Who is Aparri? All You Should Know About The Animal Jam Gamer

Aparri, whose real name is James, is a popular American YouTuber and Animal Jam gaming enthusiast. It is almost impossible to talk about the Animal Jam game on YouTube without saying his name. The young talent rose to fame in a matter of months after he launched his YouTube channel where he put out interesting Animal Jam content for his fans. His gaming skills and techniques always keep fans on their toes.

Summary of Aparri’s Biography

  • Full Name: James
  • Nickname: Aparri
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 11th March 2000
  • Aparri’s Age: 24 years old
  • Place of Birth: Massachusetts, United States
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Pisces
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Siblings: Sarah (sister), Joe (brother), Tom (brother)
  • Aparri’s Weight: 65 kg
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Aparri’s Net worth: $0.4 million
  • Famous for: Being a YouTuber and gamer
  • Aparri’s YouTube: Aparri

Aparri is an American Born 24 Years Ago

Aparri was born on the 11th of March 2000 in Massachusetts, USA. However, no details have been made available about the gamer’s father and mother, not the least thing as their names or occupation. Also, he has not revealed his surname. He is simply known as James or Aparri (his nickname). This is probably in a bid to keep information about his parents off the media.

Nonetheless, he has revealed that he has 3 siblings. He has a younger sister called Sarah who is also a gamer like him and goes by the pseudonym Bepper. There have also been talks about them having other siblings, two boys called Tom and Joe but no solid existence of the other siblings has been made available just like the parents.

The YouTuber has also not revealed any detail about his education or academic journey. A few years back, some sources claimed that he attended a regular high school, but the name of the school was not disclosed. Many years have passed since then and it is hard to tell whether Aparri has gone on to college and what his chosen career path is outside of gaming.

Who is Aparri? All You Should Know About The Animal Jam Gamer

How Aparri Got Famous

Aparri succeeded so quickly as an Animal Jam gamer on YouTube because he was talented and devoted time to put in the work. Standing out of the crowd is not as easy as it sounds. Hence, the youngster had to do things differently to make an impact.

Although he started his YouTube gaming channel in 2014, he was already a gamer long before then. He revealed that he picked up interest in gaming back in 2010 because of his sister and since then, the pair have been very close as she is a regular guest in his videos.

Aparri started by uploading videos via a channel called 7AJ in 2014. He soon took down the videos and decided to launch his channel on YouTube named Aparri in February 2015. His first video on the channel was titled “Welcome to my channel”. This channel grew in subscribers tremendously within a very short time and he was putting out more than two videos every week.

Aparri Broke Animaljammer330’s Record on YouTube With His Entertaining and Educative Videos

Aparri gathered more than 50K subscribers within a month and in less than a year, he was able to gather about 300K subscribers. The YouTuber grew so rapidly that by March 2016, his channel had become the most subscribed channel for Animal jam games. He beat the record of gamers like Animaljammer330, who held the record of “The most subscribed-to animal jam YouTube channel” for about two years.

The famous kid’s game choice is quite an interesting and educative one, and he often adds his finesse to make it even more entertaining. Animal jam game is designed to allow kids to choose animals of their choice to play the game which is set in a place called Jamaa where animals have been disappearing due to environmental hazards and unfavorable conditions.

Animal jam is not just entertaining but also educative as it teaches the player about the ecosystem and the different types of animals in existence. Because of its ability to serve as an educational tool, the game has attracted the attention of The National Geographic which now works in partnership with it.

Aparri’s Favorite Animal Characters Are a Wolf and a Pig

The main animal Aparri loves to use in his Animal Jam videos is an arctic wolf with dark and light red color shades which he calls Victory Vineivy. The wolf is usually dressed in a red worn blanket, a red top hat, and red Elf bracelets, and it has a brown beard.

When he wants to play a non-member, Aparri usually uses the pig character which he gives the same name as the wolf, Victory Vineivy. The pig has dark gray and turquoise colors. It is always seen with a blue Hypno-Glasses, a glitched ring, and a neon (glitched) bow and arrow. Sometimes, fans are unaware that he also plays using the pig character.

