Who Is Fleece Johnson and Where is He Now?

Fleece Jerome Johnson, infamously known as the Booty Warrior, is an American gay rapist who was sentenced to serve a 10-year prison term but ended up serving over 44 years at Kentucky State Penitentiary. The Booty Warrior was imprisoned in 1979, and there have been contrasting details of his release date and where he is now. 

The Booty Warrior has turned out to be a name coined from the numerous crimes that Fleece Johnson committed. He has gained wide infamy due to his notorious sexual crimes. During his term in prison, he was denied parole 13 consecutive times, and his prison term was extended two consecutive times due to his continuous crimes in prison. Read on as we unveil all we know about Fleece Johnson, the booty warrior.

Summary of Fleece Jerome Johnson’s Biography

  • Full name: Fleece Jerome Johnson
  • Nickname: Booty Warrior
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth: 1954
  • Fleece Jerome Johnson’s Age: 70 years old
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Nationality: American
  • Sexual Orientation: Gay
  • Fleece Johnson’s Parents: Aseef (father)
  • Famous for: his crime as a perverted gay rapist

How Old Is Fleece Johnson Jerome?

Fleece Johnson’s exact date and month of birth have been kept under wraps, but some reports have it that the Booty Warrior was born in 1954. Aside from his date of birth, Fleece’s exact place of birth remains unknown. Meanwhile, he was born to Assef, a Taliban boss, while his mother’s name and what she does for a living have been kept off records.

The Booty Warrior’s father, Aseef, is infamous for a number of crimes which also included terrorism, kidnap, rape of minors, and mass murder. Some reports claimed that part of what influenced Fleece Johnson’s character was that his mother abandoned him at a very tender age at the hands of his father. Other reports even claim that the booty warrior does not know what his mother looks like.

Nothing is known about if he has siblings or if he is a lone child, as he has not mentioned anything about them. Meanwhile, the infamous gay rapist is Black, while nothing is known about his nationality and zodiac sign.

Just as there is no accurate detail about Fleece Johnson’s upbringing, so are the details of his educational background. It was also stated that he was a boxer and a wrestler. However, it wasn’t made clear if he went professional in it or not before going to jail.

What Crime Landed The Booty Warrior In Jail?

The first crime that landed Fleece Johnson in prison was an armed robbery, which he committed on the 26th of June 1979, when he was just 22 years old. He was arrested by a local police authority and was tried and found guilty. Fleece Johnson was then sentenced to a maximum security facility at Kentucky State Penitentiary to serve a 10-year prison term.

After about eight years of serving his term in prison, Fleece Johnson further got an additional sentence after he got involved in a first-degree Class D felony which was termed wanton endangerment. This is a term given to a prisoner who committed a life-endangering crime, leaving a fellow prisoner with a series of physical injuries. This particular action gave Fleece Johnson an additional jail time of 18 years.

Fleece Johnson Got an Additional Sentence of 20 Years

Fleece Johnson’s jail term was further extended to 20 years, which was different from his previous extended prison term. Based on the new charge placed on his last charges, the infamous gay rapist reportedly assaulted a prison officer over four times.

It was through this charge that other information began to come up, which stated that Fleece Johnson sexually assaulted fellow inmates, majorly in the prison showers. Some of his turn-on points on fellow inmates are those that sag their pants and also those that have their mouths covered while coughing. To him, those actions aroused his sexual urge, which he also interpreted as an invitation to have sexual intercourse with an inmate.

The Booty Warrior Was Denied Parole Severally

Thanks to his continuous constitution of a nuisance while serving his prison terms, Fleece Johnson was denied parole several times while in prison on valid grounds. Between 1981 and 2013, it was reported that his parole denial was up to 13 times, though he had the right to parole, as he had served 20 to 50 percent of his sentence then.

Reports show that Fleece Johnson has taken advantage of over 157 inmates in the same prison. A panel was set up in 2015 for parole that should have been effective from September 1, 2015, but this was also denied on the grounds that his Assessment Rating is not up to the required grade for parole.

How Many Years Has Booty Warrior Spent In Prison?

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The Booty Warrior has spent over four decades in prison, that is, if he is still in prison. Being that he first started serving prison terms in 1979 after being arrested for armed robbery, it can be concluded that he has given a large part of his life to serve his crimes. Meanwhile, if Fleece Johnson was released, as reported by some publications in 2016, then he served a total prison term of 37 years.

Is Fleece Johnson Still In Prison?

A hearing which took place on July 28, 2015, put him up for parole with a proposed release date of September 1, 2015. However, his Risk Assessment Rating was still listed as low, which indicates that the authorities may not have granted him freedom.

Meanwhile, the fact remains that it is not known if Fleece Johnson is still in prison, as there is contradictory information about his current state. According to some reports, he escaped from prison after he raped and killed some guards. Some reports claim that he was released on June 2016.  Other reports that agreed with the release in 2016 further stated that he was rearrested for armed robbery.

The last contradictory report holds that he was never released from prison. This last report placed a factual reason for their claim, which is Johnson’s reply to the sentence given to Richard Lamar; he reportedly stated that it would be his pleasure to see Richard teach him personally how to whip and nae nae.

Richard Lamar, famously known as Silento, was indicted for the murder of his cousin in 2021. This further brought the conviction that Fleece Johnson is still in prison when Silento was sentenced.

Has Fleece Johnson Been On Any TV Show?

So far, Fleece Johnson has not been on any show, but he has been portrayed in an animated series, The Boondocks, in the episode A Date with the Booty Warrior. His character was portrayed as a perverted rapist who derived pleasure in forcefully taking sexual advantage of men. Aside from the fact that he was portrayed as gay, other crimes he was associated with were assault, burglary, theft, indecent exposure, and masterminding prison riots. Fleece was voiced in the animation series by Carl Jones, who was also the co-producer.


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