Who Is Gigachad (Ernest Khalimov)? How Tall is He and Is He Real?

Gigachad is the nickname given to an extremely-muscled photoshopped model who became a meme with a chiseled jaw. His pictures have been used for several internet memes since 2017. He is believed to be 6 feet 8 inches, but he is not a real human being. 

Gigachad is a photoshopped version of a real model created by a Russian visual artist, Krista Sudmalis, as far back as 2017. Sudamalis gave Gigachad the sort of perfect physique and other attractive features that would be hard to find in real life and this, consequently, made him internet famous. Gigachad has been used in various memes, and his Instagram account has numerous followers. His photos have also been utilized for branded merch and even an NFT collection.

Who is Gigachad?

Gigachad is an extremely attractive and extremely muscled man with a chiseled jaw covered in facial hair whose pictures have been used for various internet memes. Gigachad first came to prominence on the infamous message board or platform known as 4Chan, which allows users to post messages anonymously.

In October 2017, a 4Chan user posted the picture there and declared that the person was Gigachad, the perfect human specimen that would lead the human race against the reptilians. To provide some context on how the 4Chan user came about the name Gigachad, it must first be understood that the name Chad is an internet slang that refers to an attractive and admirable man.

The addition of the Giga, therefore, means that the personality’s level of Chadness or attractiveness is up to Giga levels, i.e., a billion levels (Giga in the metric system stands for a billion of the stated or specified unit). Since his identity was formalized in 4Chan, Gigachad has become a very popular online personality.

He is the face of the “Average Fan v. Average Enjoyer Meme,” which debuted in 2021. The meme simply involves users posting pictures of things that people really love and things they perhaps endure, on the other hand. A widely excited person’s picture is used to depict the average fan, while Gigachad’s sulky albeit handsome face is used to depict the average enjoyer.

All the memes surrounding Gigachad have led to many internet searches about him and the creator of the Gigachad pictures. Krista Sudamalis has also been able to cash in on the fame. There is an NFT collection consisting of 122 photos. The NFT collection describes Gigachad as not just a meme collection but an artwork by itself, translating the art photographer’s ideas expressed in her own unique way. Gigachad-inspired merch is also available to buy online.

Is Gigachad a Real Person?

Gigachad is not a real person. He is simply a creation of a Russian visual artist and photographer named Krista Sudmalis. Her work includes black-and-white photos exploring male beauty, which she launched in 2011. This body of work is titled Sleek n’ Tears, and this is where the picture of Gigachad first originated before gaining internet fame.

It is obvious that Gigachad is a photoshopped version of a real-life male model, but it is hard to tell the actual model he is based on. Some say he is based on Sudmalis’ then-boyfriend named Artur Farad while some say it is a Russian model named Ernest Khalimov. Some others also believe it is based on a composite of male models that Krista Sudmalis has photographed over the years. One fact that is indisputable, though, is that Gigachad is not a real person.

What is Gigachad’s Real Name?

Gigachad’s real name is Ernest Khalimov. This name was revealed by an Instagram account that he supposedly set up with the username berlin.1999. Fans initially believed that Ernest Khalimov is a Russian male model and bodybuilder on whose pictures Gigachad is based, but diligent investigations have revealed that Ernest Khalimov himself is not a real person either and just a made-up name.

This is consistent with the fact that Gigachad is not a real person either. A visit to Sudmalis’ Instagram page will reveal behind-the-scene photos of the other models she has worked with, but there is no such thing for Gigachad. There are also no videos of him anywhere which can serve as proof of him being a living being.

Also, his so-called Instagram account only has the same photos that Sudmalis has previously posted. If Gigachad or Ernest Khalimov were to be real persons, they would have stepped forward to take advantage of their internet fame to boost their careers.

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What is Ernest Khalimov’s Height?

Ernest Khalimov’s height is 6 feet 8 inches or 203.2 cm. This is ordinarily impressive, and available stats confirm this. The average height of men in the United States of America is put at 5 feet 9 inches, which makes Khalimov nearly a foot taller than the average American male.

The average height of an NBA player is between 6 feet to 6 feet 3. This means that Khamoliv is still many inches taller than the average NBA player. His height is simply massive, but it all confirms once more that he is not a real person.

Ernest Khalimov’s Age

Some sources have it that Ernest Khalimov is 55 years old as he was born on the 1st day of March 1969 in Moscow, Russia. Other sources have it that he is 34 years old, as he was born in 1990.

This confusion does not come as a surprise given that he is not even a real person in the first place. However, a simple glance at Khalimov’s pictures would confirm whatever his true age may be, he is in really good shape, which a lot of men envy, and women drool over.

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Is Ernest Khalimov Dead or Alive?

Ernest Khalimov is still alive, in a manner of speaking. He is not a real human being but rather a photoshopped personality created by the Russian visual artist named Krista Sudamalis. Therefore, Khalimov cannot die as he is an artificial creation. He is also not alive in the same way that living things are. He does not exist in real life.

Is There A Photo Of Ernest Khalimov Unphotoshopped?

It will be hard to come by any un-photoshopped picture of Ernest Khalimov as he is not a real person. Some people previously assumed that Gigachad was based on Sumalis’ ex-boyfriend, but this has been disproven. Some believed that Gigachad was based on a Russian male model known as Ernest Khalimov, but that person does not exist as well. Ernest Khalimov is a creation of photoshop, so there are no unphotoshopped pictures of him.


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