Who is Pink Sparkles and Did She Break Up With Asmongold?

Pink Sparkles is a popular Twitch streamer, Instagram sensation, and OnlyFans star best known for being the ex-girlfriend of Asmongold, an American gamer. Pink Sparkles and Asmongold decided to go their separate ways in December 2019 and are yet to reconcile.

Pink started life as a classroom teacher and thought for a couple of years before going to launch a career in the internet space. She first gained popularity on the Twitch platform, majoring in such games as League of Legends, WoW (World of Warcraft), Fortnite, and more.

Following her ban from Twitch in 2022, she went on to concentrate on building her other handles. She also went ahead to launch a presence on the adult platform OnlyFans where she charges a huge subscription fee from people who wish to view her near-naked pictures.

Summary of Pink Sparkles’ Biography

  • Full Name: Samantha Tomlensen
  • Nickname: Pink Sparkles or Izzy Grych
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 2nd May 1995
  • Age: 29
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Pink Sparkles’ Parents: Stacey (mother)
  • Pink Sparkles’ Height in Inches: 5 feet 5 inches
  • Pink Sparkles’ Height in Centimetres: 165 cm
  • Pink Sparkles’ Weight: 58kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 35-25-35
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 88-63-25
  • Pink Sparkles’ Net Worth: $500k
  • Famous For: Being a Twitch streamer and the ex-girlfriend of American gamer, Asmongold
  • Pink Sparkles Instagram: @pnkysparkles
  • Twitter: @Izzy G

What is Pink Sparkles’ Real Name?

Samantha Tomlensen is the actual name of popular Twitch streamer Pink Sparkles. She also goes by the moniker Izzy Grych. Sam, as she is called for short, was born on the 2nd of May 1995, which means she is currently 29. Her place of birth is said to be Canada, and she is White by ethnicity.

Stacey is her mum’s mum’s name, though the details of her professional life are unknown. Nothing has been said about Samantha’s father, but she reportedly looks like him. Also, it is not known whether she has siblings or grew up as an only child.

Though her birthplace is Canada, Pink spent a better part of her formative years in Poland, which is why she is so conversant with Polish culture. In fact, she passed through the Polish private school system for her academic qualifications. She was brilliant as a student, and her best subject was Mathematics. Izzy was also a three-sport standout majoring in volleyball, basketball, and badminton.
However, Izzy left Poland long ago and is now a resident of California in the United States of America.

She was a Teacher before Going to Launch a Career in the Internet Space

Pink Sparkles currently earns her keep as an internet star, an adult entertainer, a Twitch streamer, a beauty and fashion blogger, and more.

Before she took to the internet as a source of income, the social media sensation, she functioned as a classroom teacher. This happened during her days in Poland.

Pink Sparkles is a Popular Twitch Steamer 

Pink Sparkles is best known for her activities on the Twitch streaming platform. She loves streaming such games as League of Legends, WoW (World of Warcraft), Fortnite, and more. She has accumulated over 700k fans on the platform, thanks to her gaming-related content and fun streams.

She is an Instagram Personality 

Pink Sparkles is also an Instagram star and her handle can be located @pnkysparkles. Since she launched her IG account, the Canadian social media star has shared 127 posts and has attracted a total of 267K followers.

The kind of posts to expect from her Instagram handle are sensational images and videos of her in daring bikini outfits. There are photos where she was seen wearing next to nothing and Izzy G has done some successful collaborations with other Instagram stars.

Pink Sparkle is doing Great on Twitter

Pink joined the Twitter platform in June 2015. So far, she has tweeted 10.8k times and can boast over 198.2k followers. She uses her Twitter handle to advertise her Twitch account and OnlyFans page.

Via her Twitter handle, Pink shares posts about her day-to-day life and responds to fans and haters who land on her page. One of the most recent posts on her Twitter handle is quite informative. A heavily pregnant Samantha is seen brandishing her baby bum. In her caption, she declared it was high time she told fans that she was pregnant.

She is an Onlyfans Star

We have yet to determine precisely when Pink became an adult entertainer, but she has established a presence on the OnlyFans platform, where she has already shared 197 posts.

She operates under the username @pnkysparkles, and she has an advert for her subscription bundles brandished on her page. For the next 30 days, the internet sensation is offering her potential subscribers 50% off.

However, her original prices will resume at the expiration of 30 days. For now, interested visitors who wish to take on the 3-month bundle would pay 15.75 after the 50% has been knocked off, and a six-month subscription now attracts $31. 50.

Sparkle Once Sparked Controversy on Twitch

There was a time when Pink Sparkles triggered controversy on Twitch after moving into a content house alongside other popular streamers like Mitch Jones and Kbubblez.

Both Mitch Jones and Kbubblez were out on a night, and after consuming a lot of alcohol, they came back talking so loud as they discussed the challenges they have faced with other housemates so far. Their loud voices woke Pink, who was fast asleep upstairs, and she came down screaming, “Shut the f*ck up or get out of the house. It’s 4 am. Shut the f*ck up!”

When the story eventually went viral, fans didn’t bother to criticize the two guys who were obviously at fault; rather, they descended on Pink Sparkles, saying that she behaved in a “bitchy” and “trashy manner.” Many said she should have known what to expect after moving into a house with streamers.

