Who is Mayengg03? All About The TikTok Star and Her Viral Death Video

Mayengg03 was a TikToker, dancer, and digital creator who became famous for posting a video of someone being beheaded on her TikTok account.

Since the video went viral (though it has been taken down on many platforms it was uploaded), a lot of questions have been asked about the identity of the victim and if it was indeed Mayengg03. Here’s all we know about it here.

Mayengg03’s BIO

  • Mayengg03’s AGE:  23 Years Old
  • BIRTH YEAR: 2001 
  • BIRTHPLACE: New York, United States
  • ETHNICITY: Mixed

Mayengg03 was First Known as a TikTok Dancer

Before the upload of her viral video, Mayeenggo3 whose real name has been given as Mayengo Thomas was only known as a dancer who built her followership on TikTok by posting her dance videos on her TikTok account. She is simply known as “Mayengg03”. Although she is evidently of mixed race, we could not verify any details about her family and background.

A Beheading Video Made Her Remarkably Popular

Mayengo3’s fame skyrocketed after she posted a very gory video of a person’s head being cut off. Although the video was later widely circulated by other TikTok users, Mayengg03 was the very first person to upload it on TikTok.

The video met with negative criticisms from other TikTok users who watched it as they condemned it as inhumane and depraved. The video started with a short clip of a young girl dancing, seconds later it suddenly switched to a dark scene in what appears to be a bathroom.

In the subsequent video, someone was lying on the floor with hands tied behind, then a man proceeded to cut off the head of the person bound by a rope with great precision. The video appeared to have had more than one perpetrator, as the killer in the video was referring to some other men in the room in the Spanish language.

The Identities of the Killers were Never Discovered

Since the faces of the killers in the video were not shown, it has been hard to identify them. Internet users who watched the movie suggested that the Spanish-speaking killers were Mexican cartel members.

However, Juan D Sanchez, a fluent Spanish speaker who translated the video, pointed out that the killers did not refer to any cartel in the video. He also noted that judging by their accents, the killers appeared to be from Guanajuato, a city in Central Mexico.

Was the Beheaded Person in the Video a Girl?

Although a lot of people who watched the video have suggested that the victim in the video was a girl, the speculation is only based on the fact that the short clip before the beheading video was of a young girl dancing. But while the girl in the dancing video was wearing a crop top and white shorts, the victim in the video was putting on patterned shorts and a blue shirt.

Furthermore, Juan De Sanchez revealed that the killers referred to the victim as a “Puto”, a Spanish insult for a male prostitute. He also said that the killers called the victim “Pilo”, which is a Spanish male nickname for a person named Lupillo, Lupe, or Guadalupe.

Also, a YouTube Plagued Moth gave the identity of the beheaded person to be Jose Rodolfo Belluci Botello, a young man who was said to be 19 at the time. He stated he was a Mexican criminal notorious for robbing homes, stealing vehicles, and attacking businesses ever since he turned 15. Apparently, he has been known for his evil deed but managed to evade arrest and execution until he was allegedly beheaded in February 2019. Summarily, the identity of the beheaded person is not Mayengg03 and neither is she a girl.

What Did TikTok Do Against the Video?

After the video went viral and the attention of TikTok management was called to its graphic content, the video was removed and the account “Mayengg03” was blocked not only for being the original peddler of the video but also for bypassing the TikTok security by disguising the content of the video with the initial dance video.

Since the release of the video, the authorities have been working hard to ascertain whether the viral beheading video was real or not. They are also trying to identify who the dancing girl, the victim, and the killers in the video were.

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