Is Riley Black TikTok Cancelled? Everything We Know So Far

Riley Black’s TikTok wasn’t canceled despite rumors in August 2021 that her account on the platform was removed. Though she has gone on breaks a few times, Riley’s TikTok page is still bubbling with her unique kind of content and an ever-increasing number of followers. 

However, it’s no news that sometimes TikTok users can be canceled by their followers and that appears to be the case with Riley. How accurate are these speculations about Riley Black’s TikTok page? Encapsulated in this article is what we know about the aforesaid rumor.

Riley Black’s TikTok Account Wasn’t Cancelled

On August 22, 2021, a rumor broke out that TikTok star Riley Black has been canceled by her fans on TikTok. This surmised has rocked the internet, leaving many of her fans wondering. But prior to these said rumors, on August 21, 2021, Riley had posted a video where she shared her plan to start college.

Furthermore, Riley’s content on TikTok doesn’t seem to breach the guidelines of the app. Hence, there are no known grounds for her to have been canceled on TikTok. A visit to Riley Black’s TikTok page proves that the rumor was indeed not true. Again, contrary to the false assertion, Riley Black’s TikTok handle has been busy, as the star has been posting on her handle.

What Can Make TikTok Cancel Someone’s Account?

In times past, some TikTokers have been canceled after videos of them saying racist, homophobic or the n-word surfaced. However, Riley Black despite being one of the most popular users on the platform has managed to avoid running into such a problem and also scale through common scandals that plaque stardom. She has not been penalized and found wanting on the wrong side of the law by the platform.

Seeing that there is an increasing number of racism cases and discrimination on TikTok as it is becoming increasingly common on other platforms as well, the management of TikTok like that of all other social media platforms is taking severe measures to make sure that the platform remains committed to diversity and inclusion of everyone. Good enough, Riley Black is one of those famous TikTokers who do not discriminate.

Riley Has Been on TikTok for 8 Years 

Riley Black started posting videos on TikTok in her early teen years. She introduced herself to TikTok in 2016, and would later post her first video on TikTok in December 2016. After her first video, Riley appeared to quit making and uploading her videos, only to storm TikTok with her second video on May 8, 2019.

Since her comeback, she has been relentless in making and uploading various videos on the platform and has over the years grown an ever-increasing number of loyal followers. From her videos, some of the things that can be deduced about her are her love for the color pink and cats.

Does Riley Black Still Make Posts on Her TikTok Account?

The 21 years-old social media personality is still active on TikTok and also other social media accounts like Instagram. She has used her online space to talk about sensitive topics that affect her audience.

In recent times, on Riley Black’s TikTok account, she has talked about issues such as eating disorders, alcohol poisoning, bullying, and others. In another video, Riley expressed her disgust over a certain video wherein eating disorders were supported and encouraged, she then advised her fans to be careful of toxic social media content.

Aside from these, the sensational influencer has been posting chirpy and entertaining videos as well as duets with friends on TikTok. Additionally, she also posts videos of outfits, anime, and game-related content.


Princess Riley or cat Riley? 🤔

♬ #OutfitReveal – らんぐれい

How Many Followers Does Riley Black Have on TikTok?

Riley Black’s TikTok titled @rileyblackk has over 1.1 million followers and 51.1 million likes on TikTok as of this writing. She wrote in her TikTok bio “Hi, I like Hello Kitty and pink”. The young influencer has built a great fan base in a short time frame with her videos and basically sharing all her life journey.

Who is Riley Black?

Riley Black is a Tiktok star born on January 13 in the year 2003, in McKinney, Texas, United States. She was born to her father Shawn Black and mother Kathy Black. Judging from her birth date, her birth sign is Capricorn and she is currently 21 years old.

She is of Caucasian ethnicity and holds American citizenship, Riley also follows the Christain religion. There is little to no information about Riley’s education and siblings but her father was reportedly a former United States Marine Corps. Shawn Black has also featured on Riley Black’s TikTok in the past.

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