25 Fat Cartoon Characters We All Love To See

25 fat cartoon characters we all love to see include Mrs. Poppy Puff, Fairy Mary, Benjamin Clawhauser, Majin Buu, Maui, Doctor Eggman, and Baymax, among many others. These characters have portrayed humorous, oppositional, and educational roles that have got their viewers glued to their screens. They have also contributed to the successful childhoods of many individuals who have carried on with watching it in adulthood.

Since the inception of the carton, many races, body types, and shapes have been incorporated into making it a success. This brought about the 25 fat cartoon characters that have graced our screens so far.

Fat Female Cartoon Characters

1. Mrs. Poppy Puff

  • Cartoon: Spongebob Squarepants
  • Character: Mary Jo Catlett
  • Year: 1999 to date

In Spongebob Squarepants, Mrs. Poppy Puff is one of the main cast who is portrayed as a porcupinefish. She was Spongebob’s mistrustful boating school teacher and owner of the boating school. Her unique voice and unpredictable personality gained her recognition in the TV series. She made her first appearance on August 7, 1999, in the series season one episode titled Boating School.

Though Spongebob failed most of his tests, despite being a dedicated student, Mrs. Poppy Puff remains friendly and patient with him and all her students. Apart from being the owner of the town’s bating school, she was also known as Mr. Krab’s longtime girlfriend. She began dating Mr. Krabs after she lost her husband and has gone on several romantic dates and events with him. However, she later became famous for the wrong reasons, as she was often involved with the authority for one bad deed or another.

2. Fairy Mary 

  • Cartoon: Tinker Bell
  • Character: Jane Horrocks
  • Year: 2008 to 2015

25 Fat Cartoon Characters

Fairy Mary is the head of the Tinker series. She is a fast talker, and due to her teachable personality, she ensures that all fairies carry out their duties effectively. Fairy Mary has unique features and is well-built with green-brown eyes and brown hair, which is often tied in a bun. Though she loves to listen to stories, she often gets anxious and counts to ease herself.

The head of Tinker believed in the main cast, Tinkerbell, and wanted her to be the best that she could be. However, to her greatest disappointment, Tinkerbell did not have faith in herself and imitated others. Fairy Mary’s trust in Tinkerbell was restored when she improvised new tools in place of the damaged ones. Tinkerbell and Fairy Mary have gone on several adventures in which the latter made the former use her special talent to solve problems.

3. The Matchmaker

  • Cartoon: Mulan
  • Character: April Winchell
  • Year: 2020

The Matchmaker is one of the 25 fat cartoon characters that are cast in Mulan, whose job it is to assess and pair young ladies and men for marriage. Though she commanded respect and had lots of influence, she had a bad reputation for her ill-temper and imposing attitude, and this made it difficult for her to fit into society. However, she was considered a villain after she was asked to find a match for Mulan.

This was because she did not find Mulan’s physical appearance and boldness fit to be matched by anyone. On the other hand, she despised Mulan and considered her inappropriate for any man in front of a huge crowd. The Matchmaker was proved wrong after Mulan went to war on behalf of her people and won, thereby bringing honor to her family and all of China.

4. Mei Mei

  • Cartoon: Kung Fu Panda
  • Character: Kate Hudson
  • Year: 2016

25 Fat Cartoon Characters

In Kung Fu Panda, Mei Mei is a ribbon dancer from Panda Village who is good-natured but controlling, as she uses her ribbons on people to make it look like she is attractive to them. She uses this trick on the main character Po, but he is not comfortable with that; however, he turns her trick for good. He trained her and other pandas to be good fighters using their unique talents after they were threatened by the Kai clan.

Mei Mei was taught how to use the nunchuck to fight, use her ribbons to control her enemies, and use her skill to strike them. With this, she was able to help Po defeat the enemies that invaded their village. Though she flirted with Po and others, she later found love after she helped Hom-Lee fix his teeth. She is one of the 25 fat cartoon characters who has lots of talents and believes in her inner abilities.