The 24 years old gamer does not play the game by himself. To make it more interesting, he partners with other players like Bruizer, Wisteriamoon, and Julian2 who happen to be his friends, and of course, his sister, Bepper. He has a unique and interesting method of gaming that makes his games fun for fans to watch.

Aparri and his sister Bepper

What Made Aparri Stand Out Among Other Gamers?

There just seems to be a lot of things about the young superstar that makes him very likable, and which also helped him distinguish himself from the rest. For some people, the young lad’s voice was the reason they would choose him over any other player as they found his voice enchanting.

Beyond his voice, one thing the jammer did differently from other players was to create animal ‘vines’. Animal vines are videos that contain humor that will crack anyone’s ribs any time of the day. This added a lot of fun to the game and to crown it all, his comic timing was always perfect. Who wouldn’t want to be on a channel with so much to laugh about?

Another thing that made Aparri unique was the fact that he was just having fun and not trying to compete with other players. Although he played with other people who were basically his friends, he did so not to compete with them but to improve on his gaming skills. He also taught new gamers the technique of playing by inviting them on his videos like the one he did with Lola, a friend of his that had no idea about Animal Jam.

As you may expect, while Aparri’s exceptional approach to the animal jam won him the love of his fans, other gamers did not exactly like him as they considered him tough competition. Nonetheless, he never let such bother him.

The YouTuber Kept His Viewers Intrigued by Staying Anonymous

The day he launched his channel, Aparri kept his identity away from his subscribers. So, they did not know what he looked like, but only heard his voice when he started releasing his gaming videos. He remained unknown for about two years before he decided to reveal his identity.

The gamer revealed his identity in 2016 following a new video trend he started to put out on his channel. As his fans had suspected, the famous teenager is nothing short of good-looking. From his tall height to his cute face and innocent smile, the jammer stole the heart of his fans even more.

The new YouTube video trend which he started in July 2016 was titled PO Box Opening. In his videos, he opens mails from his fans who express their love for what he is doing, using the medium to shower him with gifts and praise his good looks which are well deserved as he is a heartthrob.

Why Aparri Left YouTube Gaming

In December 2018, Aparri announced that he was leaving his YouTube channel and animal jam to focus on other life matters. Of course, such is to be expected since he started animal jam at a very young age and he still has many untapped talents. One of his numerous talents appears to be music, so he went ahead to become a Soundcloud rapper after he quit gaming.

Some sources say that he handed his channel over to his girlfriend after he left and went on to create another YouTube channel that had nothing to do with gaming. However, the new channel was later deleted.

There is no further detail about what Aparri has been up to since he quit animal jam, but he seems to have taken some time off the media. Be that as it may, he did not leave the platform a pauper. The young gamer is rumored to have piled up earnings from his gaming career that have ranked his net worth around $400,000 within the space of the few years he started. Though with this amount he does not compare with the richest YouTubers dominating the platform currently.

Other Facts That Reveal Personal Details About Aparri

  • He started jamming two years after Animal Jam was created.
  • He operated with a hidden identity when he started jamming, making fans stalk his social media pages to get a peek at him.
  • He is a regular high school kid who keeps his dream of jamming going, irrespective of school pressure.
  • His username was an inspiration from the American sitcom Survivor.
  • He is a food lover and his favorite snack is purple Doritos.
  • His favorite color is said to be red and it is confirmed by the red color of the animal he has been using to play Animal Jam since he started.
  • His best friends are Wisteriamoon and Julian2 who are also Animal Jammers.
  • The young teenager definitely has an adorable physique which has made his fans love him more, however, no specific details are yet available apart from the fact that he has a weight of about 64 kg and he obviously has a tall frame from his looks.

He May Just Come Back With a Big Banger

Aparri has been greatly missed by his fans since he quit his animal jam game for which he was well known. The American-born YouTuber won the heart of many with his outstanding personality and talent, and it is hard to believe that he has left social media for good. For all we know, the smart kid may just be taking his time to come back with mind-blowing content for his fans.

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