Who is Jayda Wayda and How Old is She Today?

Jayda Wayda (born September 25, 1997) is a 26 year-old American social media star, entrepreneur, Youtuber, author, and model. She is well known as the former girlfriend of Lil Baby, the American rapper.

Also known as Amour Jayda and Jayda Ayanna, Jayda Wayda is well known in the social media community. With millions of followers on her various Instagram handles, she has been able to become one of the most popular social media stars. All that is to be known about the Youtuber has been revealed in this article.

Summary of Jayda Wayda’s Biography

  • Full Name: Jayda Cheaves
  • Nickname: Amour Jayda, Jayda Ayanna, and Jayda Wayda
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: September 25, 1997
  • Jayda Wayda’s Age: 26 years old
  • Ethnicity: African American
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Jayda Wayda’s Children: Loyal Armani
  • Jayda Wayda’s Parents: Tricia Cheaves (mother)
  • Siblings: Ameerah and Len
  • Jayda Wayda’s Height in Inches: 5 feet, 1 inch
  • Jayda Wayda’s Height in Centimetres: 154 cm
  • Jayda Wayda’s Weight: 58 kg
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 34-23-36 inches
  • Body Measurements in Centimetres: 86-58.5-91.5 cm
  • Jayda Wayda’s Net Worth: $2.5 to $4 million
  • Famous For: Being an American social media star and the former girlfriend of the American rapper Lil Baby
  • Jayda Wayda’s Instagram: @jaydacheaves
  • Twitter: @waydamin

How Old is Jayda Wayda?

Jayda Wayda is 26 years old. She was born Jayda Cheaves on September 27, 1997, in Savanah, Georgia, in the United States. The YouTuber is of African American descent and holds an American citizenship. She was born into a middle-class family to Tricia Cheaves her mother and to a father who is a businessman.

The YouTuber has two siblings, an older sister, Ameerah, and a brother, Len. There are no details about what her siblings are up to. Jayda Wayda grew up with her siblings under the watch of her parents.

Jayda Wayda attended Windsor Forest High School, where she took part in cheerleading. After she graduated from high school in 2015, she enrolled at the University of Georgia, where she earned a degree.

She has a Multifaceted Career 

Irrespective of the fact that Jayda Wayda gained fame as the former girlfriend of the American rapper Lil Baby, she still achieved great feats in her various career effortds. Here are all the ways she earns a living.

Jayda Wayda is Active on Various Social Media Handles

Jayda’s success was built from her teenage years. As a teenager, she used to sell her old clothes on a site known as Poshmark. This inspired her greatly to venture into social media influencing, which she kicked off after high school.

Jayda Wayda started her social media career as an Instagram influencer. On Instagram, she posts the brands that she endorses, trendy outfits, travel/vacation pictures and videos. She also promotes her clothing brand, WAYDAMIN on her handle. Meanwhile, her activities on her handle have succeeded in earning her many followers.

Jayda Wayda launched her self-titled YouTube channel in 2018 and is known for her engaging content on the platform. On December 2018, she uploaded her first vlog, which showed her shopping and hanging out with her friends. She uploads many other contents, like makeup tutorials, travel vlogs, product reviews, beauty tips, and many others. The Youtuber has been able to gain many followers and millions of views on her videos.

She is active on other social media platforms like Twitter, where she has thousands of followers but follows no one. She also has millions of followers on her official TikTok account.

Here is A Rundown of Hers Social Media Handles And Followers

  • Instagram – 7.9 million followers
  • YouTube – 352k subscribers
  • Twitter – 312.3k followers
  • TikTok – 3.8 million followers

Jayda Wayda Is An Adept Businesswoman

Jayda Wayda has proven that she has what it takes to be successful. She is a businesswoman who has her hands on some businesses. The Youtuber began her business career by selling wigs. After she realized that she could no longer deliver quality wigs, she quit the business.

Next, she launched a clothing line known as Waydamin where she sells clothes like neutral-colored fitted leggings, turtlenecks, flared pants, cut-out tops, swimsuits, sportswear, and many other accessories. Jayda also launched a website where she makes sales of her clothes.

Other Things That The YouTuber Has Her Hands On

Asides from her clothing line and social media presence, Jayda Wayda has also authored a book. Having achieved alot as a teenager, she rose to become a role model to many people. This led to questions on how other teenagers could become like her. To give answers to their questions, she decided to put them into a book titled 15 Important Steps To Become A Young Boss.

In the book, she wrote about her journey to success from a very young age. She disclosed all the challenges that one would face and the strategies to overcome them on the journey to becoming a young boss. Jayda’s book is available in hardcover and online.

Jayda Wayda has also found a place in acting and had her first acting gig in the movie, Bid For Love. She is also set to appear in an upcoming reality TV show where she will share more stories about her life.

Jayda Wayda Is Lil Baby’s Ex-Girlfriend

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Jayda Wayda had a rocky relationship that ended after six years. She is the former girlfriend of Lil Baby, an American rapper. She got a lot of publicity from the relationship. The ex-lovers began dating in 2016 after they met each other in Atlanta. As of then, the rapper was still at the early stages of his rap career.

In 2018, they went their separate ways for reasons best known to them. Nevertheless, after some time, they rekindled their love after they found out that they were on the path to becoming parents. On February 2019, they welcomed a son together, Loyal Armani, and lived together in Los Angeles as a family.

However, their romance became strained once more, and they split in 2020. At this time, the reason for their separation was all about the rapper’s infidelity. He reportedly cheated on Jayda Wayda with an adult film star known as London. Lil Baby paid the adult star $6,000 for a one-night stand in December 2020, while he was still dating Jayda.

After a little internet war on Twitter between the lovers and the adult star, the truth was revealed that the rapper cheated on his bae. Lil Baby denied the allegations at first, but London was quick to post their chats as proof of what happened. Jayda eventually took to her Twitter handle to shed light on how their breakup happened.

Since Jayda Wayda’s split from her ex, she has been focused on her career and her son. Lil Baby on his end, was reportedly in a relationship with a girl named Dior. The news of his current bae was revealed after he invested $10,000 in Dior’s hair and makeup business. However, nothing is currently known about their relationship.

She Had A Breast Implant

Jayda Wayda used to be openly opposed to surgical enhancements, hence it came a rather rude shock to her fans when it was revealed in 2018 that she had indeed has plastic surgery. She had initially kept it a secret until her best friend Chris hacked her social media account and let the cat out of the bag.

Seeing that she couldn’t hide the news of her surgery anymore, she made a complete u-turn and became very open about the procedures she has undergone. Jayda Wayda took to her Twitter handle to disclose that she had indeed gone through serious plastic surgery procedure. She also shared her experiences throughout the whole process on her handle.

Jayda Wayda’s Height, Weight, and Other Body Measurements

Jayda Wayda stands at 5 feet, 1 inch (154 cm or 1.54 m). At her height, she is shorter than the average adult American woman, who stands at 5 feet 4 inches. With her height, she has a body weight of 58 kg (127.8 lbs). She has a healthy body weight, which is a perfect match for her height.

Taking a look at her figures, she has a body measurement of 34-23-36 inches (86-58.5-91.5 cm), which indicates that she has a stunning figure. Her figures are proof that she has all it takes to be a model and attract followers on her social media handles.


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