Lesser Known Facts About Grian The British Minecraft Gamer And YouTuber

Grian is a respected YouTuber and British Minecraft gamer who successfully built his channel to celebrity status by a dint of sheer hard work and diligence. A decade after starting his YouTube channel where he posts Minecraft games and teaches gamers how to build in Minecraft, he has come to amass over 4.4 million followers which makes him one of the biggest in his niche.

Apart from YouTube, he also has a decent social media presence with over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram as well as on Twitter.

Who is Grian?

It was on August 9, 1993, that the YouTuber was born as Charles in England. It was there that he was brought up until the age of 7 when he accepted the invitation of Sam, his friend, to travel to Japan where he spent a little time. For his education, he went to Akademi High School.

Grian's fact card

Even though he has always loved gaming, he continued with his education and would later graduate from a college where he studied Biology.

In 2009, he first started his YouTube channel for which he has now become very popular. However, it was a few years later that he took it seriously and began posting consistently. From 2011 to 2015, he was a member of the YouTube channel, CraftedMovie which ran until 2015.

Grian was later called upon by the founders of CraftedMovie to make an appearance as a set builder. Soon afterward, he started appearing as a character in the video, opening him up to more and more followers.

By 2014, the gamer had seen the need to start creating videos for his own channel, and it was at this time that he took to posting more consistently.


In July 2015, he created a video, “5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Minecraft House” which he shared on his channel. This became an instant success, propelling bot himself and his channel to popularity. It was on this success that he continued to build.

Today, many channels have sprouted all committed to his Minecraft tutorials.

Known as the person behind Minecraft Build Swaps, there are times that apart from his gaming videos, he also creates the regular video blogs which he shares on his channel. Even though it is for Minecraft that he is mostly known, he also plays games of other genres.

Thanks to his effort and the skills he has displayed since he began, Grian is now respected among gamers and YouTubers, standing out as an inspiration to many in the industry. He has worked with other veterans including the likes of Samgladiator and Taurtis.

In 2018, he became a member of HermitCraft, making his first appearance in the Season 6. With that, he becomes one of the not-too-many content creators who make and share videos on the invite-only Minecraft server which was created by Generikb who is also a big name in the niche.

Other Facts To Know About Grian 

1. While there is not so much information on his family available in the public domain, it is known that Grian has a sister whose name is not known.

2. He began the mc.Grian.net Minecraft multiplayer server which he ran for a while. The platform became a host for a number of minigames such as “Survive the Disasters”. Unfortunately, it later had to shut down because he ran out of funs to keep it going.

3. He is in a relationship with a woman whose name he has not revealed although he has shared many pictures of her on his social media. In October 2019, he announced that he had asked her to marry him; she agreed and they were preparing towards the big day.

4. He is very active on YouTube, having joined the video-sharing website since November 22, 2009. It’s generally believed that his channel has helped many young people to build skills such as collaboration, innovation, and creativity. With more than 4.4 million subscribers, Grain has amassed close to a billion views on his channel.

5. He reveals that although many people envy the kind of job he does with many wanting to be YouTubers, there is so much anxiety attached to it and there are consequences that come with it. He wishes he knew about all these before he started.

6. The YouTuber is not the tallest man you will find. He stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and he has a weight of 158lb.

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