switzerland after his divorce from Reggiani was finalized in 1994.

Paola Franchi
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However, Maurizio’s daughter, Allegra Gucci, disputes Franchi’s claim and maintains that her father never intended to marry the latter. The contentious nature of their relationship and the conflicting accounts highlight the complexities and uncertainties surrounding their personal lives.

Despite the challenges they faced, Paola Franchi and Maurizio Gucci shared a significant chapter in their lives, leaving a lasting impact on each other’s journey.

What Happened To Paola Franchi?

After Maurizio Gucci’s assassination by a hired hitman in 1995, Paola Franchi’s life took a dramatic turn. The day after the murder, Franchi received an eviction order from Maurizio’s ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani, to vacate the luxury apartment they had shared.

What made this even more shocking was that the order was written less than three hours after Maurizio’s death, suggesting a calculated move on Reggiani’s part. Franchi, devastated by the loss of her partner, had no choice but to move out.

To her dismay, Reggiani swiftly moved in with her two daughters, Alessandra and Allegra, and they occupied the apartment for the next two years until 1997, when Reggiani was arrested alongside four others in connection to the assassination.

This sudden change of living arrangements only added to Franchi’s grief and confusion. In the following years, legal proceedings took place to bring justice to Maurizio’s assassination. In 1998, Patrizia Reggiani was sentenced to 29 years in prison for arranging the killing.

Patricia Reggiani’s Jealousy Toward Paola Franchi Led To Maurizio Gucci’s Assassination

Prosecutors argued that Reggiani was motivated by jealousy and the desire to prevent Franchi from marrying Maurizio, as it would have significantly reduced Reggiani’s alimony payments.

Paola Franchi
Patricia Reggiani

The trial shed light on the complicated relationships and motives surrounding the case. It became apparent that Franchi had become a target due to her relationship with Maurizio and the perceived threat she posed to Reggiani’s financial stability.

The lengths Reggiani went to eliminate this perceived threat were shocking and led to her conviction. Franchi, on the other hand, had to navigate the aftermath of the tragedy while dealing with the loss of her partner and the upheaval in her life.

The eviction order and subsequent occupation of the apartment by Reggiani and her daughters added insult to injury. It was a difficult period for Franchi, who likely had to find a new place to live and rebuild her life after such a traumatic event.

The consequences of Maurizio Gucci’s assassination reverberated through the lives of those close to him. Franchi’s experience highlights the collateral damage caused by such a heinous crime.

While Reggiani faced legal consequences for her actions, Franchi had to face the emotional and practical aftermath of losing her partner and being abruptly forced out of their shared home.

Who Is Paola Franchi Dating Now?

Paola Franchi is not dating anyone and probably hasn’t since she lost Gucci in 1995. Few would argue that Paola Franchi’s personal life has been marked by significant loss and enduring grief.

Paola Franchi

After losing her boyfriend, Maurizio Gucci, in 1995, she hasn’t been publicly linked with anyone romantically. As indicated previously, she was married to copper industrialist Giorgio Colombo before her life-changing romantic dalliance with Gucci.

Not much is known about her relationship with Colombo, but they likely met in social circles or through mutual connections. They began dating and eventually tied the knot in 1983. However, their marriage faced challenges, leading to their divorce at some point. The specifics surrounding their separation and what led to the divorce remain private.

The tragic turn in Franchi’s life intensified with the devastating loss of her son, Charly Colombo, who tragically took his own life in 2001. The profound grief that followed was overwhelming, and she had to find a way to cope with the loss of her child.

Where Is Paola Franchi Now?

Paola Franchi’s current whereabouts are unknown. She hasn’t been in the public eye as much since the tragic events of 1995 and 2001. In the wake of these immense personal tragedies, particularly the 2001 tragedy that took the life of her son, Paola Franchi has shown remarkable resilience and dedication.

Her response to the loss of her son has been channeled into positive action. Franchi’s involvement in the “L’Amico Charly” charity is a testament to her strength and compassion. This charity, established in memory of her son, focuses on assisting troubled or suicidal teens, offering support and guidance to those who are going through similar struggles.

Paola Franchi

Her commitment to this cause showcases her enduring love for her son and her desire to prevent others from experiencing similar pain.

In the public eye, Franchi remains strong and resilient, channeling her tragedy into a force for good. Her efforts in supporting troubled teens through “L’Amico Charly” are a poignant tribute to her son’s memory, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and hope.


Who Is Paola Franchi?

Paola Franchi is an Italian interior designer, artist, author, and former model best known for her relationship with the late Mauricio Gucci.

How Old Is Paola Franchi?

Paola Franchi is 70 years old as of 2024. She was born on November 17, 1953, in Milan, Lombardy, Italy.

What Happened To Paola Franchi?

Paola Franchi was evicted from the apartment she shared with Mauricio Gucci just three hours after he was assassinated.

Is Paola Franchi In A Relationship or Married?

Paola Franchi is currently not in any relationship. However, she was married to copper industrialist Giorgio Colombo before her five-year relationship with Gucci.

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