How Long did Asmongold and Pink Sparkles Date?

Pink Sparkles
Pink and her ex-boyfriend, Zack image source

Pink Sparkles and her ex-boyfriend, Asmongold, dated for one and a half years before they decided to go their separate ways.

Asmongold is an American content creator, Twitch streamer, gamer, YouTuber, and more. He is a co-founder of “One True King.” Born in 1989, Asmongold, also known as Zack, resides in Austin, Texas in the US.

The couple never bothered to mention how and when they first crossed paths but reportedly kept their relationship hidden initially. However, they decided to make things official by taking to their socials in August 2018 to announce their relationship to fans and the general public.

The duo’s paring attracted a lot of negative talk among Twitch circles, and many fans came up to contest it. Many bombarded the female streamer with questions on why she chose to date Zack. Some even went as far as accusing Pink of going for him because of his money. Pink did an excellent job of responding to her haters with sarcastic comments. She even included a facepalm meme in one of her responses after telling the Twep that Zack would take her thrift shopping.

While their relationship lasted, Pink Sparkles and Asmongold decided to become a streaming combo and were doing quite remarkable on the Twitch platform. In fact, it was while on a live stream that they declared their love. After their joint declaration, Pink still came up for clarification, saying their relationship is no joke and they have been together for quite a while.

The couple’s dalliance endured until December 12th, 2019, when it was confirmed that they had chosen to take a break from each other. However, none of them cared to specify how long their purported break will last and whether there is a window for reconciliation in the near future, but we will have to rely on time to tell.

The Reasons Behind Pink Sparkles and Split

When the news of the couple’s split hit the airwaves, their fans were curious to know why they chose to go their separate ways, but nothing seemed to be forthcoming. However, Pink Sparkles suddenly decided to break her silence about what led to their split.

Though the tweets were quickly deleted, Pink took to her Twitter handle to reveal how she suffered depression while cohabiting with Asmongold in his home in Austin, Texas, and how unhappy she was throughout that period. In her tweet, she said her depression was why she has not been going live for a long while; she wasn’t just in the mood to do so. She also said they were both dealing with several personal issues, making it difficult for them to enjoy quality time with each other.

According to Pink, they already started considering marriage at a point in their relationship, but when Zack started steaming more frequently, his extended computer time left her feeling unloved and neglected. She said there were other reasons that contributed to their separation which she wouldn’t want to reveal.

After considering it unfair for them to continue in that manner, she consciously decided to return to her base in California and work on herself.

Pink Sparkles said that breaking up with Zack has remained one of the most challenging experiences she has faced, but the two of them are still good friends.

Expressing her heartfelt gratitude to fans for their support during her trying times, Pink asked for her privacy to be respected as she tries to find her footing again. She also took time to advise people going through a similar experience to be strong, focus on their well-being and health, and surround themselves with positivity.

Following their split, Zack became even more successful in his gaming endeavors, while Pink launched a presence on the adult platform OnlyFans where she is recording equal success.

What Asmongold had to say about their Split

On the morning of their breakup, dated December 12th, 2019, Zack was streaming on Twitch when he informed fans that they decided to go their separate ways that morning. After describing the experience as a long story that he wouldn’t want to go into, the popular streamer said he prefers to keep his personal life and all of its drama as far away from his stream as possible “It sucks, but that’s the way it goes” Zack said.

After the World of Warcraft Classic streamer announced that they already split up, he said he wasn’t sure of how long the break they decided to take from each other is going to last but he also said he is unpredictable and has been feeling “weird lately.

Loved by many, the WoW Classic streamer received an avalanche of support from fans and well-wishers. In fact, the sect that didn’t initially support his relationship with Pink Sparkles encouraged him to take as much time as possible. One fan, in particular, advised him to just make a clean break; he also told the streamer never to look back and that friendship between ex-lovers does not work.

After he made his broadcast, the popular gamer was caught red-handed watching Pink’s livestream and while the situation proved to be a bit awkward for Zack, it was rather hilarious to his fans. But then, no one can blame the guy for choosing to support his ex-girlfriend’s channel.

Where is Pink Sparkles Now?

Talking about her current whereabouts, Pink announced in 2019 that she was heading back to her home in California, and that is where she has been all this while.

By the early and middle part of 2022, She was still streaming on Twitch, but with the advent of October, she was banned from the live-streaming platform.

The fact that she got banned on Twitch confused many fans, who started digging to get to the root of the whole saga. Besides, several speculations were making the rounds on social media, making it difficult to know the truth. Soon, it was revealed that Pink was leveraging her account on Twitch to promote and advertise her adult content on OnlyFans. The activity was said to be breaching community guidelines on Twitch, and the owners of the platform just had to ban her.

From what is obvious, her Twitch has never reopened since it was shut down in 2022, but she is now taking her other accounts seriously on different platforms.

The gamer has chosen to remain tight-lipped on her current hookups and breakups. Thus, it isn’t easy to know the identity of the present man in her life. However, it is glaring that she has been active on the love scene; this was recently confirmed when she took to Instagram to share a picture where she was seen brandishing an already advanced baby bump.

To Date, Pink Sparkles has never deemed it necessary to reveal the identity of her baby daddy, but fans are speculating that more information will likely come out by the time she puts to bed.

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