Vinnie Hacker’s Tattoos: The Significance of His Back, Spider and Snake Ink

Vinnie Hacker’s tattoos are on different parts of his body, and he keeps adding more as the days roll by. Each of his tattoos has significance in his life, like the long-winged angel he has on his back, which signifies a heavenly creature. The spider on his chest and snake on the hand have their significance, but Hacker is yet to reveal this.

There is also the Berserk-inspired anime tattoo on his chest, the JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-inspired images and inscriptions on his arms, and the VB and 16 he wrote on either side of the three crossed swords on his arms. While the three crossed swords represent his mum, dad, and brother, the “VB and 16” are the initials and number of his late high school friend.

How did Vinnie Hacker’s Love for Tattoos Start?

According to Vinnie Hacker, his love for tattoos started as early as age 14, and he eventually got his first ink when he turned 18, way before he started gaining popularity on social media. Narrating how many have accused him of inking his body to attract fans on his socials, Vinnie said that was not the case.

When he started wanting to ink his body at 14, the internet sensation didn’t even envisage that he would become a social media star one day; thus, his inks have nothing to do with his fame.

The first time he sat on a tattoo chair at 18, Vinnie requested to get Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” painting tattooed on his body. Talking about his liking for the image, the youngster said he was raised a Catholic and has always admired the painting. Besides, the story behind the work of art has always been one of his favorites.

Vinnie has never revealed the exact number of tattoos on his body, but they are quite numerous, from his arms to his chest and back. The only certain fact about his inks is that they are either black or grey. No single bright color adorns the American entertainer’s body.

Vinnie Hacker is just crazy about drawing tattoos; there was a time he came home with ten new tattoos and was displaying them on camera as he walked through a hallway.

Vinnie Hacker’s Berserk Anime Tattoo

Some of Vinnie Hacker’s tattoos appear to give a nod to anime. His latest embedded ink is Berserk-inspired, with wings in the mid-region of his chest. While the wings are skeletal, the symbol is obviously of the Brand of Sacrifice with the meaning embedded in its name. The symbol is a mark for people anointed for what is described as “the Invocation of Doom.” It basically brands individuals as targets of Demons and apostles and The Godhand.

Though Berserk has nothing to do with the wings, Vinnie only included them in a bid to make it symmetrical with his other body art. The winged Berserk is sited on his chest with the “Break My Heart” on the top and the spider tattoo below.

The winged Berserk is not far removed from the TikToker’s other body art as it is also inked in black. From what is obvious, The Brand of Sacrifice is just one of the Berserk tattoos on Vinnie Hacker’s body. 

Guts – one of the characters in the anime is inked on the social media star’s left forearm in black ink. What you would see is the one-eye blind Guts’ upper face. This particular symbol is dedicated to an ex-mercenary who went to find his purpose by traveling around the world. He became blind in one eye following his battle with a demon who restrained him as well as gouged his right eye.

In addition to Guts, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure earns two spots on Vinnie’s body art. The first Jojo tattoo is the inscription, “Made in Heaven,” On Vinnie Hacker’s right forearm. Another of the youngster’s Jojo-inspired tattoos are some symbols from the anime.

A tiny logo of Akatsuki is Hacker’s Naruto-inspired body art; he has this infamous group of Ninjas inked on his right biceps. There is also The Seven Deadly Sins’ Meliodas’ tattoo. Meliodas is assigned the Dragon Sin of Wrath as his sin, which gives him more power when aggrieved, and that is the meaning of this particular tattoo.

There are anime tattoos on his wrists. “The strong are always kind,” a quote from Vagabond, is on his right wrist while the “1000-7” from Tokyo Ghoul’s tattoo adorns his left wrist.

Vinnie Hacker’s Arm Tattoos

Vinnie Hacker has a plethora of tattoos on his arms. In fact, the second place the social media star inked was his arms – the picture of a Japanese from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The inscription, “Made in Heaven,” on his right forearm is also from Jojo. Hacker’s signature ink, 1000-7″, sits on his left bicep, and he inscribed the Japanese word “Ghoul” in the same area.

His most prominent hand tattoo is the crossing of three swords, which, according to the youngster, represents his family members – his dad, mum, and brother. He has a sentimental attachment to this particular ink, though his mum never liked it.

To honor his late friend who died during their days in high school, Vinnie Hacker inked “VB” (his friend’s initials) on one side of the three crossed swords and 16 (the number he wore) on the other side. According to Hacker, he got the tattoos to remind him of his deceased friend.

On Hacker’s inner forearm sits a gun tattoo with the nozzle pointing toward him. Hacker said the reason the firearm points towards him is to signify all the negative events that have transpired in his life. The firearm is painted in black.

The upper face of one-eye blind Guts sits on Hacker’s left forearm, the logo of Akatsuki can be found on his right biceps, and “the Seven Deadly Sins’ Meliodas’ on the left biceps.

From Vagabond, the inscription, “The strong are always kind,” adorns his right wrist, and his left wrist has the Tokyo Ghoul’s signature “1000-7” tattoo.

Vinnie Hacker’s Back Tattoo

On Vinnie hacker’s back is the bold tattoo of a heavenly figure with a large expanse of wings. The figure, which is inked in black, obviously depicts the image of an angel.

Another black tattoo is visible on the lower part of his back, but he has never said anything about the inscription. Besides, what is written or drawn there is not very clear.

The Meaning Of Vinnie Hacker’s Back Tattoo

Vinnie hacker

Hacker hasn’t ascribed any meaning to the tattoo on his back, but it is obviously the image of an angel and it is sure to have a special meaning to him.

Vinnie Hacker’s Spider Tattoo

Hacker inked a spider tattoo on his chest right below the Berserk anime image in the middle of his chest region. In fact, the Berserk character is sandwiched between his “Break My Heart” inscription and the spider image.

Vinnie Hacker’s Snake Tattoo

The popular internet personality has the image of a snake tattooed on the back of his right arm. The snake image is quite long, but with its body coiled in a zig-zag fashion. The head is facing towards his upper arm while the tail is towards his fingers.

In addition, there is the image of a long snake adorning his neck like a necklace.

Vinnie Hacker’s Leg Tattoos

Internet searches have not revealed any leg tattoos for Vinnie Hacker, however, that does not mean he doesn’t have any tattoos on his legs. It may just be that the ones on his legs are not as important or meaningful as the ones on the other parts of his body.


Is Vinnie Hacker a Tattoo Artist?

Vinnie Hacker is not a tattoo artist but he has different parts of his body inked with multiple inscriptions and images that have different meanings.

What is Vinnie Hacker’s tattoo style?

Vinnie does not tattoo his body in any particular style. The Internet Star is strict in using only two colors – black and grey. You cannot catch Hacker with a single shade of bright color on his body.

How many tattoos does Vinnie Hacker have?

The exact number of tattoos on his body has never been disclosed, but going by what we can see from his bare-top pictures, he has quite a lot.

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