What Happened to Artie Lange’s Nose?

Artie Lange’s nose is deformed due to snorting glass in place of oxytocin, several years of drug abuse, and a punch during a kidnapping attempt on him.

Artie Lange is a well-known comedian, seasonal actor, and TV personality who has been famous from the late 1990s to the late 2000s on the Howard Stern Show and other TV shows. The sudden changes in his nose stirred up a lot of attention, as people became very curious about the reason for those changes.

What Happened To Artie Lange’s Nose?

Artie Lange’s nose is currently deformed, as it has swollen above normal and is deflated at the same time. His nose was also broken and pushed inward as a result of a punch. 

At an earlier stage in 2016, when it was noticed that Artie Longe’s nose was swelling up, the comedian kept silent over the cause of the sudden reaction. However, he decided in 2019 to reveal the actual cause of his nose defect during an interview with Joe Rogan on his show, the Joe Rogan Experience.

The comedian stated that the actual reason for the swollen nose was his several years of drug addiction. He further confirmed that he has been addicted to drugs for over 30 years. Meanwhile, some reports alleged that, at first, Artie claimed the swollen nose resulted from a punch from a boxer. 

However, thanks to his statements during the interview with Joe Rogan, he clarified the cause of his swollen nose, ending the false claims and confusion about the cause of his deformed nose. Meanwhile, he revealed that his nasal septum began to collapse after he crushed and snorted a glass, ignorantly thinking that it was oxytocin.

Recall that Artie Lange was arrested three times in 2017 for possession of cocaine and heroin. He was first arrested in March in his parking garage in Hoboken for possession of cocaine and heroin. Two months later, he was seen driving recklessly out of McDonald’s parking lot in Bloomfield. Upon searching him and his car, the police discovered that he was carrying a bag of heroin and a straw on his lap.

In December of that same year, Artie was arrested for the third time as a result of his negligence in appearing before the court for a drug-related charge. He pleaded guilty to possession of drugs on these three different arrests, which landed him different court charges and rehabs.

Artie Lange Revealed His Nose Situation Was Worsened by a Punch During a Kidnap Attempt

Artie Lange, in an interview on one of the podcasts, Are We Still Talking About This? disclosed that the condition of his nose became worse when he got a punch from someone who attempted to kidnap him. 

Narrating the incident, Artie said that an African-American man attacked him when he was walking down to his truck, thinking he was rich because he saw him regularly on TV shows. Artie told his attacker that he didn’t have any money, which, in his opinion, was the reason he was punched. After about 10 minutes of being unconscious, he discovered that his nose had been broken and was in another shape.

Has Artie Lange Gotten His Nose Fixed?

No, Artie Lange has not fixed his nose. Although he disclosed in the podcast that he had two surgeries that were not successful, he did not specify if they were for his nose. 

One of the surgeries was an emergency heart surgery, which was caused by a hole in his nose that affected his heart. However, it looks like Artie is not interested in fixing his nose, even though plastic surgeon Paul Nassif, from the reality TV show Botched, revealed that he could repair it.

There are several reasons why Artie Lange decided not to fix his nose. One of them is that he will have to go through taking painkillers, which is not good for someone battling drug addiction. He is scared that the intake of painkillers can take him back to the use of drugs, thereby calling for more legal issues.

Secondly, it looks like Artie Lange left his nose for reasons not far from communicating the effect of drug abuse on young ones. He kept it as a physical reminder to himself and everyone else of how harmful drug abuse can be. He also told Joe Rogan that as long as he can breathe through the nose, he doesn’t need to rush towards having it fixed.

What Was Artie Lange’s Nose Like Before Drugs?

A look at the two pictures above will give you a total description of how Artie Lange’s nose was before and now. His nose before was perfectly shaped and was not swollen like it is now. Even though it has been said that there is no perfect nose, the comedian’s nose before was in perfect proportion to the rest of his face.

What is Artie Lange Doing Now?

Artie Lange has decided to stay out of the spotlight and pay more attention to getting clean from drugs. This was disclosed by his old-time friend Jimmy Palumbo, who revealed that he took this decision after the completion of his drug case in July 2023.

He specified that Artie Lange is not currently hosting any shows or making any public appearances, as he is more focused on his health right now, including his mental stability. Jimmy also assured all of Artie’s fans that the comedian would soon return with more vibes.


What Happened to Artie Lange’s Face?

Artie Lange’s face looks different from what it used to be due to his deformed nose, which was caused by excessive intake of illicit drugs, snorting a glass in place of oxytocin, and a punch from a kidnapper.

Did Artie Lange Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Artie Lange once disclosed during a podcast interview with Are We Still Talking About This? that he had undergone two different surgeries, which were not successful. However, the comedian didn’t specify the particular surgery in the podcast, making it difficult to determine if it was for his nose or any other sickness.

Does Artie Lange Have Diabetes?

Yes, it was reported that Artie Lange had long had diabetes. It was revealed that his show at Laugh It Up in New York was canceled because he was rushed to the hospital because of diabetes.


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