Who is Chloe Roma? Everything About The Social Media Star

Chloe Roma (real name Chloe Sunderland; born on June 1, 1997; age: 26 years old) is a social media personality. She is famously known as a TikTok star and male gender rights activist who also goes by the name Rose Army.

Chloe Roma is one of the social media personalities who has made a name for herself as a TikTok star. Additionally, she is also known as one of the women who stand for gender equality. This time around, she is among the few women who stand for the rights of men. Stay focused as we unravel all you need to know about the TikTok star’s early life, career, and relationship.

Summary of Chloe Roma’s Biography

  • Full name: Chloe Sunderland
  • Nickname: Chloe Roma or Roma Army
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: June 1, 1997
  • Chloe Roma’s Age: 26 years old
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: Romanian
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Chloe Roma’s Height in Inches:  5 feet 10 inches
  • Chloe Roma’s Height in Centimetres: 155 cm
  • Chloe Roma’s Weight: 77 kg
  • Chloe Roma’s Net worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Being a social media personality and gender equality activist
  • Chloe Roma’s Instagram: @romaarmyfiles
  • Twitter:@romaarmy2
  • YouTube: @Roma Army Men’s rights

Chloe Roma Was Born 26 Years Ago

Chloe Roma was born on June 1, 1997, and is currently 26 years old. Her birthplace Is Bucharest, Romania, in southeastern Europe. The TikTok star migrated with her parents to Canada at the age of 2 and was raised in the country under the care of her parents, whose names are currently unknown.

Her early migration to Canada has made some reports categorize her as having a white heritage. However, this is wrong as she is of Latina descent, and based on her place of birth, the TikTok star holds Romanian nationality.

The men’s rights activist spent most of her childhood in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She got her high school certificate from Crescent Heights High School in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Chloe Roma further got her university degree from Mount Royal University, a public university located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. However, she has not made public what she studied at the university.

She Rose To Fame On Social Media Through TikTok

Chloe Roma started her career as a social media personality who is focsed on advocating for men’s rights in a pretty good style and with the required creativity. Sources claimed that she started by posting videos on her YouTube channel in 2018 with the name @Roma Army Men’s Rights, which has over a million subscribers. She further launched her first TikTok account in 2019. Chloe Roma’s TikTok account is seen to have over 100 million views.

Although she became famous through her TikTok account @roma_greek_goddess, Chloe Roma has diversified to other social media platforms. She joined Twitter on May 2022 with the identity @romaarmy2, which is followed by over 3k Twitter users. The activist also has an account on Instagram where she also uploads some of her TikTok clips and has amassed over 14k followers.

Roma Army Uses Her Social Media Platforms To Advocate For Men’s Rights

Chloe Roma became extremely well-known for posting a number of videos that emphasized supporting men’s rights, which rankled a lot of people. In one of her videos, she describes how she confronted a strange woman who questioned a nice restaurant patron who approached he (Chloe’s) daughter and struck up a conversation.

The strange woman approached the man and inquired about why he seemed to be so interested in the life of a young child. Chloe openly criticized the woman and questioned why she had approached the man as if he were a pedophile.

The man left, humiliated, but it left Chloe with a bad taste in her mouth, so she kicked in the bathroom door and vented her annoyances on TikTok. Additionally, she began a series of dating Red Flags for Men, arguing that since there are so many threads and guidelines for women, men ought to also have access to them.

Chloe Roma brought up how guys are “attacked” online for participating in chats and that they are unable to express their opinions because it is typically accepted to spit on them for doing so.

The men’s rights activist has also made mention of current events such as the revelation that Amber Heard was the problematic one in her relationship with Johnny Depp. This came up when audio recordings of Amber ridiculing the actor’s tears and apparently admitting to physically abusing him surfaced.

Chloe’s Men Need Help video, however, which featured a number of statistics and data on the suicide rates among those with Y chromosomes as well as a variety of other male-related mental health issues, was one of her more popular TikTok clips. In the video, Chloe Roma addresses the tremendous criticism she faces for consistently standing up for men.

Is Chloe Roma In A Relationship?

Chloe Roma is in a romantic relationship with a man, but she keeps personal information about him private. This makes it impossible for us to know his name, where he is from, and what he does for a living. However, Chloe Roma, on several occasions, has featured him in some of her video clips on social media.

The social media star has a daughter with her boyfriend but her name is yet to be known. According to reports, she posted a picture with her daughter on June 2022, wishing her boyfriend a happy father’s day.

In November 2020, Chloe posted a YouTube videos titled My Boyfriend Facing False Allegations. The video was about people tagging her boyfriend a pedophile in response to another video she previously made in which her daughter reacts harshly towards her boyfriend, who wanted to engage her (Chloe’s daughter) in a conversation. Her daughter responded, ” I don’t like you, stay out of my room.”

Chloe used it as one of her strong reasons to back up her claims that men are most often victimized by children, especially female ones. She had to make it clear that her boyfriend isn’t a pedophile, rather it was a mere reaction from a child who seems like a stranger to her.

The Social Media Personality Is a Mother of Two

Reports have it that Chloe Roma is a mother of two children whose names are yet to be known. She had a daughter at the early stage of her fame as a social media personality and has been spotted several times showcasing her baby girl.

In a tweet she made on August 17, 2021, Chloe announced that she is expecting a baby. Currently, it is not known if she has welcomed her new baby as she has not made any mention of it.


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