5. Anabelle

  • Cartoon: Eek! The Cat
  • Characters: Tawny Kitaen and Karenn Haber
  • Year: 1992 to 1997

Annabelle, the character from Eek! The Cat is one of the 25 fat cartoon characters who is an endearing and comedic figure in this animated series created by Savage Steve Holland. Voiced by Tawny Kitaen and Karen Harber, Annabelle is a plump, pink cat with a sweet and gentle personality, serving as the love interest of the titular character, Eek.

Known for her round physique, distinctive appearance, and Southern accent, Annabelle, who made her debut appearance in the episode titled Catsanova, adds a unique charm to the show. She often finds herself in humorous situations, providing comic relief and contributing to the light-hearted tone of the series.

Annabelle’s relationship with Eek forms a central aspect of the show. Eek, a kind-hearted and optimistic purple cat, is often portrayed as an underdog facing various challenges. Annabelle’s character was used as a medium to show that size does not determine love, as Eek loved her for her size despite the public’s opinion. The creators use Annabelle’s appearance not as a source of ridicule but as a part of the overall comedic aesthetic of Eek! The Cat.

Fat Male Cartoon Characters

6. Benjamin Clawhauser 

  • Cartoon: Zootopia
  • Character: Nate Torrence
  • Year: 2016

Benjamin Clawhauser is a lovable and memorable character from the animated film Zootopia, produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. As the front desk receptionist at the Zootopia Police Department, Clawhauser is a rotund cheetah with a passion for pop culture and an endearing personality that stands out with his distinctive appearance. Despite being a large, overweight character, Clawhauser defies stereotypes, showcasing that appearances can be deceiving.

His design challenges preconceived notions about cheetahs, who are typically known for their speed and agility, as Clawhauser is portrayed as more of a gentle giant. Clawhauser’s love for the pop star Gazelle and his excitement about the various aspects of Zootopian culture make him relatable and endearing to audiences of all ages.

One of the notable aspects of Clawhauser’s character is his unwavering support for Officer Judy Hopps, the film’s protagonist. Despite facing prejudice and skepticism from other characters due to her small size and being the first rabbit police officer, Judy finds an ally in Clawhauser, who treats her with kindness and encouragement.

7. Majin Buu 

  • Cartoon: Dragon Ball
  • Characters: Kozo Shioya, Scott McNeil, and Josh Martin
  • Year: 1984 to 1995

Majin Buu, a prominent character in the Dragon Ball series created by Akira Toriyama, is a unique and iconic figure known for his distinctive appearance and unpredictable nature. First introduced in the manga as an antagonist, Buu undergoes various transformations, each with its own set of characteristics. Originally portrayed as a rotund, pink creature with an innocent-looking face, Majin Buu possesses an insatiable appetite for destruction and sweets.

His childlike demeanor and lack of a defined moral compass make him a fascinating and unpredictable character in the Dragon Ball narrative. Throughout the series, Buu undergoes several transformations, each altering his appearance and personality. The “Fat Buu” iteration, also known as “Innocent Buu” or “Good Buu,” emerges after absorbing the Grand Supreme Kai. This version of Buu is less malevolent and exhibits childlike behavior, enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

His appearance, characterized by a pudgy frame and a large head, contrasts with the menacing aura of his previous forms. Despite his seemingly harmless demeanor, Fat Buu possesses immense power, capable of rivaling some of the strongest characters in the Dragon Ball universe. His abilities include powerful energy attacks, the ability to heal others, and the capacity to manipulate his body shape at will.

8. Maui

  • Cartoon: Moana
  • Character: Dwayne Johnson
  • Year: 2016

Maui, a character from Disney’s animated film Moana, is a larger-than-life demigod with a distinctive appearance and a complex personality. Voiced by Dwayne Johnson, Maui is a central figure in Moana’s journey, providing a mix of humor, bravado, and vulnerability.

Physically, Maui is portrayed as a robust and muscular figure, reflecting his demigod status. However, what makes him stand out is his animated tattoos covering his body, which serve as both a visual representation of his deeds and a form of dynamic storytelling. These tattoos come to life, offering a glimpse into Maui’s past and his accomplishments. Despite his imposing physique, Maui’s character arc reveals layers of insecurity and a desire for validation.

