Who is Emily Rinaudo? All You Should Know About Mizkif’s Sister

Emily Rinaudo is the younger sister of Mizkif, the popular Twitch streamer. Mizkif’s Sister, Emily, is an American model, Instagram influencer, and OnlyFans personality born on January 22, 1996 and currently 28 years old.

Mizkif is well-known for his vlog-like streams and Emily regularly joins him. This has made her quite famous and she has sought to capitalize on that to become a popular model and influencer herself. She has succeeded on platforms such as Instagram and OnlyFans where she makes five figures easily.

Emily Rinaudo’s Bio

  • AGE: 28 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 22nd of January 1996
  • BIRTHPLACE: Chesapeake, Virginia, United States.
  • BIRTH SIGN: Aquarius
  • ETHNICITY: Caucasian
  • FATHER: Michael Rinaudo
  • SIBLINGS: Matthew Rinaudo a.k.a Mizkif

How Old Is Emily Rinaudo?

Emily Rinaudo is 28 years old and was born on the 22nd of January 1996 in Chesapeake, Virginia. Her nationality is American while her ethnicity is Caucasian. She hails from a family of five which includes her mom, her dad Michael Rinaudo, and two brothers. Her father is a restauranteur who owns a food establishment known as Deviant Dishes. Rinaudo grew up in places such as North Carolina where she attended the Currituck High School.

Emily Rinaudo is the Younger Sister of Mizkif, the Popular Twitch Personality

Emily Rinaudo’s biggest claim to fame is that she is the younger sister of the popular Twitch personality, Mizkif. Real name – Matthew Rinaudo, Mizkif is one of the most famous people on Twitch. He has also extended his dominance to YouTube. His popularity is thanks to his streams which are more vlog-like rather than gameplay and often feature pranks.

Some sources have it that Emily Rinaudo is not actually related to Mizkif but this is not true. He has referred to her as his sister on several occasions. He has also included her in his streams. There is also the fact that they share the same surname. It is therefore safe to say that Emily Rinaudo is the sister of Mizkif and what’s more, they actually act like siblings.

She Regularly Features on Mizkif’s Streams

Upon completing her high school diploma, Emily Rinaudo decided not to go the college route but try her hand at being a digital content creator. She has persisted over the years and has received a big helping hand from her brother who regularly mentions her in his vlogs. He has also featured her in his vlogs on several occasions. One of them was in September 2021 in a vlog titled If My Sister Laughs, I Pay $100k.

In the vlog, both siblings could be seen sitting together and Mizkif challenged his viewers to try and get Emily to laugh on the basis that anyone who succeeds in making her laugh out loud will get a $100. It was quite a fun game and Emily found it hard trying to control herself from laughing at the slightest stuff. Her brother was pissed with her for not trying harder to contain her laughter but it was all in good fun though.

Emily Rinaudo is an Instagram Model and Influencer

Emily Rinaudo has capitalized on her brother’s fame to grow her own career as an influencer, starting as an Instagram model. The young lady initially commenced her modeling career in the popular modeling community, Model Mayhem. She has since taken advantage of the platform provided by Instagram and regularly shares several stunning pictures there. She has accumulated a good following with her followers now numbering over 226k.

The exact income that Emily Rinaudo makes from her Instagram modeling career is not known but it must be pretty impressive given that she has shared pictures of the luxurious cars that she owns. Her Instagram run has not been without hitches though. She normally shares content that bothers on risqué and this has led to her account getting canned on at least one occasion.

She is Also Active on OnlyFans

Emily Rinaudo also makes a living as an OnlyFans model. OnlyFans is an adult-oriented community and this gives her the freedom to share pictures that may be deemed risqué for other sites. She has therefore embraced the site wholeheartedly and has equally garnered significant followership from the site.

Emily Rinaudo now makes good money from OnlyFans and her famous elder brother revealed in a YouTube video in 2020 that she makes $10,000 per week from the platform. He was obviously blown away by that fact and in February 2021, he declared that he may just join OnlyFans as well. He however quickly ditched that idea after getting a less than positive reaction to it.

Emily Rinaudo’s Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

It goes without saying that one thing that has fueled Emily Rinaudo’s modeling career is her stunning looks as well as enviable physique. The media personality is 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighs a modest 59 kg. She has brown hair and blue eyes. Other body measurements are chest – 33 inches, waist – 25 inches, and hips – 35.

Rinaudo is simply stunning but she is also radically different from what she looked like as a teenager judging by her old pictures.

This has led to rumors that she must have gotten plastic surgery but she has consistently refuted it. Emily Rinaudo has admitted to getting some fillers and Botox but maintained that this is the extent of her enhancement.

According to her, she sculpted her body by working hard in the gym. This explanation has satisfied some but there are others who believe that Emily Rinaudo must have gotten plastic surgery. However if we are to believe the lady herself, then Emily Rinaudo has not undergone any plastic surgery.

Emily Rinaudo Previously Dated Fellow Internet Personality Connor Keating

Emily Rinaudo is possibly single at the moment. She has however been romantically linked with some individuals in the past. One of them is the experienced BMX rider and social media influencer named Connor Keating. They dated around 2017 and were open about their romance with each other. They later split and went their separate ways.

Following that split, Emily Rinaudo has not been in any confirmed romance but she has been linked with Rich Campbell, the popular Twitch streamer and video game creator. The two exchanged several tweets back in 2020 and by 2022, they were rumors that Rinaudo was pregnant for Campbell.

Her brother even made a video indicating that he was pissed off by the possibility that his sister may have slept with Campbell. There is no confirmation of that romance though but one thing that is for sure is that the two individuals involved are not having any baby.


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