Who is Tyler1’s Girlfriend Macaiyla and How Long Have They Been Together?

Macaiyla is the girlfriend of Tyler1, an internet celebrity and renowned streamer on Twitch. They have been together since 2016. Macaiyla is also an American YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and Instagram star. 

Tyler1 is one dude who seemingly has a nose for controversy. On Twitch, he has had his accounts banned and unbanned severally thanks to allegations of verbal abuse, intentional feeding, account sharing and purchase as well as player harassment. He has also become a viral internet meme on occasion thanks to the fact that he is relatively short.

When it comes to Tyler 1’s personal life, the situation is not that much different. The gamer is in a long-running relationship with Macaiyla, an equally vocal gamer. While she is as controversial as her famous boyfriend, Macaiyla has been steadily holding her own ever since her Twitch career took off.

She has been known to give it as good as she gets it and is not afraid to make her opinion vocal. That bold attitude has brought Macaiyla several bans but she keeps on moving on, focused on her goal of becoming not just an internet celebrity but also an entrepreneur.

Profile Summary of Macaiyla

  • Full Name – Macaiyla Edwards
  • Age – 25
  • Birthplace – Albany, New York
  • Ethnicity – Irish-Panamanian
  • Nationality – American
  • Education – High school diploma
  • Net Worth – $200K – $500K
  • Twitchmacaiyla
  • InstagramMacaiyla
  • TwitterKayla

Macaiyla Has Irish and Panamanian Roots and Hails from New York

Prior to becoming an internet celebrity, as well as the girlfriend of a famous Twitch star, Macaiyla Edwards was just a little girl who was born on the 21st of August 1998. She reportedly hails from New York and has Panamanian roots thanks to her father. She is also part Irish thanks to her grandmother.

It is common knowledge that Macaiyla’s Twitch career really took off around the time she began dating Tyler1 but the fact remains that she has been an avid gamer prior to meeting him. While growing up in the New York town of Colonie, Macaiyla loved playing games such as Call of Duty and would sometimes miss school just to play. On the days she did make it to school, she was quite the jokester and garnered a bit of a reputation for that. Luckily for her, all of these skills would come in handy when she unwittingly became an internet star in her teen.

Her Twitch Channel Boasts of Nearly 300K Subscribers

Macaiyla Edwards first established an online presence back in 2012 by setting up a YouTube channel. The channel was more of a hobby though and she didn’t post her first video until 2017. Meanwhile, back in 2016, the Colonie native met her future boyfriend, Tyler1, during a game of H1ZI. At that time, her channel only had about 1500 followers and 11 regular viewers. Things then took off after she began dating Tyler1 and her views, as well as followers, ballooned to the thousands. That upward trajectory has continued to date and Macaiyla Edwards now has not less than 264k dedicated followers on her Twitch channel. Her views are nearly 40k and she favors games such as League of Legends, Bloodborne, and Minecraft, etc.

She Is Also A Budding Fitness Influencer On Instagram

If you still think that most video game enthusiasts are couch potatoes, then Macaiyla Edwards will blow your mind. The popular Twitch streamer is also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle and patronizes the gym for regular workouts. She then shares pictures of her fitness regimen, as well as the resultant toned body, on Instagram. This has helped her become a household name there with not less than 167k followers to her account.

Macaiyla equally does something similar on her Twitter page and has amassed nearly 200k followers there as well. Her impressive following on Twitter is also due to her unfiltered humor which means that she is never in short supply of jokes and memes.

Macaiyla Edwards Plans To Launch Her Own Clothing Line Someday

Macaiyla Edwards may be a bona fide internet celebrity these days but she is not resting on her oars. The native New Yorker aspires to become an entrepreneur and to this end, works a retail job as her side gig in order to build up experience that would come in handy in the future. She is also taking online classes and has launched her own online business where she sells stickers and pins featuring her drawings.

From these humble beginnings, Macaiyla eventually hopes to get to the extent where she can launch her own merch line. She also plans to float a company that will specialize in fitness leggings, shorts, and the likes.

Macaiyla and Tyler1 Have Being Together Since 2016

It is now settled that Macaiyla Edwards owes some of her fame to her romance with Tyler1 and that romance dates back to 2016. Macaiyla first caught Tyler1’s attention when she stream-sniped him during one of his gaming sessions. They eventually met up at TwitchCon that year and got better acquainted possibly over a mutual appreciation of each other gaming skills. They subsequently began a relationship and Macaiyla moved out to Minnesota to join her boyfriend. It was indeed a big leap of faith but it is one that has paid off for both parties involved.

The Couple Often Feature in Each Other’s Streams and Are Known To Defend Each Other

While most couples prefer not working together, Macaiyla and Tyler1 have no such problems and regularly do YouTube videos and Twitch streams together. The Twitch streams focus on their gaming prowess while the YouTube videos offer fans a glimpse into their daily lives with their beloved three cats; Theo, Nelson, and Emmitt.

It is not all rosy for the couple but they have stuck together through the ups and downs. They have also known to defend the other when the situation arises. For instance, back in May 2021, Macaiyla appeared on an episode of the Twitch game show, Schooled. After her appearance, some people began insinuating that she had cheated. Tyler1 did not take kindly to this and vigorously defended her.

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Macaiyla’s Gaming Accounts Have Been Suspended on Several Occasions

If there is one thing that Macaiyla has in common with her boyfriend, asides from gaming skills, it is a penchant for steering up controversy during her streams. This has resulted in her channel being banned on several occasions. For instance, back in 2018, Macaiyla was handed a permanent ban on her League of Legends account for a supposedly toxic act. She reacted angrily to the ban and claimed that several people, including her own boyfriend, have exhibited far worse toxicity and got off. She therefore couldn’t fathom why her account had to be handed a permanent ban thus forcing her to open a new one if she wanted to continue playing that very game.

Over to Twitch, Macaiyla also suffered a three-day suspension of her account in September 2019. This was as a result of her inadvertently showing nudity during a live stream. As the story goes, the New York native was scrolling through her Twitter account while live streaming. She inadvertently scrolled past a lady’s naked boobs and her viewers could see it. Two days later, her account was suspended for violating the community guidelines on nudity. The suspension only lasted three days but Macaiyla was furious as she felt that the punishment was unjustified for something that was entirely a mistake.


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