The character’s emotional depth is explored as Moana gradually helps him rediscover his sense of self-worth beyond the accolades of mortals. This vulnerability adds a relatable human element to Maui, transcending his larger-than-life persona. Maui’s magical fishhook is a key element of his character, granting him the ability to shapeshift and control various elements.

9. Doctor Eggman

  • Cartoon: Sonic The Hedgehog
  • Character: Mike Pollock
  • Year: 1991

Doctor Ivo Robotnik, commonly known as Doctor Eggman in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, is a classic video game antagonist and one of the most iconic characters in the series. Created by Sega, Eggman is characterized by his rotund physique, bald head, and distinctive mustache, which give him a distinctive and somewhat comical appearance. Despite his menacing goals, Eggman is portrayed with a certain charm and comedic flair, making him a memorable and beloved character.

This juxtaposition of a seemingly bumbling, overweight scientist with a genius intellect creates a memorable and visually striking character. Eggman’s design features a round body, a red and yellow outfit, and a pair of red shoes. As Sonic’s arch-nemesis, Doctor Eggman is a brilliant but mad scientist with a penchant for world dominance. His primary goal is to conquer the world and establish his utopian regime, often utilizing robotic minions and advanced technology to achieve his ambitions.

Throughout the Sonic series, Eggman’s personality is characterized by arrogance, a short temper, and a sense of grandiosity. Despite his numerous failures, Eggman remains persistent in his pursuit of world dominance, contributing to the ongoing conflict with Sonic and his friends.

10. Baymax

  • Cartoon: Big Hero 6
  • Character: Scott Adsit
  • Year: 2014

Baymax, a key character in Disney’s animated film Big Hero 6, is an inflatable healthcare companion robot designed to provide medical care and support. Baymax, created by the protagonist Hiro Hamada’s older brother Tadashi, Baymax becomes a central figure in the film, known for his loveable personality and distinctive appearance.

Physically, Baymax is a large, white, inflatable robot with a non-threatening and huggable design, with its character defined by its caring and gentle nature. His simple and soft features are intentional, emphasizing his role as a caregiver rather than a traditional combat robot. Baymax’s design also aligns with the film’s themes of compassion and the potential for technology to enhance human well-being.

Its primary function is to diagnose and heal physical injuries or illnesses using a combination of advanced medical sensors and an inflatable healthcare suit. This inflatable suit allows him to adapt to various situations, making him a versatile and unique character in the realm of animated robots.

Fat Black Cartoon Characters

11. Muriel Bagge

  • Cartoon: Courage The Cowardly Dog
  • Character: Thea White
  • Year: 1999

Muriel Bagge, a character from the animated television series Courage the Cowardly Dog, is a warm-hearted, elderly woman. Along with her dog Courage, they face various supernatural challenges in the fictional town of Nowhere. Created by John R. Dilworth, Muriel, voiced by Thea White, is a key character known for her kindness, resilience, and distinctive personality.

Physically, she is portrayed as a heavyset, elderly woman with gray hair, glasses, and a traditional pink dress. Despite her seemingly frail appearance, Muriel possesses a strong will and unwavering optimism. Muriel’s defining trait is her genuine kindness and love for Courage, her anthropomorphic, timid dog. She often serves as a source of comfort and support for Courage, who frequently faces bizarre and frightening challenges.

Muriel’s catchphrase, “What a naughty dog!” shows her affectionate yet forgiving personality towards Courage, even in the condition of seemingly insurmountable odds. Muriel’s relationship with her husband, Eustace Bagge, is another dynamic explored in the show. While Eustace often exhibits grumpy and cantankerous behavior, Muriel’s patience and love highlight the resilience of their bond.

12. Uncle Ruckus

  • Cartoon: The Boondocks
  • Character: Gary Anthony Williams
  • Year: 2005

Uncle Ruckus is one of the 25 fat cartoon characters from the animated television series The Boondocks, created by Aaron McGruder and voiced by Gary Anthony Williams. He is a satirical and controversial figure known for his self-hating views and outrageous behavior. Uncle Ruckus plays a significant role in the show’s exploration of race, identity, and social commentary.

