Who Is Ironmouse and Has She Done A Face Reveal?

Ironmouse is a female Puerto Rican Twitch streamer and YouTuber whose real identity is not yet known, as she has never revealed her face. 

Ironmouse gained popularity for the charming personality and unique pitch she uses in her singing videos and streams. There have been so many assumptions about who the twitcher is and who she is not. Discover new details about her here.

Ironmouse’s Bio

  • Age: 27 years old
  • Birthday: 11th January 1997
  • Birthplace: United States
  • Birth Sign: Capricorn
  • Ethnicity: Hispanic

Ironmouse is a Female Alter Ego

Ironmouse was born on 11 January 1997 in the United States and is currently 27 years old. At birth, she was assigned the female gender but has chosen not to reveal further details about her physique. As a result, we were unable to verify details about the childhood of Ironmouse, the identities of her parents and siblings, and any other information about her early years.

She Has Been Bedridden by CVID

Ironmouse suffers from Common Variable Immune Disease, a rare condition that limits the proper functioning of her immune system. As a result of her compromised immunity, Ironmouse is prone to have several health issues which have impaired her standard of living, confining her to her bed.

The management of the CVID requires that Ironmouse is on oxygen at all hours of the day, and always wears a mask when around people. Ironmouse’s condition has greatly impacted her career as it does not allow her to have the human connection which is otherwise common to most other people.

She Conceals Her Face Using a Demon Character

Ironmouse disclosed that she started streaming in a bid to wade off loneliness. However, because she was nervous about showcasing her personal life on live camera, she decided to hide behind an alter ego; as inspired by Japanese Vtuber A1.

To keep up with her desired anonymity, Ironmouse uses a queen demon character to hide her profile from viewers during live streams on Twitch and YouTube. Her use of this character has been very successful and after several years, it still intrigues her viewers as they keep itching to discover who is behind the mask.

The Vtuber Has Built a Successful Career

Ironmouse originally wanted to be a professional opera singer and showcase her unique voice, but the constant bouts of illness occasioned by her medical disorder made it impossible for her to train for it.

She Became a Twitch Streamer in 2017

She made her debut in streaming on 28 September 2017 on the Twitch platform. To remain anonymous, she created the anime avatar of Ironmouse which she used in putting out fascinating content that has kept her success over the years.

Ironmouse did not have an instantly successful career in streaming, as she only started getting massive followers in 2020 and 2021, three years after she debuted. With her growth in the industry, she started a subathon stream to further sustain her audience, though the one-month marathon was occasionally interrupted by her health condition.

The stream, and her tenacity in putting out great content, have moved Ironmouse to the rank of the top Twitch streamer in 2022. Although she started as an independent Vtuber, Ironmouse is now a charter member of the VSHojo agency, a U.S-based VTube agency formed in 2020.

Ironmouse is Also on YouTube

On 9 September 2017, a day after she started streaming on Twitch, Ironmouse created her YouTube account. She is active on YouTube and predominantly uploads clips from her Twitch sessions. She also has two additional YouTube channels: IRONMOUSE VODS– 2020 and IronMouse’s Shorts. Her main channel surpassed 100k subscribers in September 2020 and was awarded the Silver Creator Award.

She Has Amassed a Large Social Media Followership

Despite keeping her identity hidden, she has captivated the hearts of viewers with the unique pitch of her voice and her great personality. She currently has a great number of fans across various social media platforms.

On Twitch, she has 1.2m followers, on YouTube, she has 685k subscribers, and on Instagram, Ironmouse has 39k followers consuming her content. With the number of followers she has garnered, Ironmouse has become the top streamer with over 8k active subscriptions.

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