Portrayed as an overweight African-American man with a distinctive bald head and a perpetually scowling expression. The most notable aspect of Uncle Ruckus is his extreme self-loathing and internalized racism. He actively disassociates himself from his race, expressing admiration for white people and disdain for his community. This exaggerated self-hatred serves as a satirical commentary on internalized racism within the African-American community.

His interactions with other characters, particularly Huey and Riley Freeman, showcase the stark contrast between his views and the perspectives of the younger generation. Despite his controversial and inflammatory beliefs, Uncle Ruckus is portrayed as a complex character with moments of vulnerability and humanity. The show explores his background, providing insights into the factors that contribute to his distorted worldview.

13. Cobra Bubbles

  • Cartoon: Lilo & Stitch
  • Character: Ving Rhames
  • Year: 2002

Cobra Bubbles is one of the 25 fat cartoon characters that appeared in Lilo & Stitch. Voiced by Ving Rhames, Lilo & Stitch was created by Chris Sanders in 2002 under the Walt Disney Company. The character Cobra Bubbles, who made his first appearance in the episode Teacher’s Pet, is an undercover CIA agent who works as a social worker taking care of Lilo, who lost her parents in a car crash. He is a huge, muscular man with a deep voice who often wears dark shades.

Cobra Bubbles is a strong, calm, tough, temperamental, focused, and strict individual who shows gratitude to those who earn his respect. He once saved the earth from alien invasion by making them believe that mosquitoes were at risk of extinction and that the earth should be converted to wildlife. On the other hand, though he was hostile to Lilo, he never meant to hurt or scare her; all he wanted was to ensure that her older sister and legal guardian, Nani, could take care of her.

He has also saved her from various dangerous situations and ensured her safety. In the end, Lilo and Cobra Bubble get along so well that he attends one of her birthday parties and is seen in some of her pictures.

14. Chief Tui

  • Cartoon: Moana
  • Character: Temuera Morrison
  • Year: 2016

Chief Tui, a character in Disney’s animated film Moana, is a significant figure in the story, providing leadership to the people of the island of Motunui. Voiced by Temuera Morrison, Chief Tui is Moana’s father, who is depicted as a sturdy and authoritative figure with a robust build. His character design reflects his role as the leader of Motunui, and he is adorned in traditional islander clothing that adds to his regal appearance. Chief Tui is deeply connected to the traditions and customs of Motunui, serving as the guardian of his people’s way of life.

At the same time, he grapples with the internal conflict of allowing Moana, his daughter, to follow her adventurous spirit and explore the ocean. This conflict between preserving tradition and embracing change forms a central theme in the film. His protective instincts for Moana, combined with the weight of his leadership responsibilities, create a multidimensional portrayal. The relationship between Chief Tui and Moana is one of love and tension, showcasing the complexities of family dynamics.

15. Fat Albert 

  • Cartoon: Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids
  • Character: Bill Cosby
  • Year: 1972

Fat Albert, the central character in Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, is a beloved animated figure created by Bill Cosby. The character first appeared in Cosby’s stand-up comedy routines and later became the main character in an animated television series that aired from the 1970s to the 1980s.

Physically, Fat Albert is portrayed as a heavyset and good-natured teenager with a distinctive appearance, including a red pullover and a characteristic beanie. He is the leader of a group of friends known as the Cosby Kids, each representing various personalities and backgrounds. Fat Albert’s character is marked by his warmth, positivity, and desire to help others. He serves as a moral compass within the group, often providing guidance and encouragement to his friends.

His catchphrase, “Hey, hey, hey! It’s Fat Albert,” is iconic and reflects his friendly and approachable demeanor. The show often revolves around the gang’s everyday adventures, with Fat Albert playing a central role in resolving conflicts and imparting valuable life lessons.

Fat White Cartoon Characters

16. Doc 

  • Cartoon: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Character: Roy Atwell
  • Year: 1937

Doc, one of the seven dwarfs in Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, is a distinctive character known for his white beard, rotund physique, and endearing personality. Voiced by Roy Atwell, Doc is often recognized as the unofficial leader of the dwarfs despite his sometimes comical and bumbling nature. His distinguishing features include glasses perched on the tip of his nose, adding a touch of scholarly charm to his appearance.

Doc’s name is indicative of his presumed role as the most knowledgeable and sensible among the dwarfs. Despite his leadership role, Doc is often portrayed as unintentionally clumsy and forgetful, adding a lighthearted touch to the film. His interactions with the other dwarfs, particularly Grumpy, Dopey, and Sneezy, showcase a blend of paternal concern and humorous banter.

Doc’s role becomes pivotal when Snow White seeks refuge with the dwarfs after escaping the evil queen’s wicked plans. He is the first to welcome her into their home and takes on a protective and caring role towards her. Doc’s attempts to maintain order and keep the dwarfs on track, even in the face of their comedic misadventures, add heartwarming moments to the story.

17. Russell 

  • Cartoon: Up
  • Character: Jordan Nagai
  • Year: 2009

Russell, from the Pixar animated film Up, is a delightful and endearing character known for his warmth, enthusiasm, and the emblematic Wilderness Explorer uniform he proudly wears. Voiced by Jordan Nagai, Russell’s character adds heart and humor to the adventurous narrative. Physically, Russell is a young boy with a round face, glasses, and a charmingly pudgy appearance. The character design reflects Russell’s earnest nature and his dedication to the principles of the Wilderness Explorer scouting organization.

As a Junior Wilderness Explorer, he aspires to earn the final merit badge for assisting the elderly, leading him to embark on a grand adventure with Carl Fredricksen, the elderly protagonist of the film. His desire to assist the elderly stems from his yearning for a father figure and a need for validation. This vulnerability makes Russell a relatable and sympathetic character, endearing him to audiences of all ages. Russell’s innocent and heartwarming demeanor serves as a foil to Carl’s initially gruff exterior, creating a touching dynamic between the unlikely pair.

One of the defining aspects of Russell’s character is his backstory, which adds depth to his motivations. Russell’s interactions with the talking dog, Dug, and the exotic bird, Kevin, contribute to the film’s comedic elements. His wide-eyed wonder and genuine excitement in the face of the film’s fantastical elements add a sense of joy and levity to the overall narrative.

18. Peter Griffin

  • Cartoon: Family Guy
  • Character: Seth MacFarlane
  • Year: 1999

Peter Griffin, the central character in the animated television series Family Guy, is a boisterous and often outrageous character known for his distinctive personality, humorous antics, and the satirical nature of the show. Voiced by the show’s creator, Seth MacFarlane, Peter Griffin serves as the patriarch of the Griffin family.

Physically, Peter is portrayed as a heavyset, middle-aged man with a distinctive round belly. Peter’s appearance, along with his iconic laugh and catchphrases, has become synonymous with Family Guy. Despite his flaws, Peter is a lovable character, and his genuine love for his family is a recurring theme in the show. His relationships with his wife Lois and their children—Meg, Chris, and Stewie—provide both heartfelt moments and comedic fodder.

One of Peter’s defining traits is his penchant for getting into absurd and often surreal situations, leading to the show’s signature cutaway gags. Peter’s friendships, particularly with his neighbors Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe, contribute to the ensemble nature of the series. The interactions and dynamics between these characters add depth and humor to the show’s narrative.

19. Chowder

  • Cartoon: Chowder
  • Character: Nicky Jones
  • Year: 2007

Chowder is the titular character of the animated television series Chowder, created by C.H. Greenblatt. The show, which aired from 2007 to 2010, revolves around the culinary adventures of the young and enthusiastic apprentice Chef Chowder in the fantastical city of Marzipan.

Chowder is characterized by his distinctive appearance, featuring a blue hat with a pink brim, a striped shirt, and a unique pink nose. His design reflects the show’s whimsical and creative approach to animation. Despite his childlike demeanor and simple outlook on life, Chowder is endearing and full of charm.

His mentor, Mung Daal, and the wise but eccentric Truffles guide him through the challenges of the kitchen, imparting valuable lessons about cooking and life. Chowder’s naivety often leads to hilarious situations, and his insatiable appetite drives the narrative. The character’s growth and development are evident as he learns from his mistakes and matures throughout the series.

20. Eric Cartman

  • Cartoon: South Park
  • Character: Trey Parker
  • Year: 1997

Eric Cartman is a central character in the animated television series South Park. He is a complex and controversial figure known for his outrageous behavior, manipulative nature, and often politically incorrect humor. Created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Cartman serves as one of the main characters in the long-running show. Cartman’s voice, performed by series co-creator Trey Parker, adds a unique and recognizable dimension to the character.

Physically, Cartman is portrayed as a heavyset child with a distinctive red jacket and a perpetually scowling expression. His personality is marked by a combination of arrogance, selfishness, and cunning intelligence. Despite being a child, he often engages in morally reprehensible and politically incorrect actions, creating a character that challenges societal norms and expectations. Cartman is characterized by his lack of empathy, a trait that contributes to both comedic situations and moments of social commentary within the show.

Cartman’s relationships with other characters, such as Stan, Kyle, and Kenny, are marked by a mix of camaraderie and conflict. His interactions with authority figures, particularly his ongoing conflicts with his school teacher, Ms. Garrison, contribute to the satirical and irreverent tone of “South Park.”

Fat Ugly Cartoon Characters

20. Ursula 

  • Cartoon: The Little Mermaid
  • Character: Patricia Ann Carroll
  • Year: 1989

Ursula, the iconic villain in Disney’s The Little Mermaid, is a character renowned for her sinister charm, dark humor, and memorable presence. Voiced by Pat Carroll, Ursula stands out as one of Disney’s most memorable antagonists, bringing a combination of malevolence and theatricality to the screen.

Ursula is a sea witch with an imposing and flamboyant appearance that draws inspiration from various marine creatures. Her features are a distinct color palette of deep purples and blacks, topped with her signature white hair.

Ursula’s role in The Little Mermaid revolves around her deceitful plot to gain power over the sea and overthrow King Triton. She presents herself as a seemingly helpful figure, offering to grant Ariel’s wish to become human in exchange for her voice to gain Prince Eric’s love. Ursula’s manipulation and cunning tactics make her a formidable foe, preying on Ariel’s desperation and naivety.

21. Shrek

  • Cartoon: Shrek
  • Character: Mike Myers
  • Year: 2001

Shrek, the titular character of the animated film franchise, is an iconic and unconventional protagonist who has left a significant impact on popular culture. Created by DreamWorks Animation, Shrek, voiced by Mike Myers, is a complex and multi-faceted character that defies traditional fairy tale conventions.

Physically, Shrek is an ogre with a green complexion, distinctive ears, and a robust build. Despite his intimidating appearance, Shrek possesses a unique charm and a heart of gold. His character subverts the traditional fairy tale narrative by portraying an ogre as the central hero rather than a traditional prince. The first film, Shrek, follows his reluctant quest to rescue Princess Fiona, voiced by Cameron Diaz, from a dragon-guarded tower.

This was done in a bid to reclaim his swamp from fairytale creatures banished by the villainous Lord Farquaad. As the story progresses, Shrek forms an unexpected bond with Donkey, voiced by Eddie Murphy, and ultimately falls in love with Fiona. Shrek’s character evolves throughout the franchise, with subsequent films delving into his experiences of fatherhood and family life. Shrek 2 (2004), Shrek the Third (2007), and Shrek Forever After (2010) explore Shrek’s relationships and personal growth, adding depth to his character.

22. The Giant 

  • Cartoon: Jack and The Beanstalk
  • Character: James Earl Jones
  • Year: 2009

25 Fat Cartoon Characters

Jack and the Beanstalk is a classic fairy tale that has been adapted into various forms of media, including animated films. The character commonly referred to as The Giant in Jack and the Beanstalk is a formidable and menacing figure central to the story’s conflict.

The Giant, often depicted as a colossal and fearsome creature, resides at the top of the magical beanstalk that Jack climbed. His imposing presence creates a sense of danger and adventure in the narrative. The motive behind Jack’s quest is to get the treasures that the Giant possesses, such as a golden harp or a hen that lays golden eggs.

Physically, the Giant is typically depicted as an enormous humanoid figure, emphasizing his dominance and the formidable challenge Jack faces. His booming voice and thunderous footsteps instill fear not only in Jack but also in the audience, creating a sense of suspense and excitement. The Giant’s role is not merely that of an antagonist but also serves as a representation of the consequences of Jack’s actions.

23. Jumba Jookiba

  • Cartoon: Lilo & Stitch
  • Character: David Ogden Stiers
  • Year: 2002

Jumba Jookiba, voiced by David Ogden Stiers, is a prominent character in Disney’s animated franchise Lilo & Stitch. Jumba is a rotund, blue, and bespectacled extraterrestrial scientist from the planet Kweltikwan. He is one of the 25 fat cartoon characters that play a crucial role in the storyline, serving as both a comedic figure and a source of scientific expertise.

Jumba is introduced as the creator of Experiment 626, a genetically engineered creature designed for destruction and chaos. However, the creature, later named Stitch by the protagonist Lilo, evolves unexpectedly, leading Jumba to become a key ally in Lilo’s efforts to rehabilitate Stitch and provide him with a sense of family. Despite his imposing appearance, Jumba is depicted as warm-hearted and caring, showcasing the theme of redemption and the capacity for change.

His character development is notable, transitioning from an exiled scientist to a supportive member of Lilo and Stitch’s unconventional family. Jumba’s humor often stems from his eccentric inventions and the challenges of adapting to Earth’s customs. Jumba’s distinctive visual design, characterized by his large, round physique and distinctive facial features, adds a unique charm to the character.

24. Roz 

  • Cartoon: Monsters Inc
  • Character: Bob Peterson
  • Year: 2001

Roz, the unassuming yet pivotal character in Pixar’s animated film Monsters, Inc., is a prime example of how a seemingly minor character can leave a lasting impression. Despite her minimal on-screen time, Roz, voiced by Bob Peterson, plays a crucial role in the film’s narrative, contributing to both its humor and underlying themes. Roz is introduced as the seemingly mundane and bureaucratic slug-like receptionist at the Monsters, Inc. factory.

Clad in cat-eye glasses and exhibiting an unexcitable demeanor, Roz appears to be nothing more than an unremarkable desk worker. However, her unassuming appearance conceals a surprising depth of character. One of Roz’s notable characteristics is her deadpan and monotone delivery, which adds a layer of dry humor to her interactions, particularly with the main character, Sulley. Throughout the film, she enforces the factory’s strict paperwork and safety protocols, emphasizing the bureaucratic nature of the monster world.

Her catchphrase, delivered with a deliberate lack of enthusiasm, is the stern warning, “I’m watching you, Wazowski. Always watching.” She is revealed to be Agent #001 of the Child Detection Agency (CDA), an undercover operative overseeing the factory’s operations to ensure the safety of the monster world, particularly human children. This unexpected revelation adds a layer of intrigue to Roz’s character, transforming her from a seemingly ordinary desk worker into a key figure in maintaining the balance between the monster and human worlds.

25. Pumbaa 

  • Cartoon: The Lion King
  • Character: Ernie Sabella
  • Year: 1994

Pumbaa, the lovable warthog from Disney’s animated classic The Lion King, is a character that has left an indelible mark on audiences with his charm, humor, and endearing personality. Voiced by actor Ernie Sabella, Pumbaa serves as one of the film’s central characters, forming a dynamic duo with his meerkat friend Timon. Physically distinctive with his stout build, wrinkled skin, and prominent tusks, Pumbaa breaks away from the conventional portrayal of warthogs as intimidating creatures.

Despite his appearance, Pumbaa is a gentle and good-natured character with a heart of gold. His defining trait is his unwavering loyalty to his friends, particularly Simba, the film’s protagonist. Pumbaa is known for his carefree and optimistic outlook on life, often providing comic relief in tense situations. His humorous one-liners and carefree attitude make him a favorite among audiences, both young and old. Pumbaa’s humor is characterized by its simplicity and innocence, adding a lighthearted touch to the film’s narrative.

His catchphrase, “Hakuna Matata,” meaning “no worries” in Swahili, encapsulates Pumbaa’s philosophy of embracing life with a carefree spirit. While Pumbaa may be portrayed as somewhat naive, he possesses a surprising wisdom that shines through in critical moments. His innate understanding of the importance of friendship and loyalty becomes evident as he supports Simba through the challenges and responsibilities of reclaiming his rightful place as the Lion King.


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